London is a uniquely irresistible city, which is built upon a renowned royal monarchy and edgy, hip fashion trends. Tourists from across the world flock to take back merely a glimpse of its eternal charm, with its grand architecture and hustle and bustle nature, London is a place thriving with endless opportunities and adventures. Its split nature between big city image and rustic exterior accompany it with that ambiguous feel when visiting; you never know what to expect in London, which is exactly the way it should be. In winter months and summer months alike, this English city hotspot is bursting with flavor and things to do; in summer, London boasts a plentiful sum of outdoor events and concerts, whereas in winter, its classic English charm is revived and projected for all to experience. Thus, discover London’s top hotspots with this detailed list of its finest and unmissable locations for you to check out this autumn.

Covent Garden

Explore a range of independent and quirky shops and delicious restaurants in this highly atmospheric, indoor arcade. Spend the afternoon shopping around your typical high street stores, which Covent Garden is hardly lacking, and splash out on some well-deserved retail therapy. Grab a bite to eat at one of many restaurants that Covent garden boasts; in the covered section, you can sit and eat outside…but still inside! Covent Garden is always lovely with a rich array of street entertainers; witness crowds of people basking over the wonderful magic tricks these magicians can perform, and experience such a vibrant atmosphere you’ll find nowhere else in the world.


Piccadilly Circus

This miniature version of Times Square in New York, has all the added touches of England to it; its royal style of buildings envelop the big bright lights that project incessant advertisements to a flock of onlookers. Despite the fact that you are merely just looking at adverts for big name brands, there is something special about Piccadilly Circus. Seated in the heart of London, this busy square is full of life, and an immense volume of traffic, as it is the center point of 5 connecting main roads. Spend an evening perched upon Shaftesbury Memorial fountain, simply watching the world go by at a hurry.


Piccadilly Circus

London Eye

Admire and be astonished by the overwhelmingly endless views of the vast city skyline. Located on the south bank of the river Thames, this humongous Ferris wheel moves ever so slowly, allowing visitors to bask in the joys of London’s views for as long as possible. At the grand height of 413ft tall, it was officially the world’s biggest Ferris wheel, as of 1999 when it was first erected. Before the construction of the sky scraping shard, which was erected in 2013, the London eye was also the highest viewing point in London, making it a hotspot for tourists.


Tower of London

Discover the history of Britain’s monarchy from Tudors to modern day royals. Experience the rich history that dominated the Tower of London over time, neigh it’s secrets of a dark past, beheadings and gruesome ghosts, to its pride and joy, the royal crown on show. Enjoy a scenic walk around the castle grounds, that were once so gruesome, but now project tranquil views and well-kept gardens. A day out to the Tower of London is one that has it all and appeals to everyone; you can learn about the rich collection of history that the tower guides you with, enjoy a joyful stroll, and experience gorgeous views of the River Thames.


Buckingham palace

Home place of royal sovereigns since 1837, Buckingham palace still thrives today in historic traditions and tourism. The royal palace holds an extraordinary 775 rooms, ranging from royal rooms, to guest and staff rooms; it is the core centerpiece of British Royal monarchy and everything it represents. Royal ceremonies are held here, and also royal announcements, such as in recent news, the birth of royal princes and princesses. Tourists crowd amongst each other outside the royal gates of the palace, gazing in awe as its superior grandeur and importance in Britain and the rest of the world. Make sure you check it out; the palace and the grounds itself are stunning, and bursting with life.


Palace of Westminster

Discover one of London’s most iconic buildings, and one of the most important and significant structures in Britain. Experience years of history, architecture, artwork and politics, all under one stunning roof. This neo-gothic masterpiece is where major decisions are made, from the House of Lords and the House of Commons, all agreements and disagreements are formed here. Guided tours are available for those interested, where you will be shown around the grounds and discover the rich array of interesting details of history, such as Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot. Also, whilst you’re here, admire the almighty clock-tower of Big Ben, which is hugely iconic and synonymous of London.


If you’re looking for an exciting trip to London and are keen on checking off all of the sights to see, this list pretty much sums up the most iconic of many. However, with London, you are able to discover new things with every corner that you turn; everywhere in this incredible city has something magnificent to offer you and for you to discover. The streets are filled with surprises and intriguing quirks and perks; the city will leave you craving its presence for a lifetime. London is waiting for you, so hurry up and meet it!


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