Have you ever dreamed of being so far apart from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? That you want to be on one of the world’s smallest inhabited islands just to escape it all? Running errands, finishing chores, doing things that equate to unhappiness. Maybe, just maybe, the secret to happiness is escaping from the demanding nature of busy modern day culture. Where people you despise surround you, and instead, locating to an island completely detached from civilization as we know it.

Just think about the positivity it would bring to your life! Every day you would be awoken by gorgeous island views.  You’ll be staring into seas that roll on for miles, and the sound of waves breaking upon the shore. You’d spend your days with a tight-knit community, and fascinating history and reminders of cultured pasts. Perhaps it’s time to stop daydreaming about what might be and what might not be; let go of your commitments and start living! Here is a selection of gorgeous islands with an abundance of humans. You’ll find them scattered around our planet and they’ll tickle your taste buds for desolate island life. Let’s have a look at the smallest inhabited islands in the world:

Tristan da Cunha is one of the smallest inhabited islands

Geographically, this densely populated is literally the most remote island in the world. It is a total of 2,000 miles away from any other inhabited area of land. This speck of an island lies between South America and Africa, in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. It has a grand population total of 301, who all possess one of 8 surnames that exist in the Isle! Despite there being no real way of accessing or leaving the island, the inhabitants of Tristan da Cunha are pretty civilized, considering they literally live in the middle of nowhere.

Tristan lies upon an active volcano. Just like any other country, has Tristan its own functioning government. Interestingly, inhabitants of this desolate island have adapted British Postal Codes, due to intense battles and ownership issues in history. Those who live here are considered British citizens. This means if they want that brand new CD or trendy fashion item, they can have it ordered to the island. Hence, it takes a lot longer than we, in a world of vast service delivery, would be satisfied with.

Tristan da Cunha

Isola Tiberina

You’d never expect an island to pop up in the middle of a modern day, industrialized city. But there is the exception of the Isola Tiberina. This island lies in the Tiber River, which runs through the Italian capital city of Roma. This city based on a boat-shaped island is bursting with enchanting myths and legends. How the formation of the island took place is one of its most famous legends.  formed. Legend has it that when they threw Tyrant Tarquinius Superbus into the River of Tiber in revolt, the island rose up from the ground.

Isola Tiberina in Rome, Italy

From 293 BC, people consider that Isola Tiberina is almost a haven of spirituality, healing, and the presence of a supreme divine power. Its use then became more sinister in the Middle Ages. It became a prison for criminals and those who were rejected from society to be kept separate. In modern day tourism, Isola Tiberina is one of the most romantic and enchanting locations in the world; it is only accessible by Rome’s oldest standing bridge, not far from Capitoline Hill. Wander around the stunning scenery, enjoy the succulent sights, and explore historical aspects, like the tenth-century basilica that still stands proudly.


Nauru is the world’s most small, independent island that is legally a country. Located in the Pacific Ocean, a whopping 1,800 miles northeast of Australia, Nauru is a British colony that doubles up as the world’s smallest republic. At a minuscule 8 square miles and a demanding population of 10,000, Nauru has often received bad publicity regarding issues such as overcrowding and poor distribution of resources. Sadly, Nauru suffers an immensely weak economy and is desperately dependent on aid, predominately from Australia. There is around 90% of unemployment on the island of Nauru, and those of which are mostly working for the government.


The island is rich in natural resources, and the primary form of income stems from the mining industry. Aside from this tiny island’s perhaps negative statistics, it is physically one of the most stunning islands in the continent, with its clear blue waters and white sandy beaches, perfect for days chilling and relaxing in the sun. In fact, Nauru is the third smallest country in the world, with the likes of Monaco and the Vatican City just beating it ever so slightly!

Easter Island

Easter Island is one of the smallest inhabited islands and famous for its similar stone head figures. It is a thriving tourist destination because of this. But a lot of people are unaware of how desolate it truly is. Easter Island lies in the southern Pacific Ocean. It’s technically off of Chile, though a mega 2,200 miles apart, the island measures of to approximately 64 square miles. The most notorious aspect of Easter Island is its famous Easter Island heads. A massive 900 of them occupy the teeny tiny island. Tourists flock like cattle to this remote location to get a taste of the magic and uncover the mysterious nature of how and why theses carvings were here in the first place.

Easter Island and its famous Stone Head Figures

The enigmatic and curiously intriguing charm of the island forms a multitude of philosophical questions in visitors and professionals minds alike; how did these formations arrive here? What is their purpose? There is an endless quantity of theories and ideas about why and how the heads got to Easter Island. How they were created or transported, but it is an undeniable truism that they have played an enormous influence upon culture. Violent volcanic eruptions formed the island, which is still visible in its landscape today. The island thrives off of tourism, giving it an entirely unstoppable economy.

Suwarrow Atoll

Suwarrow Atoll is one of the most idyllic and smallest inhabited islands in the world. It is also part of the Cook Islands. Besides, this island has been the subject of great discovery and endless exploration throughout history. Suwarrow Atoll is almost like an object of constant desire, being at the hands of many explorers, similar to a taste of paradise once achieved. Over time, it has got various names and occupancy, ranging from a string of European and Russian explorers, though in the 1950s, it became officially owned by New Zealand-based, Tom Neall.

Suwarrow Atoll

The island is a mere 1,300 square feet in size. It’s only accessible by private yacht, providing it with that desirable status of luxuriously unreachable. Interestingly, the island only has two inhabitants, the two caretakers that maintain it during certain intervals of the year. They relocate to the island with their families, enjoying their laid back yet responsible job of caring for a world treasure. Suwarrow Atoll also is home to over 1 million seabirds. You’ll also find a multitude of other rare and exotic creatures, making it a truly irresistible paradise for nature lovers.


This island is exquisitely remote, yet full of life and tourism to a moderate extent. Surin lies just 55km off the coast of Thailand. Explore all of what exotic natural beauty has to offer you, and nothing is impossible. Surin Archipelago is a teeny 320 km, with immense bio-diversity and also lovingly wildlife, which you can actually get up close and personal with. There are many tourist activities on offer in Surin. For example, snorkeling in shallow coral reefs, where you can get an eye full of underwater magic and charm. Or, if you have more experience, take a priceless scuba diving adventure into the great depths of this prime location’s waters. From the depths, you can witness everything from shark and rays, all the way to chilled out turtles.

Surin Archipelago, Thailand

Experience rustic charm in the island’s town of Kuraburi, which beholds a busy port and flourishing markets, all complimented by the laid back atmosphere and slow paced style of life. In recent years, Surin has become a developing tourist destination. And it os one of the most popular smallest inhabited islands. People are becoming more cognizant of Surin’s stunning charm and attitude to life, and with the overwhelming choice of activities to partake in. Also, experience firsthand incredible wildlife, such as Flora and Fauna.


Foula is an entirely remote island, which is part of the Shetland Islands, just north of Scotland. Foula’s population is dense, with approximately 30 inhabitants, who all make a living off of wool production and fishing. Foula has a varied history, dating back to the 1500s, Scotland colonized it, but in today’s world, it still continues a strong Nordic culture and persistence in tradition. Foula’s remote scenery is a massive pull factor for tourists seeking an escape to isolation. With its sublime scenery and dramatic landscapes, Foula truly is, therefore, a place where you can unwind and escape from it all.

Foula Island

Alternatively known as ‘Bird Island,’ the importance of nature plays also a substantial role in the Island’s heritage; there is an abundance of rare wildlife that helps it to conserve a beautiful array of nature. If you fancy a trip away that distances you from all forms of distraction, and people, Foula is undeniably a place you should look into taking a trip to; you’ll certainly feel refreshed! Just wrap up warm!

These remote, desolate yet intriguingly beautiful smallest inhabited islands will enchant you, and perhaps find inspiration to vacate to one, or perhaps, even relocate to one! The majority of these islands are bursting with long-lasting traditions and a persistence of cultural heritage and widely accepting communities, you’d feel right at home in the middle of nowhere! If you enjoyed this smallest inhabited islands article, share it amongst friends, family….or anyone else you may come across!


  1. These are beautiful! I don’t think I could ever live like this though. It is very isolated. I mean, don’t get me wrong.. Walking up to those beautiful views each day has to be a treat but I think even the most tropical people would grow tired of it after awhile. I would not mind staying on one of these islands for a vacation though!

  2. You write that Nauru is a British colony that doubles up as an independent republic. That is incorrect; how could a country be a colony and a republic at the same time? Nauru is a republic that achieved independence in 1968; before that it was a United Nations Trusteeship administered by Australia. Today it is a member of the United Nations and of the Commonwealth. It was never a British colony.

    You should be aware that there is no such thing today as a British colony. The UK possesses fourteen Overseas Territories, only one of which is located in the Pacific Ocean: Pitcairn Islands, population about 54.

    Please be accurate with your information about remote islands.


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