How many times have you heard that it’s the journey, not the destination that matters? Have you thought about this for a moment? It’s okay to have a preferred destination you want to reach at the end of the day, but you should also enjoy your journey to that place, which is why many people plan their vacations wisely. Lately, travelers have realized that the best way to enjoy your trip is to travel by bicycle. And sure, there are plenty of pros and cons regarding this type of a journey, but the following reasons will prove you why traveling by bike can become your favorite activity.

  1. Escape the routine

Vacation time is the best period of the year when you can relax and get your mind off the daily problems and obligations. But even with holidays, people can get stuck in a loop, hopelessly trying to grab new experiences while doing everything the same way. Sure planning a trip with your car or immediately checking for some cheap flights after you’ve been given free days at work is part of your routine, but one that you’re not aware of. How about you break the spell, grab your bike and explore new places, even if it means to get off the beaten path. Cutting the work agenda may appear to be hard, so you can at least do something different during your free time. And every journey by bicycle gives you the pleasure to enjoy a new and unique experience.

  1. Stay active while traveling

Vacations are meant to be spent careless, often relaxing, drinking and tasting delicious local cuisines. But when it comes to sightseeing, travelers often complain about pain in their muscles and difficulties regaining energy for the rest of the trip. The great thing about cycling is that it keeps you in good shape even during your vacation and helps you maintain your good health. Sure, you have to prepare for a longer road than your usual bike rides, but at the end of the day, you’ll feel content that you’ve cycled all the way to a specified destination.

  1. Adventurous and challenging

What’s the point in living a calm life, when it’s the adventure that gets you going? Travelers remember their whole trip, but they often stick to retelling their best memories, which are probably connected to a point in time when they felt an adrenaline rush. Cycling to a particular destination may be the adventure you’ve been looking for, as it challenges you mentally and physically. It may be the experience you’ve waited for so long, as you never know what you’ll find just around the corner. And of course – it is okay to be scared and have some thoughts of uncertainty, but if you don’t take the risk, you will never encounter something magical.

  1. Eco-friendly and affordable

Ever feel like polluting the environment with your car? Even if you haven’t thought about it, different means of transport pollute the environment in a different way, but mainly with the use of gas and toxic substances. Riding the bicycle to your required destination not only helps you protect the environment, but it also encourages the people around you to try it out and care for nature a little bit more. Apart from this incredible benefit, travelers choose to cycle during their vacation due to the affordability of this mean of transport. All you need is an adequate bicycle, some additional equipment, and a well-planned route, even though sometimes there is something amazing about getting wonderfully lost.

  1. Freedom and flexibility

As a consequence of the busy everyday life of people, we are constantly in search of something that provides pleasure and requires no rush. Cycling your way from one city to another gives you the right amount of freedom and eliminates the fear of delayed flights or missed buses. It gives you the power of creating your schedule and the flexibility of changing it whenever you feel like it. While traveling by bicycle, tourists adapt their plans to their state and wishes, rather than to strict agendas and stressful situations. It’s the beauty in feeling free to do whatever you want, change the plan and spend as much time you want at a particular destination.

  1. Explore the landscape

The greatness of traveling by bike is also seen in the picturesque sights along the way. For example, if you decide on getting from one city in Switzerland to another and you choose to go by car, you’ll probably stick your eyes on the road and avoid focusing on anything else that’s further than the highway. Of course, you might also get stuck in traffic and deal with similar difficulties, but that’s only adding oil to the fire. If you want to enjoy the scenic landscape and the impeccable beauty of the surroundings, you better get on your bike and start cycling. Another great thing about this is that you can always stop to worship the nature and take a deep breath, unlike other means of transport that rush you through these places.

  1. Discover new destinations and attractions

On your way to a particular destination, you may choose to explore or simply wait for your arrival. Organized means of transport don’t give you the freedom to encounter new places or attractions. Unlike them, riding your bicycle to a specified destination may open your horizons and help you find a new town that you haven’t heard of, but appreciate once you’ve got there. Just imagine – taking your bike and cycling together with your friend to find an individual town when suddenly you end up in a different city, asking the locals for directions and possibly making new friends. This may sound like an ideal situation, but it happens once in a while. Even with attractions in a new city – it happens that you end up loving the atmosphere in a cobbled bohemian street more than the crowd on a tall, famous yet overrated building.

Well there you have it, seven reasons explaining the actual beauty of traveling the world with the help of your bicycle. It takes the courage, some thorough preparations and proper equipment to start off your journey – but in the end, you’ll have a worthy story to tell. So, do you dare to try it out?


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