Are you wondering where to go for vacation? If you’re looking for a lovely place, fascinating, but relaxing, with gorgeous beaches and rich culture, then Jamaica is your answer. Sunny coast, abundant wildlife, and tropical plants can make every nature-lover incredibly happy. The unique music, art galleries, museums and rich history are there for more of a cultural experience, while the availability of various sports can surely meet the needs of energetic travelers. In case you still have doubts, here’s a list of 6 reasons why it’s an excellent idea to spend holidays in Jamaica.

  1. Jamaican Beaches

The beaches are enough of a reason to go for holidays in Jamaica: turquoise water, coconut palms gracefully casting shadows on the white sand and fabulous possibilities to swim or sunbath. With over 50 public beaches, Jamaica is like a sun worshipper’s temple. One of the most famous treasures, Negril Beach, extends from Bloody Bay to Long Bay and reaches the Negril Cliffs. Because of its gorgeousness, it’s one of Jamaica’s most popular tourist spots. There are lots of resorts and restaurants in the town of Negril. Doctor’s Cave Beach located in Montego Bay is one more top Jamaican beach. Just as pretty as the previous, Doctor’s Cave Beach also has crystal-clear water and soft, white sand. Summing up, if you want to relax on golden stretches of sand, with the sun shining above you, Jamaica’s the right place to go.


  1. Wonders of nature

Jamaica’s landscape is stunning with the rainforests, rivers, cascades, coral reefs, caves and exotic wildlife. Martha Brae River is one of the brightest gems on the Jamaican nature crown. To see the tropical scenery, you can get on a bamboo raft and glide down the river. Another activity you certainly shouldn’t miss is paying a visit to the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. This gorgeous park shelters an impressing mountain range, lush rainforests, waterfalls and a variety of plants (over 800 of species are endemic) and animals.

You can reach Blue Mountain, Jamaica’s highest peak, by foot or by mule. The trek is relatively easy as for a country’s highest mountain, even moderately fit folks can manage and it’s definitely worth the walk. If you’re a nature-lover and these two destinations still aren’t enough for you, Rio Grande River, Dunn’s River Falls, Black River and Blue Lagoon are also worth discovering. Besides, little, charming spots are endless, so just go on and explore the island.


  1. Music

When you say Jamaica, you automatically think about Bob Marley. This superstar from developing the world changed the music industry and minds of many fans. There’s even more than Bob Marley when it comes to Jamaican music; actually, there’s incredibly much. The roots of Jamaican sounds reach back to the traditional folk songs from West Africa. Nowadays contemporary dancehall has become hugely popular, and reggae also stays in the center of attention. During your holidays to Jamaica, pay attention to the sounds surrounding you. The gospel played in local churches, the way people speak with each other, pay attention to all the sounds surrounding you, and you’ll understand how wonderfully musical Jamaica is.


  1. Cuisine

Mixing the culinary creativity of the island’s indigenous people and ideas brought by the numerous groups that inhabited it, Jamaican cuisine is an exotic combination of spicy and tasty flavors. The fusion of techniques and cultures results in a variety of yummy dishes, often made of rice, plantain, and fish. Favorite dishes include jerk chicken, curry goat, fried dumplings, beef patties, rice and peas, fried plantain, and steamed cabbage. The easiest way of getting full is just grabbing some tropical fruit, juicy and yummy like nowhere else. Then, of course, rum plays a significant role in the spectacle of Jamaican cuisine. You can’t go back from holidays in Jamaica without the music still playing in your ears, a lovely tan and a little hangover caused by the rum.


  1. Adventures

Because reefs surround the island, snorkeling and scuba diving are fabulous in Jamaica. As you get under the water, you can brush your shoulders with lots of colorful fish and admire the varied marine life. Many resorts offer both snorkeling and scuba diving lessons and provide equipment. Hiking, camping, jet skiing and kite surfing are available as well. Visit the Dunn’s River Falls and climb the falls, go on a rainforest adventure in the Mystic Mountain or explore one of Jamaica’s caves (there’s more than a thousand of them). You can also rent a car and just drive around the island, visiting small villages, tasting the rural cuisine, meeting up with locals and reaching the places most tourists miss. If you’re an adventure-seeker, you surely won’t get bored in Jamaica.


  1. Towns

First of all, there’s Kingston: noisy, colorful and captivating, chaotic in the way that makes you addicted. Kingston’s downtown has lots of historic buildings and art museums, while Uptown, with its hotels and restaurants; it’s more concentrated around tourism. Bob Marley Museum is a must-see, particularly for reggae fans. Devon House, National Gallery of Jamaica and Port Royal are also interesting sites. After seeing the capital, you should make a trip to Falmouth, a small town with wonderfully preserved 19th-century Georgian architecture.

Greenwood Great House is a star attraction featuring collections of furniture and musical instruments. Varying from the previous two towns, Port Antonio reminds a sleepy village. Even though it offers plentiful attractions, it’s not very touristy. If you don’t like crowds, but neither you like seclusion, Port Antonio is your place. You can enjoy art galleries, water sports, and numerous restaurants without being overwhelmed by the number of tourists.


So have you decided yet? As you can see, there are a lot of ways to spend your holidays in Jamaica. Let us know if Jamaica is going to be your next destination!


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