Get into the Halloween spirit this autumn and adventure into a whole new spooky world of ghost stories and enigmatic, mysterious sightings. Creep yourself out and marvel in the feeling of fear and excitement, at any one of England’s most eerie castles, at the most haunting time of year. What better way to get in the spooky seasonal mood than to get a firsthand scare, and possibly see a famous faced ghost in the…flesh. Check out our list of haunted castles England beholds, and possibly even spend a creepy weekend getaway to one, if you can handle it! Muahaha!

Hever Castle, Kent

Visit this eerie former childhood home of King Henry VIII’s doomed wife, Anne Boleyn, to experience phantom sightings this autumn. Anne Boleyn, who was brutally beheaded in 1536 is still said to roam the grounds and gardens of the castle in particular, rumored that her happiest times were spent at Hever, which is why she is said to linger there. It is also where Henry Viii first laid eyes on his wife to be, whilst he was having an affair with Anne’s sister, whilst married to his previous wife Catherine! If you’re up for some ghostly sightings and a spooky evening, Anne Boleyn is most frequently witnessed on Christmas Eve, as well as the regular visitor, in the formation of a ghostly horse that is reported to gallop around the galleries at night.
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Hever Castle, Kent, England

Oxford Castle, Oxford

This creepy castle in the heart of the university city of Oxford has a seriously dark past of executions and fighting, over its inhabitants, ranging from royal residency to county jails. This violent history has resulted in a string of haunting that are regular visitors of the castle, heavily revolving around poltergeist activity and dark figure sightings. It has gained the reputation of being one of the most haunted buildings in the UK, having an active history dating back way over 1000 years. One of its creepiest sightings, is the ominous white mosh that rises from the stairwell – freaky!
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Oxford Castle

Windsor Castle, Berkshire

Windsor castle has a plentiful amount of ghost stories to tell, having been the location where both royals and commoners perished, leaving a deathly reminder for future visitors and inhabitants. The ghost of a pained Henry Viii can be seen and heard, as he groans in agony around the hallways, lugging his ulcerated leg, which killed him in 1547. Another famous ghost that dominates the castle is the glorious Queen Victoria, who was deeply unsatisfied with all the alterations made to the castle, and can be found frantically waving her arms and moaning in distress. If you’re up for a hauntingly creepy Halloween this autumn, ensure you take a worthwhile trip to Windsor Castle, just outside of London, to get a taste of the spooks!

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Windsor Castle, Berkshire, Great Britain

Ludlow Castle, Shropshire

This castle is absolutely bursting with ghost sightings and creepy experiences, such as staff and visitors being able to hear conversations from empty rooms, on multiple occasions. The greatest tale from the castle is that of Marion la Bruyere, who was the secret lover of the enemy of the castle. One night of betrayal began when she let down a rope for the knight to climb up to the highest tower of the castle, when instead, an army of attackers stormed in instead, invading the whole vicinity. In a spur of fear, Marion drew the knight’s knife and slit his throat, killing him instantly. Immense guilt washed over her, and she threw herself out of the tower into the rocks below. Her ghost can be seen regularly at dusk, or, if you time your visit on her death anniversary, you can hear her screams of pain from deep within the castle.
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Ludlow Castle, Shropshire

Warwick Castle, Warwickshire

Warwick castle has been standing since way back in 1068, and has transformed mind boggling amounts over time with its range of inhabitants. It’s most famous tale begins with Sir Faulke Greville, who was stabbed by his loyal servant. This trusted servant then proceeded to slit his own throat due to overwhelming feelings of guilt, allowing Faulke to die a slow painful death. Another creepy tale of the castle is reported accounts of a big black dog with crimson eyes, foaming at the mouth whilst wondering the corridors at night, said to be the ghost of a terrible curse placed upon the castle. Today, the castle is still absolutely bursting with ghouls and ghosts – not for the faint hearted!
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Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, Great Britain

If you’re up for a spooky spectacular weekend away or even just a day trip to one of these intriguingly creep-tastic haunted castles, prepare yourself for a hauntingly brilliant Halloween adventure! You’ll discover so much history, visit some gorgeous grounds and castle interiors, as well as learning something new! You may even catch a glimpse of a ghost if you focus hard enough. Get into that cozy autumnal feeling of Halloween in the best way possible; explore and discover something entirely different today.


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