Anyone who has traveled to Spain will know the lasting impact it has, but might not know the details of its culture. That is what we are here to offer – specific and random insight. Read ahead to find out the best fun facts about Spain.

Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world

If you’re visiting Spain, be sure to pick up on some of the languages. The rewards are constant and will allow you to travel all over the globe. Second only to Chinese, Spanish is the most spoken language in the world. Want to know exactly where you can travel with the Spanish language? Wait for it…

Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua Peru, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Panama, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Guatemala and Equatorial Guinea.

Fun fact about Spain? It’s beautiful language will take you all over the world.

Spain hosts the world’s oldest restaurant

Located in the heart of Spain, in the capital of Madrid, there lies the oldest restaurant in the world. It has been going since 1725. Be sure to visit this epitomizing place of Spanish heritage. As one of the oldest nations in Europe, its hardly surprising it has the oldest restaurant. The history of its culture is endless.

Restaurante Botin is full of delicious food, as well as national heritage. Want to try the most quintessential dishes in Spain? This is the place to go. They specialize in traditional Spanish dishes. Try out the conchinillo asado and roasted lamb for the best food Spain has to offer. 

The Sagrada Família still isn’t finished

The Sagrada Família is one of the most easily recognizable and iconic churches in the world. It has been for the last 130 years. Yet it still isn’t finished. For ears, it has acted as a tourist attraction of Barcelona. It is even an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. The end date of construction is not for another 10 years, expected in 2026. Visit the incredible basilica so that you can always say you saw one of the greatest pieces of architecture in the world during its construction.

The National Anthem has no words

The national anthem of Spain is called the March Real, or “Royal March.” Only three other countries in the world have no lyrics to their national anthems. And as it plays on for 52 seconds, the people of Spain merely stand and listen, absorbing the song – wordless. 

Legal Nudity

One thing you didn’t know about Spain? It’s perfectly legal to be nude in public. Indeed, the mass amounts of nude beaches encourage it. They are very popular to visit. It is understandable, as with over 3,000 hours of sun every year, sunbathing is a popular past time. Embrace the local culture. Spaniards are by no means shy. 

Grapes on New Years

One of the most fun facts of Spain is an annual occurrence. It is a tradition of New Year’s Eve to eat 12 grapes on the strikes of midnight. In general, NYE in Spain is a fun experience. Fiestas, cervezas and amigos – and, randomly, grapes.

Originally a way to sell enormous amounts of grapes, the marketing scheme worked, and it is now a national tradition.

Spanish people have two Last names

It is common to have two last names in Spain. The surname of your mother and father. While some enjoy the retaining of the woman’s name, others argue against the favoritism of the man. New gender equality laws are changing the tradition to favor the woman’s name. Either way, it is an old tradition and a complete way of representing personal heritage.

You give a book to the one you love

Perhaps your wouldn’t expect Spain to celebrate St George’s Day. Well, they do. The patron saint of England is celebrated on his feast day in a unique and beautiful way. In Barcelona, the tradition is particularly strong. On 23rd April every year, people are encouraged to buy a rose, a book, or indeed both for their loved one. La Rambla, the main street of the city, is lined with flower stalls on one side and books on the other. Join the tradition! It’s great way to pass on books and give a gesture. 

No Tooth Fairy

There is not a tooth fairy in Spain, as is the norm for most western countries. Instead, children’s teeth are collected by a small mouse. In a similar way, she leaves a gift or small amount of money under the pillow. The mouse is called Ratoncito Pérez. 

World’s richest football team

This fun fact is possibly the best known. Most people know the wealth and success of Real Madrid. Worth an astonishing $3.3 billion, they are the richest football team in the world. Their popularity is similarly high. Football is a religion in Spain, and for many, Real Madrid is their idol. It is also a popular team in other Spanish speaking countries. 

Spain loved olive oil

Well known fun fact of Spain? They love olive oil. Less known fun fact of Spain? They produce more than half of all the olive oil in the world. Any travelers to the country will know the iconic scenery of its nature – made up of miles of olive trees. The southern area of Andalusia is the key producer. 1.5 million tons ever year. Move over Italy. You only need to order breakfast at a café, and you will realize how much olive oil is a part of the culture. No piece of bread is left in-drizzled in the stuff. The average person in Spain will consume 14 liters a year.

If you think 1.5 million is a lot – double it to get the amount of wine production in Spain. 3.3 million tons are produced annually. Spain is the third largest wine producer in the world. Unlimited olive oil and wine – what more could you want?

A country full of natural beauty and history

OK, perhaps not a “fun” fact, but this is definitely an easily forgotten one.  Many are quick to dismiss the country as a nation-best for beaches and holidays. Spain is so much more than its sun and sand. Which, of course, is still amazing.

The country is home to 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. That makes it the third most heritage-filled country in the world.  It is one of the oldest destinations in Europe, hosting ancient art, architecture, and cityscapes beyond compare. That is not even mentioning the natural beauty of Spain. National parks cover the country, with mountains, valleys, coastlines, and countryside all fantastic creating environments. Many of these are home to magnificent wildlife.

You can even ski in the Sierra Nevada.

There are many other fun facts about Spain out there. The best way to find out? Go to Spain! You will never regret visiting this beautiful country. If you have any more, be sure to let us know!


  1. Wow, I didn’t know most of these facts! I love the idea of a mouse collecting children’s teeth instead of the tooth fairy – it actually is a bit more believable as well. I know the Spanish national anthem, and I never picked up that there were no words, and it’s so short.


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