Fishing is a great way to spend time on the calm and relaxed banks of a river or lake. The quietness that surrounds you like your fishing pole and lures bob in the water, hoping and waiting for that tug on your line from a huge fish! Whether you’re standing on the misty banks in the early morning, or taking a boat out on a lake, fishing is fun and relaxing. Try out one of the spots for some great fishing opportunities on some of the best lakes for fishing!

Lake Leelanau

Michigan State is home to some of the best lakes and rivers for fishing, and Lake Leelanau is no exception. The lake is two bodies of water referred to as North Lake Leelanau and South Lake Leelanau. The lake is fairly narrow and can be easily seen from either side. Year-round fishing for Walleye fish is prevalent here, and they can be anywhere from 15 to 28 inches in length! There are also smallmouth bass and bluegills to fish for as well. Test your luck at Lake Leelanau and take home a colossal Walleye fish.

Lake Whitney

Texas folks love to fish, and there’s no better place than Lake Whitney. The lake is only 108 feet deep and has a good variety of fish in its waters like the striped/white bass, smallmouth and largemouth bass and blue as well as flathead catfish. The lake is over 23,000 acres and curves around in an “S” shape. It is quite narrow and has beautiful scenery along its banks and is known as one of the prettiest lakes in Texas. Banks lined with trees as well as limestone bluffs and rocky points can be seen along its shores. The scenery is beautiful, and the fishing is fantastic!

Lake Kissimmee

Sunny Florida is surrounded by the ocean but has many land-based water features as well. Lake Kissimmee is a favorite place for bass fishing and anglers flock to the lake from miles around to try their skill at catching one of the enormous bass fish. Lily pads are present and can make catching one of these creatures though, but the catch may be worth it. Tournaments are a common occurrence in the Florida waters, and Lake Kissimmee will have plenty. These fish are biting, and the anglers are ready at Lake Kissimmee.

Sturgeon Bay

The peaceful banks of the Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin are well-known for its smallmouth bass fishing. Sturgeon Bay is separated from Lake Michigan by a thin strip of Wisconsin land. The bay cuts into the state, providing the opportunity for fishing, water sports and great water views from land. The water is clear, and the fish are numerous and well-sized. Hop in a boat or stand on the shores for some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the entire country.

The Great Lakes

There isn’t just one Great Lake that is good for fishing because they are all exceptional! Lake Erie has walleye and smallmouth bass, Lake Superior has jumbo perch and trout, Lake Huron has plenty of trout, whitefish, walleyes, and Atlantic and pink salmon, Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan have some of the best salmon fishing. These lakes touch seven different states as well as Canada. The scenery is gorgeous, and there are hundreds of miles of water for water sports, boating and fishing opportunities awaiting you. Thousands of people visit and use the lakes every summer, and some large and lengthy fish have been caught here.

Grand Lake

Colorado’s Grand Lake is one of the deepest as well as natural lakes in the state. People flock here to catch several different kinds of trout, including rainbow, large, fresh brown and brook. Lots of pine trees comb the banks, and the rolling hills lead up to some great mountain views from the lake. Small boats, canoes, and rafts are allowed on the lower lake to try to make your trout catch. The area is popular for fishing and flies fishing and the many regions, especially along the banks, have brochures, fishing gear and great information that may assist you in catching that perfect trout during your visit.

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is a beautiful little lake in California, surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest. It is a reservoir located in the mountains, and at the widest point it is 2.5 miles, so it is a smaller lake. This lake has an amazing mountain lake fishing experience, complete with views to die for and rainbow trout, tons of bass, crappie, bluegill, bullheads and many other types of fish waiting to be caught. Enjoy the mountain air and the dark blue waters full of fish at Big Bear Lake.

Barkley Lakes

Lake Barkley in Kentucky has tree-lined banks and also banks with sand for a mix of stunning landscaping along the 1,004 miles of shoreline. With over 100 miles of water, the lake is full of catfish and big catfish at that! Anglers report catching catfish anywhere from 10 to 20 lbs., as well as striped bass, white bass, Redear sunfish and largemouth bass. There are large amounts of “trophy” fish at Barkley Lakes, and many anglers come in hopes of catching that huge largemouth bass.

Lake Sakakawea

Created from a reservoir in North Dakota, this lake is the third largest in the U.S. and also the largest man-made lake. Named after the Native American girl that helped guide Lewis and Clark on their expedition, the large lake boasts one of the finest fishing areas in the U.S. The lake is legendary for its marvelous fishing and many travels to the area to see for themselves. The Missouri River fills the lake, and large trophy fish can be found including walleye, Chinook salmon, and northern pike. There are over 1500 miles of shoreline that are mixed with rocky shore areas as well as secluded bays and fantastic scenery. Experience one of the most excellent places to fish and see what you can catch.

Catch Them if You Can

These lakes present some of the best fishing areas in the U.S., and many tournaments and anglers try their reels at catching one of the enormous trophy fish that call these waters their home. Sit on the bank and admire the quiet and beauty of the shoreline and surrounding trees and mountains, or head out on a boat to the middle of the shimmering waters in hopes of catching the perfect fish. Try one of the best lakes for fishing in the U.S. and good luck!


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