As much as we hate to say it, the summer season is about to end in less than two weeks. However, if the weather is still warm, you can always find some time to run off to the beach and have fun.

Yes, the beach is always beautiful. But how about going to a water park this weekend? You know, taking your friends to a crazy place where you`ll have loads of fun sliding through a halfpipe and splashing into the swimming pool. That type of fun! Well of course going to a water park is a great idea! It`s the best place to let your inner child out and enjoy a day full of happiness and adrenaline.

There are a lot of water parks in the USA, and most of them are pretty good. However, if you are about to decide which one is worth it, then take a look at these crazy water parks:

  1. Water Country

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia

From thrilling but safe rides to great pools and hot tubs where you can relax, this water park offers everything you need to be amused. This water park is totally kid-friendly, so the parents are invited to bring their children with them.

Attractions: Aquazoid, Colossal Curl, Nitro Racer, Vanish Point, Rock `n` Roll Island and many other crazy rides.

  1. Funtown Splashtown

Location: Portland, Maine

Funtown Splashtown exists for many years, and this water park never seems to get old. They always tend to improve the rides and invest in better entertainment. People say that this water park is pretty cheap compared to other water parks in Maine and still it guarantees a lot of fun.

Attractions: Excalibur, Dragon Descent, Thunder Falls Log Fume, Portland Pirates Paradise and Balloon Race.

  1. Ski Rixen of Quiet Waters Park

Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida

Now, this is what we`re talking about – a water park that screams of excitement. Coming from Europe, it`s America`s first Cable water ski resort. It`s a water park specialized for water skiing but without having a boat pulling you through the water. And the prices are quite affordable, offering you to pay for the preferred hours of skiing.

  1. Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Ambitious as it might sound, they consider themselves as the World`s Best Waterpark! Offering a lot of rides and places to relax, this water park opens the gate for people of every age. They have even started selling Season Passes for 2016! I bet business is going great for them!

Attractions: Wolfpack Raft Slide, Black Knight, Skycoaster, Master Blaster Uphill Water Coaster, Downhill Racer and many other thrilling rides leading you directly into the swimming pool.

  1. Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark

Location: Orlando, Florida

Aquatica is a water park that actually went a step further than some other water parks. How did they do it? Well, what if I tell you that there`s this ride called Dolphin Plunge where you actually slide through an underwater pipe where a group of beautiful black-and-white Commerson’s Dolphins lives. Incredible, isn`t it?

Attractions: Dolphin Plunge, HooRoo Run, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, Tassie’s Twisters, Taumata Racer, etc.

  1. Raging Waters San Jose

Location: San Jose, California

Raging Waters San Jose is celebrating its 30th season as Northern California’s premier water park destination. With over a million gallons of water attractions, this water park guarantees great fun for everyone.

Attractions: Sidewinder, Bombs Away, Dragon`s Den, Shotgun Falls, etc.

  1. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Location: Orlando, Florida

Well, of course, Disney had to be on the list, when the topic is water parks. Disney World is also known to provide the best entertainment for people of all ages. Even if you are 70, when you enter a Disney facility you feel like the child that never grew up. The Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park not only provides great family fun, but it also has some thrilling and adventurous rides for the adults.

Attractions: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Crush `n` Gusher, Downhill Double Dipper, Humunga Kowabunga, Snow Stormers…let`s be honest, EVERYTHING is an attraction here! And the water park is huge, you`ll hardly get to try every ride in just a day.

  1. Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari

Location: Santa Claus, Indiana

Are you ready to scream like never before? Then buy your tickets immediately because Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is waiting for you! It`s great to have the option to attend two parks for the price of one. And besides, the parking, sunscreen, and some soft drinks are free, that`s pretty cool!

  1. Splashdown Beach

Location: Fishkill, New York

If you`re up to some water adventure, you should definitely check this place out. As modest as they can be with their slogan – America’s Biggest Little Water Park, this place can definitely provide some good fun and joy.

Attractions: Arctic Mammoth, Arctic Plunge Racer, Bullet Bowl, Cowabunga Falls, Monster Wave Pool and much more.

  1. Six Flags White Water

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

And finally, the last one of all water parks. This water park is the Southeast`s largest water park and recently voted one of the top 10 water parks in the nation. Regularly releasing new rides and attractions, this water park is trying hard to make its customers spend a great day of excitement.

Attractions: Dive bomber, 100-Meter Splash, Escape Chute/Secret Passage, Gulf Coast Screamer, Tornado and Typhoon Twister. The last two are simply crazy!

There are a lot more water parks to be added, but these ones are simply a must-see! The USA has a lot of amusement parks to offer, whether they are indoor or outdoor. You just have to choose your type of fun and find the best place nearby where you can enjoy the excitement.


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