Music is a big part of our lives, and there’s rarely a day passing by that we don’t feel the presence of it around us. For some, it’s just a regular thing they listen to, while for others it might be an addiction or even a career their whole life depends on. However, no matter what the reason for listening to some good music might be, people always seem to look for a way to satisfy their senses with some pleasant live music performances from time to time.

For this purpose, we often enjoy going to concerts and festivals, places where we feel and connect with the music. However, not always is the location of the manifestation a good one and that can have a harmful impact on our overall experience. That’s why for example, instead of just waiting for your favorite band to come to town and get the tickets as soon as possible, you should also take into account the place where the concert is taking place so that you know you’re in for the ultimate sound experience.

Concert halls

Apart from the large sports centers and buildings where numerous concerts are held throughout the whole year, the real melodic experience can be recognized in the specially customized concert halls, designed for the primary purpose of creating a beautiful space and atmosphere for amazing live music performances. Now, you might have come across some concert halls like the one described before. However, we tried to find the most astonishing concert halls in the world that will bring you joy to every sense. Take a look at the following concert hall masterpieces:

Bridgewater Hall

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

This concert hall is not like the others you have seen in your life, as the main stage where the musicians are placed is not in front of the audience, but in the center of the hall, meaning there are seats for the public set all around the main stage. The designers of this concert hall believed that the audience should not be a passive observer of the magical musical events. On the contrary, they thought that the breathing and fidgeting of the public create more sounds than other background noises, leading to a better experience. This way, a person from the audience can never feel bored as they actively participate in the concert and the creation of something beautiful. If you get to visit this concert hall, don’t miss out on a fascinating tour of the Bridgewater Hall to hear more about the IRA bomb and its collateral damage on 15 June 1996, when it broke virtually every window in the City Centre. It’s interesting how due to the excellent isolation of the hall, the construction workers that were working then didn’t hear the explosion at all. If you get to witness the orchestra playing in this concert hall, it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Bridgewater Hall Manchester

Philharmonie de Paris

Location: Paris, France

This concert hall distinguishes itself from the others thanks to its remarkable interior. From the curvy balconies to the cloudy-like, new ceiling, everything about this place will make you feel magical. Now, just imagine including the wonderful live music in all this and prepare to be enchanted. Interesting is how the architect didn’t think only of the visual beauty of the interior, but also considered every shape and surface to provide enhancing sound reflections into the audience. Apart from the excellent performance, you can enjoy in this concert hall; there’s also a museum included that can help you get to know the history of music from the 17th century to today through the popular instruments that used to create it. This year, there will be many exciting festivals organized in the Philharmonie de Paris, like The Rising Stars concert series, String Quartet Biennial, Aix-en-Provence festival, Jazz a la Villette, Vocal Art Biennial and many others.

Teatro La Fenice

Photo: Flickr

Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Location: Tokyo, Japan

This grand concert hall is a dream for every passionate lover of music and every musician in the world. And if you enter the concert hall once, you will understand why – getting inside the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall is like going into a new world. Even though the concert hall is a conventional, rectangular hall, if you take a look up at the ceiling, you will notice it forms a giant distorted pyramid. The interesting thing about the design of the interior of this concert hall is that an auditorium such as the one in this concert hall ‘s hard to find. However, it has been proven that it can have excellent acoustics.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

A fascinating look on the outside, a single glance at the Walt Disney Concert Hall will leave you speechless. This concert hall is a true landmark of Los Angeles, and the credits for such a fascinating design go to the architect Frank Gehry. But the magical look of this concert hall doesn’t end here. Be prepared also to be mesmerized by the interior of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, as the state-of-the-art acoustics of the hardwood-paneled main auditorium will blow you away. The inside of the concert hall is enormous and spacious, having that wooden-classy look and the luxurious style of a prestigious concert hall.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Teatro La Fenice

Location: Venice, Italy

A concert hall in Italy is glamorous like it sounds – an extravagant interior, with excellent pieces of art and history incorporated into the design, making you feel like you’re going back in time. Well, Teatro La Fenice is nothing different than this. This beautiful opera house is known to be “the most famous and renowned landmark in the history of Italian theatre.” It’s a huge concert hall, where the seating capacity sums up to 1000 seats. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of the place where the magic happens, where works of the great composers Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, and Verdi were performed, where everyone forgets about the problems and just enjoys the performance completely?

Teatro La Fenice

Music, for many people, is what keeps them going and experiencing a high-quality music performance is of great value for music lovers. If you recognized yourself in this description, then it would be great if you take our advice and visit some of the concert halls we mentioned above. If you’re a passionate music lover, it will mean the world to you to be present at such an event, so don’t think twice – book a seat at some of these concert halls.


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