Vacationing and travel are exciting and refreshing, exploring new places, visiting old ones, seeing the sights, or catching some entertainment are all possible items on a traveler’s to-do list. What about your fur baby? Have you ever wanted to vacation with your beloved Fido? Good news, there are many sites and places across America that are fido friendly, allowing you to experience a great trip along with your beloved pet.

Fido Friendly Hotels

Hotels and Motels have caught on to the dog lovers and their travel plans, and many have risen to the occasion, proving fido friendly rooms and services to the delight of dogs and their owners. Some hotels just offer a pet-friendly room; with an extra deposit, your pet can stay the evening with you. Some offer the rooms on ground level, making it easier to go outside for a morning or evening walk instead of having to use the stairs or elevator. Some restrictions may apply, as having you per secured in a kennel in the room if left unattended, or if your dog weighs more than a certain weight, it may not be allowed. Many places frown upon huge dogs, afraid of the damage that they may cause. Be sure to check the hotel’s restrictions, if any. The deposit allows for payment for any damages or accidents that may occur. Other hotels such as the Caramel Valley Ranch located in California, go above and beyond for welcoming your pet. Upon arrival, your pooch will receive a pet bed and water bowl for their convenience. The Cottages and Lofts at Boat Basin in Massachusetts give your pet a food and water bowl, a basket of treats and toys as well as a pet bed. Did I mention there are dog walking services available as well? Take a vacation that will pamper you and your dog.

Camp with Your Pet

Campgrounds are spread across the country, and many of them are dog-friendly. Usually, your dog must be leashed at all times and be with you. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground located in Florida accommodates pet owners as they have a dog park your doggie can run free around and make new friends with other dogs. Depending on the area, you can hike with your dog up a dog-friendly trail as well. Pay attention to trail rules, as some do not want Fido on the trail. Make sure to pack a leash, no longer than 6 feet to comply with many of the campground rules. Many campgrounds and sites do not charge for your furry friend, so enjoy the wilderness, and scenic views as you and Fido explore.

Fido Friendly Beaches

Do you and your dog love water? Head on over and try out dog-friendly beaches. The Original Dog Beach, located in San Diego, CA, is a dog heaven. Free from the leash, your pet can run up and down the sandy beaches and through the waves as long as both your heart’s desire. They only ask to clean up any messes or accidents to keep the beach clean. Many owners take their dogs here to run and play, so you and your pet may make some new friends. A dog wash is located just two blocks away so that you can take home a clean and sand-free Fido. Gulfside Beach in Florida allows dogs as well. They must be on a leash, but you are free to roam the beaches and play in the ocean. The coasts of the U.S. are lined with pet-friendly beaches, try one near you on your next trip!

Dog Friendly Beach

Fido Friendly Tours

Having your dog accompany you to your hotel and campsite is a wonderful perk, but how about taking a tour that allows your dog along? Old Charleston Ghost Tours in Charleston, SC allows just that. Get your dog along and learn of the hauntings of Charleston, and even about a ghost dog. The Mercury Canine Cruise in Chicago, IL, allows your pooch on a boat tour of Chicago’s waterways. Enjoy the breezy, 90-minute tour as you and your pet can relax on a boat ride. Old Savannah Tours in Savannah, Georgia, allow smaller dogs on their trolley to experience the sights of historic Savannah. The only catch is, is that they must sit on your lap to enjoy the experience. Many other pet-friendly tours are available, allowing you to enjoy not only the accommodations but the sights and tours of the area too.

Fido Friendly Shopping

If Fido is allowed in your hotel and on tour, then why can’t they go shopping with you as well? They sure can go shopping with you! The Village Shops located I Gatlinburg, Tennessee, as well as Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, among many others, allow your dog to accompany you to the shops. They must be kept on a leash and be well-behaved. Grass areas or doggie areas are usually provided by the stores for pets to relieve themselves or simply rest. Check the internet for pet-friendly shopping such as the historic French Quarter in New Orleans offers. You’d be surprised by how many locations are accommodated and allow your pet to experience places with you.

Man’s Best Friend Doesn’t Have to Stay Home

Finding a pet-sitter or paying for expenses at a boarding kennel can be stressful and costly. It doesn’t have to be, as many places are allowing you and your dog to visit and experience the sights. Make sure to research the rules of the destination you are traveling to for pet restrictions and allowances. People can get quite attached to their pets, and have them along for the ride is enjoyable to both owner and pet.


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