It’s summer time and we’re all planning our perfect vacation, impatiently waiting for the time to come so we can dig our toes in the sand and rest our heads under the sun. However, not all vacations mean that you have to go to the beach and spend your work-free days relaxing. Sometimes you need to devote to your state of wellbeing and put some effort in cleaning up your organism and feeling good again. Have you thought about booking detox retreats so far?

What’s the ideal detox retreat?

If you’re willing to be healthy and happy, then you should take proper care of your organism. The process of detoxification helps you achieve this, and it doesn’t always have to be a long and suffering process. Detox actually stands for the measures people take in a given period of time to get rid of the various toxins in the body and the unhealthy substances. It may sound strange, but people engage in such processes more and more each day. So what type of detox retreat should you choose?

Unfortunately, there is not a single right answer to this question, but it rather depends on the needs and wishes of the person. It depends if you’re more an active or a lazy person, there are different types of activities you can take part into. However, what most people like is a right combination of yoga sessions, an excellent diet, and relaxing massage. This sounds pretty sweet already, but what will motivate you to go through with your detoxification is probably the surrounding and the people joining you for the ride. That’s why it is crucial to choose a destination and a retreat that you find relaxing and inspiring at the same time. Luckily, detox retreats are organized at plenty of mesmerizing destinations, so it’s up to you to choose whether you prefer spending some time in the mountains, in the woods, at the beach or someplace else.

Pick the most efficient detox retreats for you

Are you looking for a way to best get in touch with your inner harmony? Do you feel like spending a few days surrounded by people that will help you clean your body and soul, help you restart yourself and prepare for the new challenges in life? Can you think of the ideal destination you would go to practice some spiritual yoga and enjoy the process of removal of toxins? Well, you might have some clue about all this, but why risk and face a probable disappointment?

Detox vacation

Since we don’t feel comfortable with leaving you confused, we made a bit of a research and found a few options for some fabulous detox retreats that will blow your mind. Care to see what we have prepared for you? Have a look and don’t forget to book one of these detox retreats:

7 days spiritual yoga detox retreat in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is such an inspiring temple to visit, located in Siem Reap – Cambodia. It is one of the top tourist attractions of Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world. Luckily, Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center has made it possible for you to have the perfect vacation that consists of relaxation and regeneration. 7 days spent at this place will enlighten you, as you, together with the other participants and instructors, will try to make a dramatic shift in your life. The agenda for the seven days of regeneration is busy but exciting. It consists of various and many yoga sessions, healthy meals and detox drinks, enjoyable meditations and enough free time to explore the surrounding. And for the instructors, there’s nothing to worry about, as they are professional, friendly and open to help you achieve the maximum pleasure of your detox retreats.

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4 days detox and yoga retreat in Spain

Spain is one of the most wanted destinations in Europe when it comes to deciding on where to spend your summer holiday. Believe it or not, this magnificent piece of land is simply spectacular; it steals your heart from the very first moment you arrive there. Spain is incredible, and there are plenty of cities you can visit that will confirm this statement.

You’ve probably already been planning on visiting Spain one day, so here is the perfect opportunity for you – 4 days of constant detox and yoga pleasure in the Yoga Retreats in Moraira, a place not far from the enchanting Alicante. The great thing about this resort is that the yoga sessions are adapted to the proper levels of the participants. Among the other benefits, guests of this retreat will have the pleasure to improve their health by tasting some delicious Mediterranean specialties. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to spend the nights in a typical Spanish style boutique accommodation and enjoy your free time exploring the magnificent landscape. You’ll be satisfied by the daily walk along the coastal path or mountains of the Costa Blanca – it’s amazing!

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7 days detox and yoga retreat in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

When in doubt – travel to North America and book a yoga and detox retreat that will make you feel alive again! Don’t know where to look for such a facility? Why don’t you take a look at the one we found for you in Puerto Escondido, the Mexican state of Oaxaca?

The Sanctuary Yoga Retreat is inviting you to eliminate the harmful toxins in your body and participate in a fun and empowering detox program. This organized vacation offers you an unforgettable time, where you can enjoy in the process of cleansing your body with various natural fresh juices, raw food, and some delicious coconut water. From improvement of the digestion and revitalization of the spirit to balancing your hormones and increasing your energy level, this retreat will become your personal guidance for natural healing, and you will feel the results right away.

The yoga and meditation classes will show you how to search deeper for your inner harmony and find peace. Apart from the daily activities, the agenda also includes some interesting night activities such as evening gatherings that focus on sharing sacred songs, meditation and heart circle. Enjoy your time at the Mexican Pacific Ocean with one of the best detox retreats in this region.

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Why should your next vacation be all about detox?

The busy everyday life sometimes fools us into thinking that we are all well and happy, while following some tips for eating clean and being healthy. However, we often lose track of the last time we tried to exercise and take real care of ourselves, which is why booking such detox retreats for a few days of detox and yoga vacation can be an energy booster and spirit revitalized. Also, you will get the chance to spend a few days with professionals that will guide you to your state of well-being and teach you how to stay healthy in life.

Meditating at detox retreat

Eager to get rid of the toxins in your body and mind? Ready for a detox that will improve your wellbeing and prepare you for the upcoming challenges of life? Then pick some of these incredible retreats and let them guide you to a better health and state of mind. All three of them are unusual and exciting in their way, with an agenda designed especially for your needs. Book your trip and start preparing for your greatest detox vacation yet.


  1. I definitely need this at the moment! Too much bad food and booze! I’m actually heading to Mexico next year, so might have to look into doing the detox then. Do most detox retreats include yoga and meditations? I’m a fan of both so would definitely like to combine all three.

    • Yes, too much booze and food all year round is not the best for a human being. Instead of drinking and eating during holidays you can choose to detox instead. Detoxing, Yoga and meditation, they are all different, but they all concentrate on the human being and health. A combination is a perfect idea to get the most out of your holiday. Let us know your Mexico experience!

  2. Thank you for sharing! In a world run by stress and the daily activities of life are bogging everyone down, the idea of taking a detox & wellness retreat is something that everybody should give thought to.


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