There are too many great European cities to list, all offering their own unique culture and enticing atmosphere. All provide different things – nightlife, history, contemporary culture, natural beauty, wonderful locals, and much, much more. From the largest and best known capitals to the small and hidden secret cities, there are countless European gems awaiting travellers. We have chosen a few of our select favourites for an in depth insight into what we believe are the best European cities to visit. 

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There is a unique energy to Barcelona that makes it many people’s favourite place. For so many things, Barcelona is the place to go. Foodie? Historian? Culture addict? Shopaholic? Its all here for you. If you want the beach, the nightlife, the tourist attractions, you can find it all in this wonderful place. Without a doubt, Barcelona is one of the best European cities to visit.


There are some things you simply cant miss on a visit to Barcelona. Be sure to witness the still-in-construction Sagrada Familia, the always busy La Rambla and spectacular Magic Fountain. This is a city of art as well as history, culture and energy. Park Guell is dedicated to the unique architectural artwork of the famous artists Gaudi. And the Picasso Museum is home to the works of one of the world’s favourite artists.

Spain is full of amazing cities – what is it that makes Barcelona different? For a start, you get to experience the culture of the province, Catalonia. Not only do you get the best of Spanish life but an insight into Catalan culture as well. That’s why Barcelona has its own distinct style and harbours its own unique personality. Barcelona isn’t exactly like the rest of Spain – and that’s a great thing!

But for the best of Spanish culture, you wont be disappointed. Tapas, beach, dancing until sunrise – its all waiting for you in Barcelona.


One of the best things about Zagreb is its combination of big and small. It has  many cultural events and attractions without being overwhelming. It is a large city, and the Croatia’s capital, yet still manages to retain a local feel. That’s what makes Zagreb unique, and what makes it one of the best European cities to visit.


Charming yet eventful. Cute yet exciting. Compact yet full of potential. The distinct feel of Zagreb is something you have to feel for yourself. And you won’t regret it once you step foot on these city streets. Zagreb contains countless cultural attractions in the form of museums, exhibitions, theatre and music performances. Some of out favourites include the dramatically beautiful Cathedral and the truly unique Museum of Broken Relationships. Yet so many of Zagreb’s gems are found around hidden corners and at the end of secret streets.

Some of the best of Zagreb is more obvious. For example, the large markets that fill the squares of the upper old town are difficult to miss – and one of the best features. Similarly the many beautiful parks scattered around the city are easy to find – and contribute greatly to its open and inviting feeling.

With most attractions in walking distance, friendly locals, a vast collection of relaxed bars and cafes, wide pedestrianised roads and cute cobbled streets, you will feel at home in Zagreb. No doubt, you will not want to leave. 


Berlin is the hipster haven of the continent and definitely one of the best European cities to visit. The capital of Germany, with a rich history, reputation as a party centre and residents who love to live there – Berlin has it all. You don’t have to be a partyer to appreciate Berlin. History is found around every corner. Good beer and food is in abundance. And people are always willing to talk to new faces. What else can this great European city offer?


Berlin is full of history. Käthe Kollwitz Museum, Neues Museum, Topography of Terror, Jewish Museum, Allied Museum, DDR Museum, Currywurst Museum…(just to name a few) are all museums waiting for you. And the museums are not the only signs of this city’s interesting past. The Berlin Wall, once a dividing structure, is now a work of art. Berliners have turned an old city into a modern haven of creativity.

When you’re in the capital of a country, you have the best opportunities to embrace its culture. Berlin might not fulfil the stereotypes as clearly as somewhere like Frankfurt or Munich, but you can still find an amazing beer and classic national dish within its streets. So grab a litre beer and a classic delicious Berlin doner and enjoy!

And finally yes – it is one of the best places for nightlife in the world. Musicians and DJs travel for the dream of playing in Germany’s capital and partyers travel to listen to their music. You can dance all night in the city, meet random people and find exclusive clubs. If you’re a fan of constant energy and excitement, you will find yourself returning to Berlin again and again.


Dublin inspires a pretty magical image in the mind of most travellers. A place of live music, late night pubs, good beer and friendly locals. And they are not far wrong. Dublin lives up to most expectations, definitely making it one of the best European cities to visit.


The cobbled streets of Dublin are full of more than just pubs, they hold a thousand year history of Ireland. Tourists can find much to explore in the city, with the impressive Cathedral and National Gallery of Ireland standing out as hot spots of local culture. Art galleries, theatre and music performances are all in abundance. But the stereotypical images of Dublin are fun to embrace too. For example, its almost compulsory to visit the Guinness Brewery and have a glass at the top observation deck looking over amazing panoramic Dublin views.

The best of Dublin is embraced in the pubs. They hold a character and charm unrivalled by any other European cities. And that’s saying something – Europe is full of great beer. Yet there is something about the atmosphere of a good Irish bar that is unbeatable. The spirit of the Irish is not so much a stereotype as it is an energy. The best way to experience it? Share a pint or two or three or four with the locals. Live music and small atmospheric pubs – what more do you want? You wont be disappointed by Dublin.

What are your favourite cities in Europe? Do you agree with out list of the best European cities to visit?


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