Christmas is getting closer. Yes, there’s still more than a month ahead, but if you want to choose a perfect gift and have it delivered to your place, it’s time to start thinking of it. Do you have a friend who’s into travelling and you wonder what can make them happy? Here’s a list of 11 gifts each globetrotter will appreciate.

  1. Outdoor clothes

Socks, shirts and pullovers – the most typical Christmas presents. It’s true they always come in handy, but your vagabond friend would surely value some good outdoor clothes more than fancy sweaters. Depending on how much you want to spend, there are many alternatives. You can still go with socks, but then choose something like this SmartWool’s light but warm hiking socks. For a travelling lady, such a practical dress will be an awesome gift.

  1. Cool tent

If your friend is into camping, a tent will be perfect. To make the present more original, skip traditional tents and look for something fun. Tensile sells awesome hammock tents (prices starting from $350.00). Imagine one of those hung between two palm trees! Nordic tipi tents are great as well; they not only look pretty, but can also protect your friend from cold weather and harsh wind.

  1. Camping equipment

If your friend already has a nice tent, you can instead get him or her some useful camping equipment. There are things that make camping way easier and more pleasant. An example: a collapsible kettle. It’s funny, colorful and portable. Your friend can fit it into a backpack easily and get out each time there’s a need for a warm cup of tea. You can buy the kettle for example through Amazon (about $30). To give your friend nights of good sleep, consider buying an inflatable mattress. They are comfy and practical, but tend to break easily, so it’s important to pick one of good quality, such as the Lightspeed Outdoors TPU (to be found on Amazon for about $85).

  1. Backpack

No traveler will be disappointed with a backpack as a present. Before you buy it, check whether your friend has a good one already and in what size. Most travelers like to have several backpacks – some larger for long trips and small ones for weekend breaks or city tours. Wolfskin is one of companies selling good quality backpacks in reasonable prices, such as this small, vintage backpack for a female traveler.

  1. Travel pillow

Have you ever heard your friend complaining they weren’t able to sleep on a bus or plane? To help them solve this frustrating problem, get a travel pillow. Cushie Pillow is among the best producers. They have pillows in a variety of colors, so you can pick one your friend likes the most!

  1. E-book reader

For someone who’s both a vagabond and a bookworm, few gifts can compare with an e-book reader. This lovely device allows a traveler to carry hundreds of books without struggling with a heavy luggage. There are many companies producing them, but Kindle and Kobo are considered to be the best.

  1. Tickets

What about booking a plane, bus or train ticket? That’s the kind of a gift that can make a vagabond truly happy. Before making a reservation, you might want to discuss it with your pal. It will ruin the surprise, but in this case it’s better to make sure your friend will be able to go for the trip you want to offer them. If you really can’t give up on the surprise, at least make sure your friend really wants to visit the destination you’re thinking of and check in which dates is he or she available.

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones

They come in very handy in busy train stations, loud trains or hostels full of chatty people. With noise-cancelling headphones, your friend will be able to hear their favorite music whenever they fancy. Bose Quietcomfort 25 is awesome. The price isn’t the lowest (about $300), but the quality is worth the money.

  1. Hanging toiletry bag

Nearly everyone has a toiletry bag, but not everyone has a hanging one – and this is the best kind for a traveller. It’s very annoying to constantly look for the stuff in your bag before going to take a shower. A hanging toiletry bag makes it way faster, because all the things are on display and easy to reach. It can be hung on, for example, a bed in a hostel dorm.

  1. Language course

Many travelers are interested in learning languages. If you know your friend has this passion to, he or she will definitely be happy to attend some classes. You can pay for lessons in a local language school, book a course abroad or buy online classes.

  1. Vacuum flask

It’s cold, rainy, snowy and/or windy. Your friend waits for a bus somewhere in a freezing station. Two hours to go. Everything around seems gloomy. What can make them feel better? A vacuum flask full of hot tea! Check out this one, in comes in a package with shot glasses (perfect for a little espresso) and a carrying case.

Do you have some other ideas! Share them with us!


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