If a park is named after the mountains that reside in it, you know they are going to be spectacular. The Teton mountain range has peaks that tower over a mile above the scenic and famous Jackson Hole valley, including the massive Grand Teton Peak. These peaks appear as sharp, jagged points against the sky. Many times the mountains are white due to snow coverage from the high altitude. The Snake River winds its way through the valley, offering some fantastic opportunities to get photos of the river and the mountain range in the same picture. This National Park is located in the northwestern part of the state of Wyoming, therefore making the warmer summer months the best and most popular times to visit. Experience mountaineering, camping, hiking, fishing and some of the best views of America one will ever see in Grand Teton National Park.

The Town of Jackson

Jackson is well-known by tourists and celebrities alike, as the scenic mountain town is a favorite and must-see place that should be on everyone’s bucket list. The town is located about 30 miles away from the park entrance, so if visitors don’t want to rent a place in the park, they can stay in Jackson and explore the town. The park has many different cabins and some nice lodges to stay in as well and then there are some great and scenic camping options available too. Jackson is home to some world-class skiing, abundant wildlife and interesting history. Jackson was originally occupied by many indigenous tribes including the Shoshoni and the Blackfoot. It was also a popular place for trappers and mountain men who named many of the features in the valley. There are historic boardwalks, fine dining, excellent shopping opportunities and astonishing views of the Teton Range.

Grand Teton

Scenic Loop Drive

The 42-mile scenic loop drive is a visitor favorite! Drive slowly, especially in the spring and summer months as wildlife and their young are out and about. There are fantastic photo opportunities and beautiful scenery along the drive, and it is convenient and relaxing. Try starting the loop form from the Moose Visitor Center past Jenny Lake which has some great overlooks, and the upper loop travels above the scenic Snake River, proving many spectacular points of the mountains, river and overall gorgeous landscaping. Out of all the places people have been, many say that this park is some of the best scenery they have ever seen; at the scenic drive is a convenient and perfect way to experience some of the best overlooks and points.

Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center

The Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center is a great place to start your adventure in the park. The building is beautiful, both inside and out and there is a lot of useful and interesting information, exhibits, and displays, not to mention a great place to buy gifts! The park rangers are helpful and can answer questions you might have about the area or even the history. This particular visitor center has been praised as one of the best in the country, and it is definitely worth your time to stop and see it. This is also the perfect opportunity to decide what you would like to see and where to go, as they will have maps and information available.

Jenny Lake Trail

What better way to see the talked about the beauty of Grand Teton than to hike around one of its most popular lakes? Lake Jenny offers the chance to take a ferry across, or visitors can walk around the lake. The ferry provides a shortcut to hike up to some of the major points of interest. Hike up to the falls and Inspiration Point for absolutely stunning views! The trees and water lying below the tall, jagged mountain peaks provide some of the best scenery in America. This hike is very popular due to its scenic beauty and has become quite famous. Be sure to visit the area to see what everyone is talking about.

Jenny Lake Trail

Mormon Row Historic District

The Mormon Row Historic District is known as one of the most photographed structures in the park. Mormon homesteaders were sent to establish new communities in the area in the late 1800s, creating a community known later as “Mormon Row.” The harsh winters and conditions of the wild valley did not stop the settlers. They grew crops, dug ditches and built some of the iconic structures that are still standing today. Water still flows through some of the ditches, dug so long ago. The Moulton Barns, notably the John Moulton Barn, is a two-story gambrel barn that is the most photographed structure in the park. The old-style barn is a work in itself but combined with the impressive Teton Range immediately behind it; it offers insight and amazement at the life the settlers had here. The other famous building in the park is known as the Andy Chambers Homestead. It is on the list of the National Register of Historic Places, having been built by Andy Chambers in 1912. The family used a windmill in 1946 to harness the power of electricity to the homestead and farm. The mill can still be seen as well as the residence as well as some other homestead buildings and ruins.

Teton Park Road

This is a spectacular scenic drive that many visitors report seeing wildlife on, not to mention the incredible mountain views. The road travels along the base of the mountain range from Moose to Jackson Lake Junction. It is photo opportunities galore on this drive! This drive alone justifies a visit to this park, as it is stunning! There are many stopping areas for photo opportunities, so travel slowly along the 15 miles and observe for wildlife such as bears, elk, and many others. The drive will take you to Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake and is nicely maintained and comfortable to drive. Severe weather can sometimes cause the upper portion of the road to be closed, but the views will still be worth every minute however far you can drive.

Teton Park Road

Yellowstone’s Brother Park

Grand Teton National Park is known as the brother to Yellowstone National Park because of the close distance between the two. However, many visitors say that a visit to Grand Teton Park is worth the trip, as the mountains and the views of the Teton Range and surrounding area are incomparable to anything else. This beautiful place was the home of Mormon settlers, who survived and worked for years without electricity in the wildland below the Teton Range. See the famous historical structures and stand in awe of the outstanding views unlike no other.


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