What’s unique about Australia? Well, there are plenty of adventurous activities you can do there, and yes, you will get some of the best beers too. Not to mention that in Australia, you will be amazed by the pristine ocean, rainforests and of course, the famous Great Barrier Reef. Backpacking in Australia doesn’t have to be a tough decision to make because, for years, Australia has been known as one of the backpacker-friendly countries in the world. It is known as camping, backpacking and diving destination.

Working Holiday in Australia

It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling solo or with someone, Australia is one of those countries where you can quickly cover up almost everything on your own. The best part about Australia is the fact that the state promotes working holidays where young adults from individual countries are allowed to come to Australia to travel and work at the same time. But the jobs in which you can apply are not supposed to be permanent ones. Most of the time, you can get a job with your working holiday visa in a resort, bar, restaurant, farm or even as an au pair. So yes, you do not have to worry about your traveling budget while you are backpacking in Australia if you can work in the country at the same time.

Best Backpacker Cities in Australia

Sydney is one of the first cities in Australia that every backpacker will visit first. It’s a city where you can quickly get sucked into. As a backpacker, you can do plenty of activities in the town itself. This includes taking a jet boat ride, riding the seaplanes and chilling at the beach. Or just hit one of the best bars to get a taste of the nightlife in Sydney.


Melbourne is pronounced “Melbun” by the locals in their exotic accent. Melbourne is the most alternative city in whole Australia, and even if you are backpacking in Australia as a solo traveler, you will never feel alone. You never feel alone because everywhere you go; you will meet another backpacker just like you.

Melbourne Australia

Yamba is another hidden gem of Australia. It’s quite mellow, and once you arrive in Yamba, you will get the sleepy, beach town vibe of it. If you enjoy surfing, or you plan on taking surfing classes, you should head to Yamba. Not to mention that you will also get to do cliff jumping in Yamba too!


Fremantle is unique. With its port streetscape from the 19th century, Fremantle has a lot to offer to backpackers alike. Fremantle is in 2016 listed by Lonely Planet as the 7th-best city in the world and also as one of the best value destinations of 2016. As you wander your way through Fremantle, you will come across vibrant markets filled with impressive boutiques, live music, and street performances. If you are looking for a unique place to stay while you are backpacking in Australia, our suggestion is the Fremantle Prison. The prison cells have been converted into a modern-day backpacker’s hostel with dorms and private rooms!


Typical Cost of Food and Transportation

In Australia, it’s hard to find cheap food! Finding food is one of those little things that will make you think backpacking in Australia is hard labor. You can expect to pay around AUD20 or more for most entrees at a restaurant. If you cook your meals, a week of groceries which includes some basic foodstuff, chicken, vegetables, and pasta can cost you around AUD100. That is just for one week! Sandwiches can cost you between AUD8-10 each, and fast food will be around AUD15 per meal. But if you don’t mind eating out, you can find some cheaper places to dine. But our suggestion is definitely to cook for yourself and try to budget as much as you can.

As for transportation, there are local city trains and buses in every Australian town. The cost per ride will be around AUD3-4. But if you are looking for the cheapest way to travel around Australia, it would be to drive yourself. You can easily rent a camper-van which starts at AUD60 per day. The best part about renting a camper-van is you get a place to sleep, and you can cut down the cost of paying for an accommodation!

What You Can Do In Australia

When people talk about Australia, it is so apparent that the first thing that comes into their minds is the Great Barrier Reef. Yes, it’s one of the most popular tourist spots in the country but if you are backpacking in Australia and time is limited, we suggest you go slow and steady. Because Australia is a quite a big country and just a month or two isn’t enough to backpack in Australia. Below are some of the must-do things in every backpacker’s lists:

See Uluru and take beautiful pictures of the sunrise and sunset. Uluru is a breathtaking attraction in the country. Yes, it’s just a big rock, but it is also one of the best places to take breath-taking pictures. Other than that, you can also visit the cultural center if you want to learn more about the Aboriginal people living nearby.


Go hiking in Daintree. What is older than the Amazon? The Daintree! If you want to go hiking in Australia’s rainforest, you should allow yourself to spend a few days to enjoy the peaceful landscape. The dense jungles, wildlife, waterfalls, beautiful mountains, and cliffs will immerse you.


Explore the Fraser Island and don’t forget to spend days on swimming, camp, and hike there. It is entirely a favorite place to visit, but there’s a reason behind that. If you love camping, Fraser Island is the perfect place for that. You can take an overnight tour or just rent your 4WD car. However, you can go into the freshwater lakes because you don’t want to encounter the sharks!

Fraser Island

Go wine tasting in Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley or Margaret River. In Australia, wine tasting is a must. You can opt for the guided tours which typically depart from the major cities. Or otherwise, just do it by yourself by renting a car. Personally, we would suggest you spend between 3 to 5 days in each area to taste wine as much as possible.

Barossa Valley

Go relaxing in Melbourne and enjoy a cup of coffee by the river. It’s easy to see why most people consider Melbourne as the “relaxed” version of Sydney. Everyone is easygoing, and you can eat fantastic food too. After days, weeks or maybe months of backpacking in Australia, why don’t you just go to Melbourne and wind down a tad bit? You can walk through Melbourne’s gardens, listen to good music or just chill by the river.


Go for a trip to the outback. No journey of backpacking in Australia is complete until you explore the outback. This means you will get to see the red desert, lakes, the valleys, and crocodiles. Some of the must-visit places for backpackers include the Litchfield National Park, Kakadu, the Kimberley and the Karijini National Park.

Litchfield National Park

Explore the west coast of Australia. People tend to overlook this area but to be honest, the most forgotten places are the best places to visit. In Western Australia, you can explore the Coray Bay, the Ningaloo Reef, the Margaret River, Perth, and Broome. It’s apparently less developed when compared to the great east coast of Australia. But what is a trip of backpacking in Australia without exploring the other part of the country, right?

Ningaloo Reef

Go for an adventure in Tasmania for the off-the-beaten-track destination. Even though a lot of people have heard of its name, Tasmania is still far from being the most popular tourist destination. But if you are into small towns with excellent people and beautiful bays and amazing hikes, you should consider going to Tasmania for some of these activities. Besides, it’s just a ferry away from the mellow city of Melbourne.


So there you have it some tips on how you can go backpacking in Australia with ease. It should not bother you too much on where to sleep for a night in Australian’s city or how to get from one point to another. This is because Australia is quite a backpacker-friendly country. And if you ever get lost or do not know where to go, always ask an Aussie! They are amiable people.


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