Camping is great by itself, but what if you could make it even more enjoyable? Here’s a list of 7 unique tent designs. Some of them are special because of their incredibly modern and practical features, others due to their unusual looks.

1. Hammock Tent

They look like a little like hammocks, but they’re not. Imagine you suspend your tent between three palm trees on a gorgeous beach or three willow trees in a mysterious forest. It doesn’t just sound delightful; it’s also quite practical and convenient (if you don’t mind sleeping on the ground, of course).

Tentsile Stingray. A lovely tree tent for up to three people. It has a removable fly sheet, which allows you to look straight at the sky whenever you please.

2. Inflatable Tent

Inflatable tents are not only fun, but they’re also handy. For many pitching the tent is the most annoying part of camping. Inflatable tents are incredibly easy to put up, it only takes a few minutes and nearly no effort. They’re perfect little houses for weary travelers. Besides, inflatable tents are light and convenient to carry.

Inflatable Cave Tent by Heimplanet. It’s stable, weatherproof and pitching it takes about a minute. It also looks good, especially if you like original, modern designs.

3. Solar-powered tent

If you’re a geek and a traveler, a solar-powered tent will suit you perfectly. It’s also ecological, so if you’re concerned about nature, it should appeal to you even more. These amazing tents have coated solar threads woven into the fabric. It means you can charge all of your devices in an environment-friendly way. This great tent has central heating, and it glows in the darkness. The last feature, although somewhat surprising, might turn out useful. Have you ever had trouble recognizing your tent in a huge festival camping or locating it in the forest? Well, imagine it glows – you’d surely have no such problems.

4. Jacket tent

Jacket tents escape precise definitions. Somewhere between portable houses and pieces of clothing, they’re as quirky as functional. When you’re walking in a cold or windy weather, it’ll be your jacket. When you’re ready to sleep, it’ll become your shelter. It’s a cool gadget for adventurous travelers who love long treks in the wilderness.

JakPak Wearable Tent. It’s a tent, a jacket and a sleeping bag in one. Available on eBay.

5. Book-shaped tent

Bookworms will be thrilled to hear of FieldCandy’s fabulous idea. One of their tents is shaped like a book, with a lovely blue cover and a suitable title: The Natural World. In addition to being attractive, creative and unique, the tent is also reliable.

We’ve only found one tent like that – the one mentioned above, produced by FieldCandy. Its name is just as charming as the design: Fully Booked. It’s spacious, ideal for 3-4 people, waterproof and robust.

6. Bubble Tent

The unique thing about bubble tents is not that they are shaped like bubbles, but that they’re transparent (at least some of them). They can give you the full view of your surroundings, which can be wonderful, especially if you’re in a beautiful place. Just make sure to keep your pajamas on when camping in public places and be ready to face some creatures of the night when in the wilderness.

Nature by Bubble Tent. In addition to the tent itself, you also get portable furniture to enjoy truly comfortable camping.

7. Tree Tent

Who, as a child, hasn’t dreamt of a tree house? If you’ve ever been running around the woods collecting branches and trying to figure out how to make a solid construction on one of the trees, you know how hard it can be for a person with no architectonic and building skills to get such a thing done. Luckily, making this dream come true is now easier than ever. Tree tents are not less romantic than actual tree houses. They also give you a chance to look at the starry sky while listening to the gentle rustle of the leaves. Moreover, you can stay away from snakes, insects and other creatures crawling on the ground. They’re spherical and look a bit like large fruit growing on the trees.

Which one of these unique camping tents would you choose? Let us know. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends!


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