Jackson Hole is the valley that is surrounded by mountain ranges on the border of Wyoming and Idaho. The early mountain men who entered the valley had to do so by climbing down the steep ranges and terrains, making it feel like they were climbing down into a hole. Davy Jackson was a trapper and the first white man to spend the harsh winter in the area, and the name Jackson Hole was born. The valley’s soil was not ideal for crops, so cattle were introduced, and today many dude ranches exist. The valley’s residents are loyal and love living in Jackson Hole, even as the flood of tourists arrive every summer to see one of the most beautiful landscapes in North America. Celebrities have homes in Jackson Hole as well, buying their piece of heaven to awake to every morning. Jackson Hole has outdoor activities, pleasant scenery, and rich history which every person needs to experience in their lifetime.

Climate and Weather

The surrounding mountains control the weather in Jackson Hole. During the winter the tall mountains experience heavy snow and freezing temperatures, which slides down into the valley, making it colder. One of the record lows recorded happened in the 1990’s which reached -56 degrees Fahrenheit. The spring and summers are warm to mild, from 60 to 80 degrees, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Town Square

The town square in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the hub of the city and surrounding area. The city is known as “Jackson” but is commonly mistaken as Jackson Hole, which refers to the whole valley. Look for the four large arches made entirely of elk antlers, and you know you’ve found it. Shopping, dining, and art galleries line the streets, and people flock to do some shopping, or in the summer, watch the evening gunfight reenactment held every night and has been a tradition since 1957. Stagecoaches are also lingering around the town square during the summer months to give people ride around the town. Stop in Pinky G’s Pizzeria which was featured on the T.V. Show Diners, Drive-ins and Drives for the best pizza around and pair it with a refreshing beer. Pizza not your thing? There are plenty other restaurants to accommodate your tastes in and around the town square area.

Antler arch on Town Square Jackson Hole WY

National Elk Refuge

The refuge is located just north of Jackson Hole and contains the largest herd of elk in the world. It is free to the public, and the winter months offer sleigh rides that can be taken to the refuge, giving you a chance to see some of these grand creatures. The charge for the sleigh rides is 15 dollars for children and 20 dollars for adults. The 24,000 acres are home to 5,000 to 8,000 elk as they settle in the refuge during the winter months. During the summer the elk spread out further to the surrounding areas, including the National Parks.

Skiing, Hiking, and Things to Do

The Jackson Hole area has the Grand Tetons National Park, Yellowstone National Park, incredible skiing, sledding, and tubing, as well as ski resorts, museums, scenic drives, hot springs, lakes, rivers and more. Fishing and hunting are available for the hunter. The seasons will offer different types of activities, such as dog sledding in the winter. Some of the dog sled trips you can spend the night on in the quiet winter surroundings. There are many different guided tours to pick from, varying from an hour or two to overnight stays. Summer offers hiking in the beautiful landscape, white water rafting, river floating, horseback rides, mountain biking and much more to keep you and your friends and family happy and busy.

Customize Your Trip to Jackson Hole

With all the activities available, you can customize your package to tailor your experience at Jackson Hole. Here you can see what types of packages you can choose from. Try the 7-night winter adventure package, or try the non-skier package which includes dog sledding, sleigh rides, and snowmobiling. Not staying a week? There is a long weekend package and a Jackson Hole on a Budget package as well. Choose what activities and search by price, number of nights, or even by date to see what is available. You can mix and match packages and activities to include everything you want to see and do during your stay. The possibilities are endless!

Jackson Lake

Where to Rest Your Head

With such a large tourist draw as well as skiers, there are many places to rest your head after seeing the amazing sights at the end of the day. A favorite is the Wyoming Inn of Jackson Hole, a comfortable and cozy place to stay and warm your hands by a fireplace. The Cowboy Village Resort provides comfortable cabins to enhance the mountain lodge feeling. The Wort Hotel and its famous Silver Dollar Bar are centrally located and are walking distance to shopping and restaurants. Whatever your choice, some hotels cater to every budget and offer lovely views of the cascading mountains and area.

Beautiful Views, Astounding Landscape

The area is simply beautiful. The snowcapped mountains surround the valley where thousands of elk live and thrive. The summer months bring waves of tourists to see the remote landscape and incredible terrain that offers a multitude of activities for everyone. Whether it’s playing in the snow and cozying up to a fireplace, or rafting down a river and having a cold beverage at the Silver Dollar Bar, Jackson Hole remains a top tourist attraction, and a sight everyone should see.


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