With a rich diversity of scenery and environments, the large Nordic region of Scandinavia is a traveler’s haven in the crisp months, where everything flourishes into a new lease of life. If you’re puzzled for what Scandinavia consists of, it is built up of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and although not strictly speaking, Finland emulates typically local scenery with its abundant forest greenery and habitats. With each of these Scandinavian countries beholding large modern cities, they have become a hotspot for trend-setting and a target for tourists to indulge in. Synonymously, Scandinavia boasts exemplary aspects, such as its key role in developing global industries like IKEA and H&M, all the way through to a string of crime novelists and even the most barren of landscapes and rustic wilderness. The Nordics have it all – thrive in hip and happening cities with beautiful architecture and everything you could ever need and more. Become lost in the majestic wilderness of Northern Scandinavia, home to free-roaming polar bears and other grizzly creatures!

Discover Denmark

Denmark is a country that exudes enchanting scenery and tranquility throughout, with the bonus of the vibrant old city of Copenhagen. During your time in the big city, there is an overwhelming checklist of must-see sites. Make sure you check out The Little Mermaid, a statue perched on the coast of Copenhagen at Langelinje Pier. What is so unique about this stunning formation is that it depicts the girl from Hans Christian Anderson’s famous tale, where a young mermaid girl gives up everything to be united with a handsome prince upon the land. The bronze figure has flourished into a famous attraction of Copenhagen; the statue also celebrated her 100th birthday in 2013.

Step just outside the city and branch out to a collection of other heritage sites, such as Roskilde Castle, a thriving medieval castle. This world heritage castle is one that is bursting with history, just waiting to be devoured. Throughout time, Roskilde Castle has been homes with prolific Viking presence and the home of Danish Royals, with over 40 kings and queens buried here. Ensure you don’t skip this site, as it is something at beholds an excessive amount of beauty with its stunning gardens and medieval feel.

Finish your day in Copenhagen by relaxing on the old port front of Nyhavn in one of its many quirky yet cozy restaurants with unbeatable views. With its renovated houses flourishing in bright colors and upmarket bars and restaurants that govern the old port, the lively atmosphere that is secreted is something of great enchantment. Act like a local, and enjoy a cold beer while sitting on the docks, inhaling the serene views.

If you’re an avid art lover, you’d be a fool to miss Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, that is located on the North Zealand coast. Indulge in a rich collection of sought-after artworks by world-renowned artists, such as Max Ernst, Francis Bacon, Picasso and more. Witness first hand inexplicably breathtaking views that are visible from the peak of the art museum, you can even see Sweden! Make sure you don’t miss out on this one, as even if gazing at artworks isn’t your thing, the views most certainly will be.

Last but not least, make it a priority to take a worthwhile trip to Kronborg Castle, which is reportedly the home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, immortalized in the 17th century. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding whether Kronborg Castle is the correct location, but historical research has drawn to the conclusion that it is most likely true. The castle has existed since 1420, despite it being burned down numerous times, it has always been rebuilt, making it today a world heritage site.

Discover Denmark in the most time fulfilling way; take advantage of this checklist, as they are all Scandinavian sites you won’t regret visiting.


Sought-After Sweden

Sweden is one of the most picturesque countries throughout, to inhabit the planet. Like Denmark, it is dominated by forest and mountainous Scandinavian scenery, but also that modern twist of happening cities and youth.

Your number one on the list when visiting Sweden has got to be Stockholm. Check out the flourishing old town, with its medieval cobbled streets and teeny tiny alleys, sparking your imagination. Also, head to the more modern district of Norrmalm, which is downtown of the city, and quintessential when searching for a contemporary approach to shopping and big city lifestyle. Hop on down to Kungsträdgärden, which holds a lively Central Park and station, and is also bursting with museums and galleries.

Delve slightly out of the city and explore the island of Södermalm, which was once a largely working-class city that has gradually developed into a modern town of tall buildings and quirky cafe culture. Check out the district of SoFo, that boasts indie fashion trends and delectable cafés and bars.

Steer away from the Stockholm region entirely, and head to Gothenburg, Sweden’s other major city, often referred to as ‘little London’ by the locals. Indulge in an informative boat trip around the ports and coastline to witness the famous city from afar. Get up close and personal and discover this young university city through the means of its many art galleries and museums. Enjoy some Gothenburg specialties, with its heavy influence of seafood on the menu, in one of its many superb restaurants overlooking the breathtaking views!

Also, make sure you check out the southwest of Sweden. The provinces of Halland, Skäne, and Blekinge, were in the face of previous Swedish/Danish conflict and acted as a buffer in medieval times. Since then, they have flourished into delightful collections of towns, each with their own identity and string of gorgeously long sandy beaches, oozing infamous architectural cities. Check out the thriving nightlife in the regional capital of Halland!


Nordic Norway

Norway as a country that is blessed with grand, dramatic scenery that attracts tourists from across the globe to witness. Discover the fjords that stretch across the country; vast landscapes and sheer steep coastlines are too mind-boggling to fathom as real. These European treasures feature jagged, plunging cliffs to densely populated towns and lakes, and large waterfalls from superior heights, all the way to large pockets of greenery. The fjords are of real, inexplicably astonishing beauty.

Take a trip to Bergen, which is a city enveloped by the demanding fjords. It’s smothered in classic Nordic architecture that is super cozy, and the forefront of rustic beauty and importance of mountain nature. With its dynamic cultural life and keenness on keeping to traditions, Bergen is your typical Norwegian location with lots to discover. Check out Bryggen, which is old wharf in a historic district that is synonymous for its beautifully designed wooden boathouses.

Hit up Norway’s capital city of Oslo for an insightful experience. Visit the Vigeland sculpture park that boasts over 1 million visitors a year. Discover over 200 bronze, granite and cast iron statues that are on show all year round. Check out the Viking ship museum that holds 2 of the world’s best battleships that were built in the 9th century, as well as an array of other artifacts. Visit Akershus Fortress in the city center, if you’re up for historical discoveries! Built-in 1299 by King Häkon V, this medieval castle is still alive sigh history and cultural events.

Oslo is a capital city that survives on the interest of museums and history, so jump in and enjoy the ride!


Visiting Scandinavia this time of year is absolutely crucial in seeing its raw beauty and charm; book a winter getaway now to the Nordics, and you will fundamentally not be disappointed, regardless of where you venture to.

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