The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast has a ghost theme, a museum, and is the former home of the acquitted murderers. You can find the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts. Bed and breakfast offers a blast from the past. And it is also the location of two of the most famous murders and trial in history. Ghost hunters and people seeking a good scare, or perhaps just a visit back in time to 1892. Whatever your reason is, the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast has eight lovely rooms, some of which have had unfortunate events take place in them. So be careful which room you choose.

Tour the Haunted Lizzie Borden House

Tours of the bed and breakfast and museum occur 363 days of the year. If you stay as a guest, you can get a more extensive tour, but they are available if even you aren’t staying at bed and breakfast. The tours are about 50 minutes long and will visit the bedrooms and various areas of the house. They occur every hour from 11 a.m. until three p.m. If you are staying as a guest and want a tour, they are more extensive and last about an hour and a half. You can take photos, but videos require prior consent from management. The Lizzie Borden house is well kept in its period décor. So it does feel like you’ve gone back in time to 1892.

Borden House and Brief History

Lizzie Borden along with her older sister Emma and their parents lived in the house, now a bed and breakfast/museum. After her mother had died, her father Andrew Borden remarried, to a woman named Abby. What followed the marriage was an increased amount of tension, due to personal differences, conflict with Andrew giving Abby’s family property, serious illnesses, and family struggles. One morning, in the year 1892, Andrew and Abby were murdered in their home, both with an ax or hatchet-type weapon. The trial followed in 1893, and it was a trial to remember, with Lizzie as the prime suspect. Her older sister had a solid alibi and was ruled out, leaving Lizzie as the prime suspect. Her explanations and stories changed several times, leading police to believe she was indeed the murderer. However, no concrete proof was ever discovered or presented, and Lizzie Borden was acquitted of the charges.

Lizzie Borden’s Room

Step into Lizzie Borden’s room on tour, and see where the prime suspect called home. They can combine this room with Emma’s room to make a suite that will sleep up to four people. The rooms are part of the tour. So guests need to be aware that they will have people in their rooms. Also, they don’t allow children of five and under for overnight stays, as it is more of an adult atmosphere. They can come with their parents during the day tours if so desired.

Lizzie Borden Bed and BreakfastImages by: FromSandToGlass

John V. Morse Room

John had arrived as a surprise the day before the murders occurred. John was Lizzie and Emma’s uncle, and younger brother to their birth mother, Sarah. Abby Borden had gone to check on the condition of his room, and awhile later her body was discovered in his guest room. The John Morse room can sleep two comfortably if you dare stay in one of the rooms where one of the infamous murders took place.

Andrew Borden Room

Andrew Borden was Lizzie’s father, and head of the household. His body was found on the sofa in the sitting room after he allegedly had sat down to rest. The room is decorated in gorgeous Victorian styled furniture; complete with a full-sized bed. It has its private bath, and you can combine it with Abby’s dressing room to make a suite, sleeping up to four people.

Ghost Activity

Since the murders of Andrew and Abby Borden, as well as the passing of Lizzie and her sister years later, the Lizzie Borden house has reportedly been a hotspot for paranormal activity. People have said they have seen objects move, shadows and figures of ghosts, lights that turn on and off, and more. The website has ghost cameras that you can watch. And those who like to seek ghostly activity are drawn to study and even stay in the Lizzie Borden house. The house itself has ghost cameras installed throughout, and the total will rise to 10 cameras soon. If you subscribe, you can watch the live feed from your computer and participate in the ghost watching and hunting.

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast/Museum are a popular attraction for many. Can you survive a night at the Borden house? Many love to spend an evening wondering and hoping if any strange sights or sounds can be seen or heard. Others only visit the museum to indulge in their interest in history and the case, as no one was ever convicted. Bed and breakfast have several floors that you can rent. But you can also rent the entire house. The gorgeous, dark, Victorian styling of the house and its rooms presents the vision of what it was like in 1892, and how they lived.

The tours will offer you the chance to witness where the murders took place, as well as facts and history of the family and the case. Who do you think committed these crimes? The story you may hear while at bed and breakfast may help you reach your conclusions.


  1. Dear Ms. McGinn,
    I was at your Lizzie Borden home years ago, but we had just missed the last tour. We may have spoken to you in the parking lot. I think your license plate read “Haunted” but I am not sure. You said with absolute certainty: “This house is haunted.” I knew by your face, and tone that you were speaking the truth.
    Anyway, I so hope to book a stay at your lovely home/museum, perhaps after this pandemic.
    The only thing I wanted to add, and forgive me, who the heck ever wants unsolicited advice, yet I am a teacher in Massachusetts: This week I have seen tours by two different women (on-line) and both were absolutely quite knowledgeable about the case, all persons involved, as well as the home.
    I was surprised that they were dressed so casually, forgive me. Then I thought, what if the guides were dressed in period clothing? Well, easy for me to say as I do not pay your bills. What made me sad was that in both cases, each woman spoke as if their education level did not exceed Grade 6. Both used double negatives, and one said: “Just youz will be stayin’ here tonight.” Please forgive me this indulgence. I guess I believe that this issue is so easily remedied, perhaps by a simple tutor in basic grammar. I so want your business to stay, or become even more lucrative. Diane Dowd, Massachusetts.


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