There are up to 7000 different languages spoken on planet Earth, so how much of them do you speak? Have you thought about learning a new one eventually? In case you have, have you wondered how you’re going to learn a new language? Let us give you some cool suggestions.

Why should I learn a new language?

Many people keep asking themselves this simple question. The thing is: knowing how to speak several languages in life is useful and cool. Having the opportunity to communicate with people from different cultures, coming from different parts of the world is quite an amazing experience and knowing a few languages other than your mother tongue can help you achieve that. Understanding what people want to tell you and being able to reply opens the doors to a new world, wider horizons that guarantee a ton of amazing experiences.

Another reason why you should learn a new language is to be more appreciated and valued as a person, plus you must admit – it’s an interesting thing to do and it makes you feel good. Anyways, if you decide to learn a new language, you might instantly throw away the idea since you don’t find the standard way of learning a new language amusing, nor effective. Or you’re simply not flexible with time to attend scheduled classes at a private language school. Whatever the reason may be, you have to be sure that all is not lost and you shouldn’t give up on the idea to learn a new language, because we’re going to suggest you four interesting ways how to learn a new language. Check out the following suggestions:

  1. Sign up for some online platforms

Thanks to technology, knowledge has come many steps closer to people and is now available online, only a click away from our curious minds. If you’re eager to spend some time dedicated to learning a new language, but you’re either too lazy to leave the comfort of your home in search for knowledge or you don’t think you can afford to pay a language course right now, then there’s a great opportunity waiting for you online. As you might have heard, there are plenty of online platforms that can help you easily in the process of acquiring a new language. Usually, these platforms offer their services for a low price or for free, so it’s a great way to learn something new while keeping your hands away from your pocket. Do your search, and you will easily find at least a few online platforms offering such services.

  1. Start using smartphone applications

Since we already mentioned how technology had become a great part of our lives and influences almost all the activities we deal with on a daily basis, we find it useful to present yet another effective tool for learning a new language – a mobile application that will help you learn the language you want to speak. Nowadays, there is rarely a person not having a mobile phone in this world, and with the great development of mobile software and the invention of the numerous mobile applications, there’s an app for everything, as well as learning a new language. The great thing about these applications is that they enable you a fun way of learning a language you desire by filling the “lost” time while you’re in the bus for example or waiting in a queue at the bank.

  1. Use audio books, watch cartoons and listen to foreign music

Mixing entertainment with knowledge is the right thing to do, and the biggest proof of this are the children – they learn so fast just by watching cartoons and listening to songs for kids. So, if you’re willing to learn a new language, maybe this way you’ll find it to be the most efficient. What you have to do is simply download some audio books and music albums on your mp3 player recorded in the language you would like to learn and let the fun begin. Listening to songs and stories in a foreign language can make you fall in love with it easily, other than the fact that you will listen to a normal communication and the right pronunciation of words in the language you’re willing to learn.

As for the cartoons and movies, it is always useful to watch something in the foreign language you like to learn, however, don’t overestimate yourself and start big like watching movies that are based on communication on a higher level. If you’re a beginner, it is always good to start watching some simple cartoons, since that’s how children learn a new language from their early ages. If you have a child in your family, then watching cartoons with him/her will guarantee you a lot of fun and knowledge.

  1. Spend some time abroad

If you’re about to live for some time abroad, it’s always nice and useful for you to learn the language that it is spoken in the country you’ll be permanently staying. Other than the previously mentioned reasons, it is logical that you would wish to learn the language so that you can understand what’s going on around you and will eventually be able to communicate with the world around you. Since your wish for learning a new foreign language may be caused by existential reasons, the process itself might be even more effective than the process of learning just because you want to learn a new language. This is because you hear people talking around you on a daily basis, so you want to learn something more about the culture and lifestyle of the people living there, and you simply want to feel like you belong, even just for a bit. That is why at first you start learning some phrases used for greetings and other used sentences that get stuck in your head easily. Depending on your wish to learn the language, the complexity of it and the length of your stay abroad, you’ll start slow, but you will learn a lot as time passes by.

When it comes to learning a new language, starting from the bottom can be hard, but it always pays off later on. Whichever method of learning you choose, the key to success is to be patient and work hard.


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