Canada is a huge country to explore and has terrain to meet everyone’s desires. Rainforests, beaches, ice, mountains and much more you can see in the country, and the views along the way are stunning. Canada has sometimes forgotten in trip planning. The warmer months are of course the best times to visit, but traveling in the snow is doable although more difficult. Plan a trip and backpack the beautiful and friendly terrain that may surprise and impress you.

Necessary Costs and Information for backpacking Canada

Prices will vary depending on where you stay. Hostels are cheaper and run about 30 Canadian dollars. Hotels and like accommodations will be more expensive; about 65 Canadian dollars or more. Backpacking may be more affordable, especially if you are tent camping instead of hopping from hotel or lodge to another hotel. Meals can be pricey! If you can cook your food, you can save a ton of money. Restaurants will run about 20 to 40 Canadian dollars per meal. Sandwich places, pubs, and fast food dining establishments are your cheapest options.

Backpacking will require you to bring some of your food which will be cheaper also. Canada is an enormous area. Transportation can be an issue if you don’t know what to expect or to look. Within the city limits, Canada has an excellent public transportation system and metro. Consider renting a car if you’re staying awhile and there is a train that runs coast to coast, but it can be expensive. Keep this in mind when planning your visit and backpack trip. Places to Visit for Your Backpacking Trip:

Costs and Information for backpacking Canada

The Yukon

The Yukon is a staple of Canada and is a beautiful and scenic area that is a must-see for backpackers. There is a vast area to explore here, so planning your route of time is a wise decision. Paddling down the Yukon River is an exciting experience, and some primitive campgrounds line the river. The Tombstone Territorial Park is a convenient way to backpack, as it is located an hour from two major highways. You can hike and camp anywhere in the park, and the limited amount of trees make some fantastic unlimited views. Climb one of the mountains and see the area from one of the summits and take it all in. The chances of seeing some wildlife are kinda high, so be on the lookout for elk, deer, and bear.

The Yukon

Great Bear Rainforest

12,000 miles of rainforest is a backpacker’s playground and can be a unique and stunning experience. Hiking through the Bella Coola Valley is one of the more common and safer routes. There are many trails, all at different difficulty levels. The Saloompt River Bridge is a hotspot during August and September to watch the salmon spawn. The Medby Rock Lookout Trail is one of the more difficult trails to hike, but it provides the best views of the valley below. This area also has the Snootli Creek Regional Park with more trails and terrains to explore, making Great Bear a top place for visitors and backpackers.

Bella Coola Valley

The Atlantic Provinces

The Atlantic Provinces are also a vast and beautiful area to explore. Backpack through Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland. Depending on what you would like to do and see will help you decide what areas to explore. Hiking, sit by the ocean, kayak, whale watching and try some fantastic and fresh seafood is all available in the Atlantic Provinces. These places are best explored in the summer to take full advantage of the beautiful weather to hike and backpack. This area is also known for having some of the friendliest people. Backpacking tours are available online for a more guided experience, or you can strike out on your own to discover the best of Canada.

Nova Scotia


Whistler is a favorite and favorite destination for backpackers. This place is especially useful for winter activities such as snowboarding, skiing, and many other winter activities. It is a short bus ride from Vancouver and the summer months offer fantastic hiking, backpacking and camping adventures. The area is known as party central and is a hotspot for younger folks. Try some Alpine hiking on the Blackcomb Mountains and Whistler for beautiful views of the mountains. There are short, more accessible trails as well as more strenuous hikes to lakes and glaciers.

whistler canada


It is surprising how many backpackers instantly fall in love with this city. It is easy to navigate and is surrounded by snowcapped mountains as well as the ocean depending on what side you are looking. Vancouver is also the main point to fly into for many people, so they just begin their journey there. The good news is, is that backpackers don’t need to travel far to find amazing scenery. Many different trails can be found in the area, and surrounding land for hiker’s dreams come true. Try the Skagit River Trail, Elsey Lake Trail, Singing Pass, Centennial Trail, or Black Tusk and Garibaldi Lake just to name a few. The coastal and mountain regions of Vancouver offer incredible backpacking opportunities within a close range to a major city full of amenities.



The stunning Canadian Rocky Mountains will be there to greet you in Alberta, and there are several places to explore. The mountains provide some excellent mountaineering opportunities, and there are the rolling foothills of the Bow River valley to explore. Banff National Park has lots of backpacking trails as well as wilderness campsites to stay in. Waterton Lakes National Park will be less crowded and offers a quiet and serene setting. The path here will have fewer hikers on them, and the area is gorgeous. Watch for wildlife in all sectors as the remote backcountry and wilderness are home to many different kinds of creatures.

Canadian Rocky Mountains

Explore the country- Backpack Style

Canada has a terrain for everyone. Experienced or a beginner, there are trails and opportunities for all to experience. Canada is enormous, and the backpacking possibilities are endless. Hike through the rugged wilderness off the beaten path, or stay on a designated trail to see some fantastic views. There are wilderness campsites to stay in, and chances to explore are just a short distance away from the main cities like Vancouver. Here, you can sleep in a hostel or hotel while you prepare for your adventure. Pack the proper gear and bring suitable attire that includes waterproof covers and jackets and layers to protect from the sun in the summer and the harsh conditions in the winter. Are you ready for an adventure? Experience some remote and gorgeous areas while you backpack Canada.


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