Lively, dynamic, diverse, energetic, buzzing, interesting, stunning, welcoming, immersive, spirited. Spain is many things, and one of the ways people are embracing this wonderful culture is by teaching English. There are many organizations offering jobs to native English speakers. They provide the opportunity to live and work throughout Spain. You teach English language and culture at a local school and in return, receive a unique and captivating experience.

Teach English in Spain

Spanish education is investing in native English speakers to improve the quality of young language speakers. The benefits go both ways. Schools get a native accent and a personal, cultural perspective, to improve the teaching of English to students. You get to live and work in Spain, and experience the joy of teaching and developing young minds.

Learn the language

Possibly one of the greatest advantages of these programs – you don’t necessarily need to speak Spanish. Indeed, you are often encouraged not to. Schools want language assistants to consistently talk in English and immerse the students in the native speech. That means your existing Spanish skills can be at zero, and no one will mind.

A job in a country where you can’t speak the language is always an ideal situation. Not only does it allow you to travel and earn money but gives you the chance to live and learn a language in a native environment. When surrounded by the voices of the culture, you will find the language much easier to learn.

No theoretical lessons. No artificial situations. Just raw, authentic local and cultural experience.

What better way to learn a language?

Immersive way to explore the culture

By working with, and surrounded by, Spanish people daily, you immerse yourself in the culture. You will practice everyday conversations by living in the country. Every time you visit a shop, a café, a bar, you will challenge yourself to learn something new.

You will also learn about the lives of Spanish children, and discover the education system and social dynamics of Spain. Be part of the structure, rather than witnessing it. You get the opportunity to influence and inspire the next generation of Spanish culture. It is the immediate experience of culture. Eventually, your everyday life becomes a Spanish everyday life.

The language will slip into your way of thinking. The culture will slip into your way of being.

Professional experience

Learning the culture and the language is great, but these are still jobs. They are a big challenge, as well as opportunity, and require a lot of hard work. In return, you get an abundance of professional experience.

The wage of a language assistant varies. However, you always have the opportunity to live comfortably in your new environment. As well as a salary, you receive an interesting and impressive addition to your CV. Future jobs will consider the dedication and vibrancy of working abroad an excellent quality.

Many of these jobs also ask for little teaching experience. Therefore, teaching in Spain is a great first step on the path to a career in education. They offer a learn-on-the-job mentality, yet support you along the way. Many programs also come with a completed TEFL certificate on completion. Teaching English as a Foreign Language has its own whole set of possibilities. Holding this qualification is a passport to living and working all over the world. If you can teach English, you can travel almost anywhere.

Personal experience

As well as professional experience, you also receive an abundance of personal experience. With the rise of globalization and the increasing ease of travel, traveling is becoming more accessible. And for a good reason. Staying in a small sphere of hometowns is a lot less common. With this accessibility, it seems a shame not to embrace it. Teaching English in Spain is an amazing experience. You should take it when the opportunity arrives. There are limitless benefits. The personal challenge and following lessons will be inspirational.

The internet is full of blogs telling personal stories of language assistants. All of them rave about the unique perspective the experience inspired. All of them encourage people to do the same thing: to explore and discover the beauty of Spain by teaching English abroad.

Don’t travel, live

As more and more people fall in love with travel every day, travelers are looking for fresh, original ways to experience new cultures. Teaching English in Spain is an excellent way to push travel to the next level.

To travel is to pass through a country. It is a snapshot of culture. Often, we get a general idea of a place with infinite potential and box it up in our heads as another location ticked off the list. But cultures and countries deserve much more than this.

Travel is fantastic. However, to pass through somewhere is not giving time to the potential of a place. To live and work somewhere is a different story. This is what teaching English in Spain offers – the fulfillment of potential. You get the rare opportunity to embrace a culture thoroughly. You don’t get the finished, idealized version reserved for tourists. Instead, you see all the good and sometimes all the bad of a place. There is no pressure of where to go, what to see, how to experience. You discover everything for yourself – and have the time to do so properly.

Fulfill your potential

Teaching English fulfills potential on many levels. It encourages your language skills. It inspires your career. It motivates your travel. It is easy to find language assistant opportunities online. Do your research and find one that is right for you. Read blogs and articles that promote the goodness of these jobs. Ask for advice for those who have lived and worked abroad. Work out where you want to live. Or be spontaneous, and go wherever the job takes you. Give it a chance; discover the joy, beauty, and potential, and teach English in Spain.


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