Even though many people asked about Singapore would keep quiet for a second to eventually faintly answer “skyscrapers…?”, this small city-state has a lot to offer and has been recently becoming more and more popular. Dazzling malls and small boutiques, fashion for eccentric individuals, antiques, art pieces, spices, books or electronics – Singapore is a home to real shopping extravaganza. Botanic gardens, excellent restaurants, contemporary art and stunning architecture, that’s also what Singapore’s about. Shining, captivating, colorful and endlessly fascinating, it’s certainly a great destination. Here’s a list of top tourist attractions in Singapore you should definitely check out once you get there.

Orchard Road

The entertainment hub of Singapore, bustling Orchard Road is full of shopping malls, restaurants, clubs and cafés. Known among locals as well as tourists, it’s always full of people. Many star attractions are lay along the Orchard Road, including botanical gardens, parks, and monuments, yet, to tell the truth, it’s first of all shopping that makes it so famous. Rich, interesting expositions allure the passers and call their wallets to open. Cash is flowing, shiny things find their owners, the show goes on. The night-life is outstanding too in case you fancy partying rather than buying. Summing up, Orchard Road is the right place to go if you feel like to spoil yourself a bit.


Singapore Botanic Gardens

Large (covering an area of 74 hectares) and enchanting, the Botanic Gardens are the Singapore’s beautiful treasure. As the only botanic garden in the world, the park opens as early as 5 am. and closes at 12 am., every single day, all year long. Consisting of several different gardens, the park has enough walking paths to fill several hours with pleasant strolls quickly. You can even keep coming back there for days and surely won’t get bored. There’s a small tropical rainforest, the Ginger Garden with a lovely waterfall, the Children’s Garden featuring a playground, water play area, and tree-houses.

National Orchid Garden located within the park is one of its highlights (actually, it can even be called one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore). The extensive collection of orchids makes an incredible impression. Not only the flowers are beautiful, but the setting as well, made of little fountains, charming decorations, and multiple paths. When you already see the orchards, you can search for three lakes located around the park or have a dinner in one of the restaurants.


Clarke Quay

The historical riverside quay has been Singapore’s hub of commerce since the 19th century. Barge lighters and bumboats used to transport wares to the storehouses at Clarke Quay. Until in the 20th century, the government stated the area was too polluted and moved cargo services to another part of the city. They cleaned the river the following years. The area restored and redesigned and, after a period of quietness, Clarke Quay once again started bustling.

Not really similar to its 19th-century version, but still vibrant and commercial, the Quay is full of fancy restaurants, nightclubs, unique shops, and vendors. The quirkiest of designers and artists expose their works there, so if you want to buy something very special, you know where to go. Besides, with the colorfully lit streets, little boats on the river and buildings painted in all shades of the rainbow, Clarke Quay is merely an enchanting area to stroll about.


The Singapore Flyer

When it was built and opened, Singapore Flyer was the highest Ferris wheel in the world. When the construction of a Flyer on the Las Vegas Strip was completed, it became the second one, but the difference is only about two meters. Even if you’ve been to Las Vegas, the Singapore Flyer is still quite an impressing sight. It reaches up to 165 meters, offering fantastic views of the city. Its terminal houses several restaurants and shops. Once you see it from above, you should also walk around the surrounding Marina Bay.


Gardens by the Bay

That’s precisely the part of Marina Bay that especially deserves your attention. The gardens by the bay are relatively new, the gardens were open to the public in 2012. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Singapore. As you enter, you’ll quickly understand it’s a modern sight. Cosmic buildings look like a space station rather than conservatories or flower domes. Yet the flowers are there, a variety of them.

attractions in SingaporeThere are also tree-like structures playing a role of vertical gardens, horticultural themed gardens, the Cloud Forest with waterfalls and the “Cloud Mountain” (an oddly-shaped complex structure consisting of various small theme gardens) and Children’s Garden featuring trampolines, hanging bridges and lots of fun stuff. A great piece of contemporary architecture filled with greenery, the park is awe-inspiring both for nature-lovers and designers.

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  1. Great post mate! One must Look at the famous SuperTree Groove in Gardens by the bay. You can come at night and see the 50-meter-high trees lit up during the Rhapsody Garden light show which runs from 7.40 and 8.40 at night. The lights flicker following musical instruments. In particular, these artificial plants collect sunlight during the day to create spectacular eye-lightning at night.


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