Barcelona, Spain is a very famous place for romance, arts and all the fancy things invented in the history of humankind. The place itself is a solid proof of how people in Spain value everything romantic, artistic and elegant. The place, the streets, the restaurants, churches and the Spanish people you will meet every stroll you make in Barcelona are very classic, artistic and romantic. It has this adamant sense of all those three that tourists should list this in their bucket lists—in your bucket list—as well as the things to do in Barcelona.

And to give you a clearer picture of why Barcelona, Spain is so alluring to most adventurous, artistic or classy backpackers, here are some of the things to do in Barcelona.

A Must-try In Barcelona

Always make yourself open to any possible cause of fun for these kinds of memories last even if the situation already ends. And with that right kind of thinking, this article suggests that you should try these things for yourself. Remember that it might not be every day that you are in Barcelona so might as well enjoy the opportunity while it’s still there. So, below are some of the must-try things to do in Barcelona.

  1. Walk, walk and walk: Discover the whole place with your foot leading the way and not just any taxi or other means of transportation.
  2. Watch a concert in Barcelona and find out how high their notes are.
  3. Try the Basque tapas.
  4. Explore the art side of the streets.
  5. Eat fresh seafood in Barcelona; a yummy Paella.
  6. Try the Catalan dish.
  7. Sunbathe in the Mediterranean.

These things sound fun, don’t they? You need to do at least three of them to honestly say to yourself that you’ve been outside in Barcelona and that you didn’t spoil yourself on your hotel room.

Best Things in Life Are Free

The things to do in Barcelona are so full of Euros. And so, to give you the ideas about the best things to do in Barcelona—that are free—here they are.

  • From the Turó de la Rovira hill, you can enjoy the beauty of the hills—such an amazing view to see in Barcelona.
  • Every Sunday, the museums in Barcelona are free; no need for any amount of the entrance fee.
  • The city beaches in Barcelona are free of any charge. You can go for a quick dip or a great sunbathing.
  • There are a recent outdoor screening of films and other gigs that are free.
  • The local green parks in Barcelona are crazy awesome!

Aren’t the best things in life? And aren’t they free? So, therefore, best things in life are indeed free. And how cool is it that you can have these best things in Barcelona, Spain for free? It’s cooler than Alaska, I know.

Essential Things to Do in Barcelona

Okay, so best things to do in Barcelona, the must-try things to do in Barcelona and the necessary things to do in Barcelona are their DIFFERENT things. The best things to do in Barcelona discusses the best free things you can do in Barcelona. The must-try things to do in Barcelona suggests of what you should try when in Barcelona. Now, the essential things to do in Barcelona are the things only crazy people would miss to do when in Barcelona—the bad crazy and not the cute type. It’s because it’s essential, very essential that you do them if you don’t want your Barcelona trip to go to waste.

  • Find yourself lost in the middle of the fun in El Born and El Gotico. Trust this article; you have to!
  • Take a dip in Barceloneta.
  • Climb to the rooftop of a building and have a bottle of beer.
  • Take a quick detour to Singes and have the best fun of your trip!

Another must-try option can be Barcelona boat tours. It is one of the most popular outdoor activities among tourists from around the world. During the boat trip, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the city and to enjoy Barcelona from entirely different perspective.

So, after reading all these, don’t you want to start packing up your stuff and head on to the earliest flight to Barcelona? You definitely can do that, just remember one thing before you do—make sure you’re in for some crazy memories because if you plan to just enjoy the hotel rooms in Barcelona, they might as well just to do that to the nearest hotel in your neighborhood. Barcelona, Spain is for those who are game for some romantic and classy fun!


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