Have you heard many times people saying that you and your pet are simply inseparable? And you know that it`s true because you adore your pet and you can`t imagine a day without it? Then your pet means a lot to you, and you`ll do anything for it.

However, there are those difficult times when you feel so excited that you`ll travel, visit another city or something like that, but you have to leave your pet to someone because you can`t take it with you in the hotel or wherever you`re staying. Although there are some hotels which are animal-friendly, you just seem to have no luck finding such a hotel in the city you`re going, or it always happens to be already occupied.

Well, don`t despair, because some people have been smart enough to make hotels just for pets. Haven`t heard of them? These hotels are pretty good and provide many types of services, from taking them for a walk and proper feeding to massaging and grooming them. Until now, you`ve probably begged your friends or relatives to take care of your dog for example, even though they may or may not liked it that much, but we’re doing you a favor. Well, that`s the great thing about taking your pet to a certain pet hotel – your pet will be taken care of by professionals and everyone will welcome it with a big smile on their faces.

Still, haven`t come across pet hotels that you think you`d like? Check out the following already reviewed and highly approved pet hotels that guarantee high-class services:

D Pet Hotels

This chain of hotels is found to be operating in Chelsea, New York City, in Hollywood, California and Scottsdale, Arizona. Being top class pet hotel, this hotel has several services of great quality to offer: accommodations, boarding, daycare, grooming, d-chauffeur, d-boutique, and a private chef. The inside decorations and equipment are quite amazing, providing conditions even better than some normal hotels made just for people.

Hanrob Pet Hotels

Operating in Australia, this hotel can be found in Sydney and Melbourne. Besides the normal taking care of cats and dogs, you have services such as dog training provided by a professional. The idea for the business had its roots deep in 1981 when Hannie and Bob decided to take care of dogs and cats because of their true love for these animals. However, this hotel only provides services for pets such as cats and dogs. If you have a lizard, then better luck with the next hotel you choose.

Pooch Hotel

This is a hotel operating in many locations in the USA, such as: Hollywood, California; San Diego, California; South Bay – Los Angeles, California; Sunnyvale, California; West L.A. – Los Angeles, California; Lincoln Park – Chicago, Illinois; West Loop – Chicago, Illinois; Newton, Massachusetts; Norwalk, Connecticut and Richardson, Texas. This hotel, other than the already known services like daycare and styling, also provides spa, relaxation and fitness time for dogs. It`s funny how under extra services you can find tummy rub, which is something dogs enjoy, so better order some tummy rub if you want your pet to be happy.

Adogo Pet Hotels

This hotel can be found in Minnetonka and Maple Grove in Minnesota. Adogo is a hotel only for dogs, and it is modeled after four- and five-star human hotels. The dogs are taken care of by professional with a lot of love and respect.

Luxe Pet Hotels

If you`re heading for a crazy weekend to Las Vegas, Nevada, then you can take your pet with you and book a room for it at the Luxe Pet Hotels. However, have in mind that this is not a standard hotel for dogs and cats you have seen around the USA. This is the most luxurious accommodation you can ever offer to your dog or cat. If you want your pet to be glamorous as you`ll be during your stay in Las Vegas, then this is the place to book a reservation.

The Barkley Pet Hotel and Day Spa

This fascinating pet hotel can be found in the USA and India, in the following cities: Cleveland, Ohio and Los Angeles, California, while in India the Barkley is operating in Worli and Malad in Mumbai. Besides cats and dogs, it`s interesting that this hotel provides services even for birds and other animals, depending on the location. Instead of five stars, this hotel has been rated with “five paws.”

Royvon Dog Hotels and Training

This hotel is a UK-based dog training center, rated 5 stars and known to be a facility offering high-quality services. The Royvon center can be found in Surrey and Coventry in England and Merthyr in Wales. Besides the dog boarding and daycare, it is famous for the organized training of Autism Support Dogs.

Actuel Dogs Hotel

Although just for dogs, this French dog hotel is the best place your dog will visit in France. The hotel is located in Vincennes, a commune in the eastern suburbs of Paris. It offers many outside activities for dogs, such as jogging, hiking, group walking and even having fun chasing a bicycle. If it could, your dog would thank you for bringing it to this place.

If you are attached to your pet, and you think that you should be staying in the same place while you`re traveling, then have in mind that this is not an impossible mission. Besides these specialized pet hotels that were previously mentioned, even though they`re just a tiny part of the whole offer you have worldwide, you can find many good hotels that are pet-friendly. This means that, even though the hotel has the people as primary clients, they are opening the doors to the pets of the clients as well. And some of them have proven that they can take really good care of your pet.

So don`t feel bad that you`ll have to leave your pet behind while taking your next trip. The pet hotels will take care of it like it’s their own.


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