Breaking up a love relationship is never easy, and the worst part is – you have to get over the partner you’ve been spending precious moments with for some time. No one can imagine the hard times you have to go through to get back on track again and there is no way how to jump from the point of breaking up to the point where you feel better. However, there is always a way how to make the period after the break up less painful and more adventurous. And the perfect solution for this is of course – traveling.

Check out these 7 escape destinations

Well, what did you think? You were going to spend your money on tons of sweets and alcohol, while you’re watching sad romantic movies or you’re listening to your friends comforting you – no! You don’t need that right now. You need to pack up your things and leave somewhere new where you can clear your head, gather your rational thoughts and pay some attention to yourself. And where would you go? Well, that depends on how you prefer to spend the period of getting over your partner and what you prefer to do during your hardest times going over your break up or divorce. If you’re interested in what we have to offer you, then check out the following suggestions:

Dig in the tasty Italian cuisine

Do you want to drown your sorrow in some amazingly delicious traditional food? Then you should start booking a trip to “Eataly”, one of the greatest countries in Europe that lets you enjoy completely while consuming a dish or three without being judged about it. Overeating during your post-breakup period is never good, but if you’re sure that a nicely prepared meal will comfort you more than a friend’s hug, then you should go to Italy and discover the amazing Italian dishes they offer. Whether you are into some incredible pasta or a slice of heavenly made pizza, or maybe you prefer some “gelato” or a shot of “limoncello,” Italy knows best how to get to your broken heart and heal it faster.

As for particular cities that you should visit, we would not make any particular suggestions since whatever you choose you cannot make a mistake. However, we would advise you to (at least) avoid visiting Venice and Verona, since these cities are known to be the most romantic ones in Italy. And, trust us, you don’t need to be staring at happy couples at that moment.

Dig in the tasty Italian cuisine

Find your inner peace in Indonesia

When one disconnects with a person, he/she has to reconnect with his/her inner self and find peace. This is why many people like practicing a so-called spiritual tourism and they travel to Asia to achieve this. The Asian culture is known to be on a higher spiritual level, and the rituals, habits, and hobbies they occasionally practice are becoming more and more accepted by the people throughout the world. Take yoga for example – it is said to have taken its origins from India during the ancient times and nowadays it is spread and done on a daily basis by millions of people throughout the world.

After a break up you will desperately need to have a spiritual rehab, and luckily there are plenty of resorts in Asia that can offer you a great experience in finding your inner peace and your path to happiness. This is why we suggest you plan a trip to Bali, a spectacular island in Indonesia, where you can heal your broken heart and fall in love again, this time with the exceptional landscapes of Bali.

Find your inner peace in Indonesia

Party until the break of dawn in Brazil

So what if you just broke up – life goes on! Will it be hard to learn how to live without seeing and hearing your ex-significant other? Well, unfortunately, it will be tough to handle the situation, but why put your life on pause when you can put on your dancing shoes and enjoy a weekend or two partying in another city.

In this case, we present you the city that offers you tons of fun and dancing – Rio de Janeiro. It is well known that Brazilians like to party, but the carnivals they organize are making you forget that any problems ever existed in your life. It’s true – one step at the streets of Rio de Janeiro and you will not stop yourself from smiling and shaking your body, while also dancing with your soul. It’s a great place where joy can overrule your heart, and you’ll feel happy again.

Party until the break of dawn in Brazil

Learn how to surf in Australia

To forget about the hard times and keep your mind occupied with something else, it is always a good idea to focus on something new and try to gather as many fresh experiences as possible. So, what do you think about learning how to surf? Or maybe if you already know how to surf, how about traveling to Australia to experience the new waves and give in to the surfer’s paradise? Australia is a wonderful destination for surfers, and it doesn’t matter which part of the continent you choose to visit as long as you have your surfboard with you and your learning enthusiasm.

surf in Australia

Go Skydiving in Las Vegas

Stop crying your heart out and try to find some excitement in your life. Remind yourself that you’re alive and that you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Let us recommend you to do a sort of crazy activity – what would you say to skydive in Las Vegas, Nevada? Sounds cool right? And honestly, you can use some of that adrenaline rush you haven’t been getting in the last few weeks of your relationship…or maybe months. Agree upon an excellent adventure and let yourself enjoy some skydiving in Las Vegas. The experience that you will get will instantly make you forget about your sadness and your sad thoughts, so do it!

Skydiving in Las Vegas

Relax in geothermal spa in Iceland

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is perfect for great geothermal spa tourism. And why would you need this? Well breaking up can be painful and exhausting and as much as you don’t feel right about it from the inside, your body suffers as well. This is why you need to relax and enjoy your freedom in the geothermal spas in Reykjavik. There is nothing better than a good massage and a nice bath in the geothermal waters of Iceland.

geothermal spa

Fall in love at the Canary Islands

If you are that type of a person that moves fast from one point in life to another and you know that you will best function if you immediately find a new partner that will make you forget about your horrible ex, then you should head to the Canary Islands. The magnificent long and sandy beaches, the charming half-lit streets through the islands, the subtropical climate, all this is perfect for you to find your next lover on the territory of the Canary Islands. Oh just think of the love affair that can spice up your life as a recent single person. It should be interesting to find a new person that will cuddle with you all night long, just be cautious – you don’t want to be heartbroken again anytime soon.

Canary Islands

Letting go is a hard process, but just because you’re suffering doesn’t mean you should isolate completely and punish yourself by not enjoying the time wasted on getting over your ex. That is why we advise you to travel, plan a trip to where you dreamed of, do those things you were always curious of, remind yourself that it’s just a breakup and not the end of the world. Traveling still brings new adventures and the last thing you should do right now is sticking to your old memories and remind yourself how great you two were together. Start your trip as soon as possible and share this article with your friends, help them recover fast from a recent break up by traveling the world.


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