Joy can be found in the little things in life, which is why we are eager to share with you the ultimate recipe for happiness. It consists mainly of various flavors of ice cream, but they come with a twist! Instead of just tasting a regular scoop of the famously frozen wonder in a cup or a cone, take the courage to try out what might become one of your favorite desserts ever. Already drooling over the very thought of a delicious ice cream specialty? Then take a look at the following ones, you won’t be able to wait patiently enough to try them out.

Fried Ice Cream

Such a delicious dessert, this unusual specialty is created from a breaded scoop of ice cream that is quickly fried. The pastry is surrounding the ice cream that stays cold and unmelted for sometimes forms a crispy shell around it, providing a crunchy and delicious gastronomical experience. An interesting thing about this type of dessert is the place of origin. Officially, there is no particular place of origin of this delightful snack. However, there are several conflicting stories, some of them explaining how the fried ice cream was first served during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, where the favorite sundae was also invented. Other associate it with different turns of events. However, this dessert is most often served and thus related to the Asian cuisine. You can find it on the menu in various Japanese, Chinese and Polynesian restaurants.

Fried Ice Cream

Macaron ice cream sandwich

People throughout the world are simply in love with the exclusive French cookie called macaron. This dessert is served in various colors and different tastes, adequate for everyone. Despite the great wine and delicious cheese, most visitors can’t wait to try out an original macaron once they step their foot in France. But what would you say to a macaron ice cream sandwich? Well, this masterpiece of dessert is not invented in France, even though that’s the country of origin of the macarons. The place of origin of this specialty is not known, but what most people recommend is to try it in Los Angeles, since there you will find the best Macaron ice cream sandwich ever! So, good luck with your search.

Macaron ice cream sandwich


Ever heard of “churros,” one of the most delicious streets sweet foods? Well, if you have been to Spain then you have probably seen or even tried a portion of churros, a delight in a small package. Well apparently the Spanish people needed an additional ingredient to sweeten up their sales of churros, so they came up with a churros bun with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Since the customers loved the taste of it, the people from La Lola Churreria decided to make the Churroreo, improving the dessert into an Oreo flavored one. And we all know how crazy people are for Oreo flavored snacks. If you care to try out the Churroreo, then head off to La Rambla, Barcelona’s most famous street.

Ice Cream Burger and Burrito

If a simple ice cream sandwich did not impress you, then prepare your stomach because it’s time for an ice cream burger and burrito! We agree that it might sound a bit weird, but it is tasty as heaven. Army Navy Burger + Burrito is the provider responsible for such a delightful gastronomical experience. And it’s a specialty you should try out.

Elephant ice cream

People do not always consume food because of its incredible taste, but also because they find the shape, the decoration or the way it’s served and eaten interesting. This is where we present you the elephant nose ice cream that will blow your mind away. It’s tasty; that’s for sure. However, people love consuming this type of dessert just because it looks like an elephant’s nose. This creation comes from and can be tried out in Zou-No-Hana Cafe in Yokohama, Japan. People describe this dessert as an unusual thing to eat, but funny and delicious. After all, the name of the coffee place takes upon the words for “elephant nose,” so there’s no way you can find someone that is better at making such specialty.

Ice Cream Waffle-wiches

Now, this is something you have probably come across eventually. It is a similar concept to the ice cream burger, except you can find your incredibly delicious frozen yogurt in between two pieces of waffles. But the magic doesn’t stop here. The whole dessert is decorated with sprinkles, exotic fruits, chocolate, everything you can think of that might make the dessert even better. And the best part is – you can find it in a lot of places in the USA. Just go to a regular pastry and let the wonder of the waffle-wiches blow your mind. It’s a lot of sugar to process – but the taste of the aroma is irreplaceable.

Ice Cream Wafflewiches


This is a rather unusual sweet recipe, mainly because its name means “Ice Cream spaghetti” and it looks that way. It looks like you have put a scoop of stracciatella onto a plate of spaghetti. And it’s something that Germans came up with! Well, it’s an invention by an Italian guy that worked and lived in Manheim, Germany. However, this special dish is now spread throughout the whole country and even in some gelaterias and restaurants around the world.

Anyways, don’t be confused – this is not a dessert made actually of pasta and some frozen flavored yogurt. The spaghetti looking dessert is made out of vanilla flavored ice cream that is created using a special kitchen device called Spätzlepresse. The ice cream that is put on the ice spaghetti is a regular scoop, sometimes made in the form and color of a meatball. It does look like you’re eating a plate of spaghetti.


Well, what do you know! There are delightful ice cream specialties all over the world, and we are wasting our time on tasting regularly frozen sherbet. So many things to consume and so little time – make sure to put these incredibly tasty specialties and organize a tour of gastronomical satisfaction.


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