What do you expect in a standard hotel? Bed, shower, balcony and maybe a swimming pool. But the following hotels are so weird that you cannot expect many of the above. Because these are the world’s strangest hotels that are designed to attract tourists as well as locals who are bored with regular hotels and are carving for something innovative, something abnormal so that they can get out of their daily routine. Here are the top 10 strangest hotels in the world:

1. The Hamster Villa located in Nantes, France

This hotel teaches you how to live like a Hamster. Everything in this hotel including your bed resembles hamster and are astoundingly weird. Here you will be eating a lot of cereals, sleeping on a bed made of straws and if you want, you can make your bed run like a giant wheel while you are sleeping. This bed can also be converted into a dining table to eat your cereals. And if you want more fun than you already have, hamster masks are made available to all customers. You can wear one of them during your entire stay at this strange but fun hotel.

hamster villa

2. The Can Sleep located in Skanderborg, Denmark

Have ever slept in a beer can? No? If you want to achieve this feat, you will have to visit. The Can Sleep hotel in Denmark. This hotel is open only during the Smukfest season only. It has to floors. The first floor has a living room while the second floor is equipped with a round bed and dim lights that remind you of a lovely moonlight night. It also has a mini bar that is refilled every single day!

can sleep hotel

3. Free Spirit Sphere located in Vancouver, Canada

Do you want to spend your holidays watching beautiful Mother Nature? Here is your chance. Go and visit Free Spirit Sphere hotel located in Canada. This hotel hangs onto the trees! Yes, that’s right; it hangs onto the trees. But do not fear, it is designed to withstand any weather conditions. It looks like wooden sphere hanging between the trees and each sphere can hold up to 3 guests. It’s just like a tree house built for adults only!

Free Spirit Sphere

4. Hotel Costa Verde located in Costa Rica

This hotel is for the people who want to sleep soundly on a bed in an airplane. Yes, this is airplane hotel that has two guest houses to rent for. Allan Templeton, the owner, has bought a 1965 Boeing and turned it into a hotel. Of course, there is also a mini bar to get you relaxed.

Hotel Costa Verde

5. Bivacco Gervasutti located in Italy

Did you ever want to stay in a luxurious hotel on the Mount Everest? Well, that might not be possible, but you can get closer to the feel by visiting Bivacco Gervasutti located in Italy. It is situated at 3000 meters above the sea level and is designed to withstand the likely weather conditions that prevail at such places. It can accommodate up to 12 people at a time and is one of the strangest hotels in the world.

Bivacco Gervasutti

6. Hotel Utter Inn located in Sweden

Have ever slept under a lake? Well here, you can. Hotel Utter Inn is located on a Swedish lake. Yes, it floats on the lake. Customers are picked up from the port and are dropped by the hotel, and then, you are all on your own. There is a small hut like structure above the surface of the lake which contains toilet and kitchen and beneath the surface is your bedroom! When you are sleepy, you can sleep in the lake!

Hotel Utter Inn

7. Dasparkhotel located in Ottenshiem, Austria

In this hotel, the rooms resemble huge drain pipes. Though space factor is a constraint, the room charges are considered reasonable and give an experience of a lifetime. One thing to remember, this hotel is open only during May-October, hurry!


8. Treebones Resort located in the USA

Treebones resort is one of a kind of hotel that takes you to the Stone Age. It is built on trees with tree bones facing the sea. There are 16 of such yurts for hire. Remember, there is no bathroom in these yurts built on trees. You will have to go to the main house for your nature calls. But, there is a sophisticated bar for your relaxation!

Treebones Resort

9. Treehotel located in Sweden

This one of the strangest hotels hangs between the trees. It has a Scandinavian touch to it and looks elegant. The Treehotel is designed to be stable and is also capable of sustaining inclement weather. The hotel runs on Hydro-electric power, and the toilets are designed to freeze the waste or combust without any foul smell. There is also a tree sauna and shower available in this huge tree house.


10. Hans Brinker Budget Hotel located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is unique. What do you expect in any hotel? Hospitality, at the least. But here, you can expect the least hospitality! Yes, and the staff itself tell the customers that they will not be able to find any hotel worst than theirs! Strange isn’t it?

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Well, there you have it, 10 of the most unusual hotels in the world. Have you ever stayed at a strange hotel? Let us know and share this article with your friends!


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