Some people like museums and art galleries. Others spend most of their travels wandering from one pub to another. There are tourists for whom beaches are THE things and they don’t consider it’s a vacation unless there’s tons of sand and lots of sunshine. And then there’s this other group, the people in a constant search for new flavors. Are you a foodie fascinated with everything that tastes new? Here’s a list with the best countries for foodies for you then!

  1. Italy

No foodie’s bucket list is full without Italy. It’s the country where pizza comes in all sizes, with an unbelievable variety of toppings, but always thin-crust, oven-baked and insanely delicious. It’s also the country that takes pasta to a whole new level. Italians, like nobody else, know how to make it simple but fascinating at the same time. With creamy risottos, focaccia, cannelloni and countless regional delights, Italy’s an endless journey. Add the sweet gelato, excellent coffees, wines and you get a culinary paradise.

Must-try dishes: pizza, of course, even the simplest margarita is wonderful. Ice-cream. Tiramisu, the most delicate and ideal dessert you can possibly imagine. Espresso – go to a small café in the morning and join groups of Italians quickly sipping their coffee before going to work.

Italian Pizza

  1. Thailand

The influence of its neighbors and Thailand’s original creativity result in something truly amazing. Fresh fruit and veggies combined in colorful salads, lean meat dishes, noodles, a variety of ingredients are being used, but no matter what’s the base of a Thai dish, they’re always perfectly spiced. Coriander, garlic, chili, lemon grass, lime juice, fish sauces, tamarind and lots of other spices bring a very specific tang and flavor to Thai cuisine. The food in Thailand is not only yummy, but also fresh, healthy and light, so you can enjoy its goodies without gaining extra kilos.

Must-try dishes: You should definitely try some lovely Thai salads, especially the spicy papaya salad. Noodle soups are tasty, such as the Kuay Tiew with broth and meat.


  1. Indonesia

Indonesian cuisine is delightfully colorful and intense. Both indigenous culture and foreign influences play a role in this delicious spectacle. A bit of Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Indian flavors can be tasted. Most of dishes include rice from the fertile rice terraces located around Indonesia. The islands of an Indonesian archipelago, the Moluccas, are known as “The Spice Islands” – that by itself makes it quite clear how much Indonesians love seasoning. Hot and spicy, the Indonesian dishes are simple, but flavors are strong.

Must-try dishes: if you’re a meat-eater, you can’t miss a chance to try Rendang. It’s made of beef, lamb or goat and lavishly spiced. Since vegetarianism is common in Indonesia, the veggie-lovers can find lots of foods for themselves. You may for example try something including tofu, like Ketoprak, a dish from Jakarta.


  1. Greece

With so much sunshine and abundance of the sea, no wonder Greek cuisine is wonderful. Olive oil (made of sun-touched olives from lovely Greek gardens) comes in almost every single dish. Oregano, parsley, dried mint and other Mediterranean spices are also commonly used. Many Greek dishes include tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, yogurt, a variety of meats and fish. It’s a happy place for vegetarians. For religious reasons Greeks tend to fast a lot and during these periods they avoid meat, so plentiful vegetarian options are available.

Must-try dishes: Lentil soup and fasolada (a white-bean soup). All sorts of salads. If you’re in hurry, go for souvlaki, a Greek version of fast food. Anything that contains feta cheese is like a miracle.


  1. France

The meals in France are not only heavenly; they’re also complex and diverse. Even though it isn’t common any more to dine for a few hours, French people still enjoy multiple courses. French cuisine is extremely rich, so they really have enough of delights to serve a variety of dishes during one meal. Excellent cheeses, soft breads, snails, crêpes, wines and Champagne, it’s a spectacular show. Food is a very important part of French culture. When looking at the precisely prepared dishes, decorated plates and fancy tables, you feel it’s more than food, it’s art.

Must-try dishes: Baguette with cheese – the simplest thing possible, but how tasty! Omelets, quiche and for a dessert – madly sweet macarons.

French Macarons

  1. Georgia

This Caucasian treasure was hiding for way too long. Georgia’s cuisine isn’t as famous as Italian or French, but it’s equally amazing. Georgians love feasting and their feasts are crazy, food’s endless and so is the wine. A variety of herbs, walnut sauces, and delicious cheeses (usually made in the villages by charming Georgian grannies), these are some of the gems that make the dishes so phenomenal. Meat is abundant, but vegetarians won’t be starving. Georgians also fast often, so many things are being done without meat. Georgia’s a surprise, a wonder, a flavor that can’t be compared to anything else. Keep one thing in mind though: khachapuri (yummy bread stuffed with cheese and eggs) is not a diet food. Be ready to come back home a bit chubbier.

Must-try dishes: The mentioned above khachapuri. Yes, it’s fatty, but it’s worth trying. Chanakhi, a lamb stew with veggies. The famous khinkali, dumplings with meat (you can find vegetarian versions in some places).


Are you hungry yet? Pack your bags then and head to one of these countries! Which one of these best countries for foodies do you choose? Let us know.


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