Some people travel to explore nature, others to meet people. Some like to visit art galleries, while others prefer to climb mountains, sail or surf the waves. Among history lovers, adventurers, water sport enthusiasts and luxury-seekers, there’s also another kind of travelers: meet people. Some like to visit art galleries, while others prefer to climb mountains, sail or surf the waves. Among history lovers, adventurers, water sport enthusiasts and luxury-seekers, there’s also another kind of travelers: the foodies. If you’re one of them, this list of including examples of food worth travelling for will come in handy. Although, even if you’re not obsessed with discovering new cuisines, you still need to eat. Check it out and find out what are the must-try dishes around the world.

  1. Baklava, Turkey

Are you in a need of something to sweeten your day? Nothing will work as well as Baklava. It’s an insanely delicious pastry made of nuts, phyllo (a very thin dough), butter and syrup or honey. It’s rich, heavy and filling. Baklava was very popular in the Ottoman Empire, especially among the rich Sultans and their harems. The dessert was found exciting not only because of its perfect taste, but also some of the ingredients that were believed to be aphrodisiacs.

Turkish Baklava with Walnuts and Pistachios

  1. Khao soi, Thailand

The process of preparing noodles for Khao soi is very specific: first the dough is spread out on a cloth, then held above boiling water and eventually cut with scissors. Once the noodles are ready, they’re mixed with a coconut milk based soup. There’s also curry, chicken or beef, various veggies and hot chilli oil. The dish is characteristic for northern Thailand as well as Laos.

Thai Khao Soi Curry Noodles

  1. Pastilla, Morocco

Salty and sweet at the same time, pastilla has a very specific flavor. It’s a meat pie traditionally made of squab, but the modern version of it is often stuffed with shredded chicken. The filling also contains eggs, toasted and ground almonds, sugar, cinnamon and other spices. The dough is thin, crispy and delicate. Pastilla is often served during important occasions, such as weddings, holidays and family gatherings.

Moroccan Pastilla on Plate

  1. Draniki, Belarus

Even though many countries have their own recipes for potato pancakes, none of them beats Belarusian draniki. Perhaps it’s because of the exceptionally rich taste, or the perfect texture of Belarusian potatoes – either way, draniki is delicious. The pancakes are made of grated potatoes and fried. The traditional recipe only consists of potatoes, salt, onions and oil, but there are many variations. Eggs, flour and spices go very well with the dish. It can be served with sour cream, stewed with meat and vegetables, or doused in sauces.

Draniki, an Belarusian Dish

  1. Pierogi, Poland

Pierogi, the most popular Polish dish, constantly steal the hearts and stomachs of all the visitors who taste them during their stay in Poland. The dumplings are made of thinly rolled, unleavened dough and filled with a variety of ingredients. There are typical ways to make them, for example with sauerkraut and mushrooms, or meat, or potatoes, cheese and onions. There are no limitations though – pierogi can be stuffed with anything the cooks think of. Salty with spinach, lentils and other veggies, sweet with blueberries, plums or chocolate, it can be a dinner, a dessert or anything in between. Pierogi must be boiled, but whether you fry them after the boiling or serve right away, depends on you.

Pierogi, Traditional Polish Dumplings with Meat

  1. Paella, Spain

Typical for the whole Spain and even more so for the region of Valencia, Paella is a dish you can’t miss when visiting the sunny country. Its main ingredient is rice and it’s mixed with various vegetables, herbs, meats, and seafood. It may contain chicken, fish, snails, shellfish, artichokes, peppers, beans, saffron, rosemary and many other yummy things. Paella is a perfect dish for creative cooks since they can add basically anything, as long as it goes well with rice. It should be cooked over an open fire, on a traditional paella pan. According to the tradition, guests are supposed to eat it directly from the pan.

Spanish Paella in Pan

  1. Pavlova, New Zealand

Pavlova looks like a fluffy cloud and tastes heavenly. No wonder Australians and New Zealanders constantly argue about whose invention is it, everybody would like to have such a perfect cake among their national dishes. Nevertheless, most of the sources say it was first made in New Zealand. The dessert is named after Anna Pavlova, a Russian ballerina for whom it was prepared during her tour in Australia and New Zealand. It’s a meringue cake with whipped cream and fruit. Simple but effective, Pavlova is a perfect dessert for summer dinner parties.

Pavlova with Mascarpone and Fresh Fruit

  1. Nasi Lemak, Malaysia

It can be a breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. Whenever you’re hungry, Nasi Lemak is a solution. Considered as a national dish of Malaysia, it’s sold on the streets and in the restaurants, at any time of the day. Nasi Lemak is made of rice cooked in screw pine leaves and coconut milk. The dish comes in many variations, depending on the cook’s culture, habits and imagination. The traditional Malaysian recipe includes sambal, boiled eggs, anchovies and peanuts. Besides of Malaysia, Nasi Lemak is also popular in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesian Riau Islands and in the south of Thailand.

Malaysian Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and Sambal

  1. Khachapuri, Georgia

Khachapuri can be shaped variously, but the base stays the same: cheese and bread. Simple and inexpensive, it’s commonly served all across the country. Different types of Khachapuri can be found in the regions of Georgia. Some of them contain eggs, potatoes or butter. Georgian cheese is excellent, often made by local families, not big companies. The best kind can be bought on the street markets. Khachapuri is most delicious when prepared with this kind of cheese. You don’t have to wander through cities to buy it – khachapuri is sold nearly everywhere.

Georgian Khachapuri with Cheese and EggDo you know some other examples of food worth travelling for? Let us know! And don’t forget to share this list with your friends, especially those whose love for food is big as the love for travelling.


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