Love, oh love…what a beautiful mix of warm feelings and happiness. Waking up the senses and bringing more joy to one`s life. It`s the love that we feel towards a particular person, an animal, a destination or even a thing that makes us do silly stuff in life.

When people are in a relationship, they often tend to do some ceremonies or start their traditions that the other people might think of it as a silly thing to do. The same thing is with hanging up love locks on a bridge, an activity a couple performs when they believe they are truly in love and they want to stay committed forever. Symbolically, it`s a nice thing to do, showing that you and your partner are willing to stay loyal and love each other forever, but through time it becomes a bit overrated, since a lot of couples do it just because of the fun of it and to update their fake we-are-so-in-love Facebook cover photo.

Love Lock or Love Padlock

To elaborate a bit, a love lock or a love padlock is a custom-made padlock with names of the lovers engraved on it. It`s hung on a fence, gate, bridge or any place that can symbolize the everlasting love.

For all of you that believe they have found THE ONE and you want to do something special to promise your love to each other, you can always lock your love with a love padlock. It`s a nice way to embrace the love and commitment you have promised to each other. However, if you are in a search for the best place to put a love padlock, which will always stay a special memory for you, then take a look at the following options:

  1. Pont des Arts, Paris, France

Over the river Seine, you can find the most famous bridge for hanging love locks. People from all around to world come especially to Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world, to spend few days with their significant other and to lock their love on the Pont des Arts. Because of its fame, the bridge at some point got crowded from thousands of love locks, which in June 2014 part of the bridge simply collapsed. After that incident, the city is taking care of the bridge, causing a removal of part of the love locks to make space for more.

  1. Love trees on N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea

At the terraces of the N Seoul Tower in Seoul, seven love trees can be found, where you and your partner can hang your love lock. These artificial trees were specially designed to present the love and hold the high weight of the love locks hanging on them.

Love locks Seoul

  1. Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, New York, United States

This bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA. Love locks are also being put on this bridge. However, there is a rumor that the love locks are being removed due to safety reasons.

Love locks at Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany

It`s interesting how there was an attempt by Deutsche Bahn (the railway company responsible for managing the bridge) to remove the locks from the bridge. However, the people of Germany defended the start of a new, exciting tradition of praising love, which of course leads to Hohenzollern Bridge becoming a tourist attraction for the lovers.

Hohenzollern Bridge Cologne Germany

  1. Lock-On Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington, United States

If you are heading to Tacoma, you can find an impressive artwork by Diane Hensen presented by a sculpture with locks and keys, inviting you to visit the Dome District and to lock your padlock on the sculpture. It`s an interesting place to put your love-locks since the artwork is part of Sound Transit’s D-M Street rail improvements project.

  1. Luzhkov Bridge, Moscow, Russia

On the Luzhkov Bridge and along the banks of the Moscow River, you can find many metal trees waiting for your love lock to be put upon their branches. Having these love trees placed along the bridge, there`s no fear for the bridge collapsing due to overweight, since the love locks are being put on the trees and not on the rails. This bridge is also lovely for couples getting married, and that`s probably connected to the tradition that the Russians have, which is: newly married couples should kiss on a bridge on the day of their wedding. And what better place could you choose, if not the Luzhkov Bridge where love is in the air.

Luzhkov Bridge Moscow Russia

  1. Chain fences on Mount Huashan, China

Climbing up the steep mountain Huashan in China is not easy at all. However, the path to the top is secured with chain fences, decorated with red ribbons and love locks. Putting your love lock here is not just a symbol of great love and commitment, but it can also be understood as a metaphor of the couple trying hard to climb up the mountain, which represents their relationship.

Mount Haushan China

  1. La Fuente de los Candados, Montevideo, Uruguay

Translated as the Fountain of Love Locks, La Fuente de los Candados, Uruguay might be the perfect place to hang your love lock with your loved one. It`s put on the most crowded street of Montevideo, and it tells the legend of how the people that have signed their initials on the lock will always find a way to be together in love.

  1. Casa di Giulietta, Verona, Italy

You believe that your love is eternal, like the love that Romeo and Juliet had for each other? Even centuries have passed, and their love is still the most beautiful love story you`ve ever heard? Then, Verona is the perfect city for you and your partner to celebrate your love. The house of Juliet is a huge attraction in Verona, populated with a lot of tourists seeking to find out something more about her life. Putting your love lock here will warm up your hearts, but you can also write your names on the wall at the entrance of her house.

Locks of Love at Casa di Giulietta

  1. Love Bell in Enoshima, Fujisawa, Japan

This romantic spot on Enoshima Island is a great place to hang your love lock, previously writing a short message and your names on it. This site is connected to a fascinating mythology of a five-headed dragon who loved a heavenly maiden until he died. Nowadays, in honor of love, couples come to this spot, and together they ring the bell and hang a love lock on the fence around the pavilion.

love lock japan

Having a love lock hanging on a particular fence is an interesting ritual for a couple in love. Imagine how nice would it be if you place a love lock in a city you`ve been on holiday and then return after a few years and find the lock still hanging there. However, if your relationship doesn`t work out, don`t be that type of person that just goes and ruins everything you have built together, even if it`s a small custom-made love lock. Let it be a dear memory to you of the precious time you have spent together, loving each other and being happy together. Who knows, maybe, in the end, the so-called magic from the love lock will work, and you`ll be together again.


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