Packing is art. To make your luggage neat, organized and gorgeous, you need to know how to put your stuff in order. Here’s a list of 7 awesome gadgets that will help you to achieve this goal. Thanks to them, you’ll never again have to search through all the backpack to find one missing sock. You won’t ever find your clothes covered with shampoo, because the bottle opened somewhere in the depths of your bag. You also won’t find your headphones broken, because the wire got damaged in the suitcase. These awesome gadgets will help to keep your baggage light, small, safe and in a good shape.

  1. Luggage scale

Has it ever happened to you to be stopped at the airport, because your luggage was too heavy? You can avoid this awkward situation (and paying additional fees) by weighting the luggage at home. Traditional weight is a bit difficult to use in this case and not always precise, especially if your bag has a strange shape and won’t simply stand on the weight’s surface. Luggage scale solves this problem. It’s easy to use and small, so you can fit it in your luggage and check the weight once again before taking the flight back. This way you won’t have to worry if the souvenirs you bought on holidays are too heavy.

Example: Travelon Micro Scale for about $20-25, it’s tiny, ultralight and reliable.

  1. Hanging toiletry bag

A good toiletry bag will keep your stuff in order. A hanging one, additionally, will make it easier for you to find the right thing quickly and effortlessly. During the trip, it’s small and folded inside of your bag. Once you reach the destination, you can take it out and hang on the wall, bed or door of your hotel room. With this kind of a bag, you won’t have to spend time looking through your toiletries before taking a shower or collecting them from all over the bathroom to make your luggage ready for departure, you just fold it and it’s ready to be placed in your luggage.

Example: Eagle Creek’s bag is big enough to fit in all your toiletries; good quality for reasonable price ($36).

  1. Belt wallet

Are you wondering where to put your money, so that it’s safe and sound during the journey? A travel belt wallet solves this dilemma. You don’t have to hide cash in your socks, books or toiletries. A travel belt can keep it away from thieves – after all, it’s very unlikely someone will look for money in your belt.

Example: Pacsafe’s belt can fit in not only cash, but also passport or ID. It’s metal-free, so you don’t have to remove it for the airport security check. The price: about $27.

  1. Compression bags

Thanks to compression bags, your clothes become surprisingly small. Bulky sweaters, trousers, jackets and woolen scarves won’t take much space any more. It means you can either take more clothes, or carry a smaller luggage. There’s also one more advantage – if you get transparent compression bags, you will be able to see which piece of clothing is in which bag, without opening them all or memorizing the order of your packing.

Example: Eagle Creek’s Compression Sac Set is made of three transparent bags in different sizes. Price: $28.

  1. Packing cube set

If your luggage is messy, finding the stuff inside of it can be a real struggle. Have you ever had to take everything out of your suitcase/backpack in order to find one little thing? And then put it all back, one piece after another? If yes, then you know how much time and nerves it takes. To avoid this kind of situations, use packing cubes. They help you to put your luggage in order. One for t-shirts, one for underwear, one for warm clothes etc. – everything has its own place.

Example: A packing cube set by eBags consists of three different bags. Lots of colors to choose from. Price: $24, 99.

  1. Device bag

It’s important to keep your devices safe. If you just put them inside of a backpack or a suitcase, without any order, mixed with all the other stuff, it won’t take long until a wire breaks, a screen gets scratched or something else happens. That’s why you should have a special bag for all your electronic gadgets. If you want to take double advantage of a device bag, get one with a built-in charger. This way you’ll be able to feed your devices with energy without using a plug. You simply need to keep them inside of the bag for a little while.

Example: Tylt Energi+ Backpack. It’s quite big, but in addition to small devices such as iPhone or smartphone, it can also fit in a tablet or laptop – so you don’t need a separate bag for these. Available on Amazon for about $100

  1. Folding board

You’re going for a business trip and you really want those shirts to look decent once you get to the hotel. How to pack them? What is better: rolling, folding and some other technique? How to make the clothes smooth and pretty, but also compact? Instead of bothering with these questions, just get a folding board. It comes in handy each time you want to pack your clothes and keep them nice. Besides, with a folding board you will spend less time packing, it makes the folding process much faster.

Example: Ohuhu Clothes Folder. It can be used to fold pajamas, trousers, shorts and lots of other garments. Available on Amazon for about $14

Do you know some other awesome gadgets that make packing simpler and faster? Let us know. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends!


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