Have you heard about the beauty and the energy of Denmark’s capital? You’ve probably come across photos of those colorful houses on Nyhavn at some point on the internet. Well, this metropolitan area is attracting visitors for a good reason – Copenhagen is a wonderful city worth the visit.

Visit Copenhagen on a budget

Traveling on a budget is always challenging, especially when it comes to visiting countries that have a high standard. From accommodation to transportation and places to eat, planning a trip on a budget is all about doing a previous research on the destination you’re visiting. And since we know how time-consuming and engaging this type of research is, especially when information is not easily accessible, we decided to help you plan your trip by presenting you the following suggestions on spending a holiday on a budget in Copenhagen. In other words, we are going to help you pay less while you’re visiting and enjoying this city the way tourists usually do.

Copenhagen Denmark

Cheap ways to get from the airport to Copenhagen

Like many tourists, we assume you will be arriving by plane. If this is the case, then you should definitely be informed about the way to use public transport in Denmark, thus find the cheapest way to get from the airport to the city. Take a look at the following means of transport:

  • Bus

Let’s say you’re going to the Central Station in the city. A ticket will cost you around 35 DKK, which you have to buy it at the ticket machines or at the ticket office at Terminal 3. You should do this by using a credit card or coins. Credit card is way more preferred than paying in cash, so have in mind to avoid paying with banknotes and coins. However, there is also a possibility to pay the bus driver with coins, even though it’s always better to have a ticket bought at the machines. Another thing quite important is to pay attention to the zones you’re in and you’re heading to, so that you can buy the adequate ticket.

public transport Copenhagen

  • Metro

The same thing also holds for the metro and the train, except that the ticket cannot be by any chance bought from the driver. That means you have to buy it before you enter the metro. Anyhow, there’s a metro station at the airport so you won’t have any problem reaching the city.  And the rides of the metro are quite frequent, following a different schedule during the night but still working at any hour.

  • Train

The ride from the airport to the Central Station is 20 minutes by train, and the price for the ticket is similar as for the metro and the bus. In case you want to go by train, have in mind that the location of the station is down the escalator at Terminal 3, on the second track. The trains are direct and frequent, passing every 10 minutes and then every hour during the night.

Cheap way to do a tour of Copenhagen

Since public transport is quite expensive for frequent rides in big capitals such as this one, we suggest you use other alternatives that will let you explore the city.

First of all, you can take a look at the hop on hop off busses that provide tours of the city’s most famous attractions. If you book in advance, you can get a good deal. But still, this may not be as cheap as you hoped to be.

This is why we are also suggesting you do a boat tour through the canals and discover the city from a different perspective. This “luxury” won’t cost you a fortune as long as you choose the right boat and the right route. The boats with numbers 991 and 992 function as public transport, which you have to pay for with a similar price as for a bus or metro ride.

Another way you can enjoy your time in the city and visit all its attractions is to rent a bike and feel like a true citizen of Copenhagen. The biking culture in Denmark is impressively developed, so you are more than welcome to rent a bike and use it for transportation. Depending on the rental agency, the bikes are not so expensive. However, there is a bike share program called Bycyklen that lets you pay by the hour, which is 25 DKK, or pay 70 DKK for one month in advance and use the bike for free anytime for a half an hour. It’s a pretty good deal, you must admit.

Cheap restaurants to eat in Copenhagen

Visiting a new city can be exhausting, so you will have to eat outside if you’re willing to spend more time exploring the city than spending time in your accommodation. For this, fast food restaurants and supermarkets are great, but we completely understand if you’re also willing to try out a typical restaurant. And since everything is so insanely expensive in Copenhagen, we have found several places you can enjoy your food and the bill afterward.

copenhagen restaurant

Samos Greek – Greek food for quite affordable prices, offering dishes for 39 DKK and up. The lunch menus are excellent and cost 49 DKK, starting from 11:30 until 17:00 o’clock. Address: Skindergade 29.

Magasin Du Nord Cafe – If you’re visiting Nyhavn and you feel a bit hungry, then head off to the large department store Magasin. Here, find the café located on the top floor and take a look at the menu. Now, even though it is still slightly pricey, you can find a good selection of traditional Danish foods that cost less than 100 DKK.

Tria Deli – If you’re up for some delicious sandwiches, then have in mind that this bagel and salad shop makes wonders for a price less than 45 DKK. It is also close to Nyhavn, and it is known to be one of the best budget-friendly options in this area.

La Galette – a charming French restaurant, this place not only has the affordable prices for food, but it also provides its guests with a friendly, romantic atmosphere. You can find it on Larsbjørnsstræde 9, in the Latin Quarter, working from Monday to Saturday, from 17:30 – 22:00.

Copenhagen Street Food – not a restaurant, this area of food stands can be found on Papirøen (Paper Island). There is a wide variety of foods and tastes, something for everyone.

Cheap beer places in Copenhagen

It’s interesting how tourists like their beer tasty, cold and cheap! Yes, cheap beer is what many tourists are looking for when they’re visiting a new city, even though they might not feel like drinking one at that time. Well, finding a cheap alcoholic drink in Denmark is not easy. However, there are bars and cafes offering affordable beer and their waiting for you to taste it. No more words are needed, except the names of the pubs and their addresses, so here you go:

  • Din Nye Ven
    Address:  Skt. Peders Stræde 34
  • Café Salonen
    Address: Sankt Peders Stræde 20
  • Copenhagen Downtown Bar & Hostel
    Address: Vandkunsten 5
  • Eiffel Bar
    Address: Wildersgade 58
  • Harbo Bar
    Address: Blågårdsgade 2D ved Nørrebrogade
  • Café Retro
    Address: Knabrostræde 26
  • The Moose
    Address: Sværtegade 5

So here you go, the necessary things you need when you visit a new city, that tend to suck up the money from your wallet quickly. Do you already feel like you’ve saved up some money for your trip to Copenhagen? Share your experience with us and make your friends happy by sharing these budget-friendly tips with them.


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