“Asana” yoga lovers of the world, stretch your arms up to greet the sun and point your eyes at the screen because you’re about to find out something really interesting. Did you know that there are destinations where you can spend your days doing your favorite hobby and share the experience with people that share the same passion for that particular activity? Or to be clearer – do you know where to find the most beautiful yoga retreats that are made to be an incredible paradise for yoga lovers?

Book a vacation at these amazing yoga retreats

So, you’re eager to find out where you should go this year for a holiday? Since we know how hard it is to find the best possible offer – we have selected several packages that will seduce you and make you book the tour instantly. But do not be afraid as you will do the right thing by booking them. Why is this so? Well, let’s say that the yoga retreats that we have chosen are quite affordable and yet they provide you with a lot of pleasure. Here, check them out:

31 Days Solo Yoga Retreat in Bali

Are you planning on traveling solo this season? Then here’s a good option you can try out. The enchanting Indonesia invites you for a 31 day of a solo yoga retreat in Bali. It’s a vacation you won’t be able to turn down, as you will be busy enjoying the magnificent beaches and the daily exercises helping you find your inner peace and harmony. If you’re up for some quality time spent meditating, then the Balinese eco-friendly environment is the perfect spot for your favorite hobby. The fisher village of Canggu, where the accommodation takes place, is offering the necessary tranquillity, while still offering the most famous tourist attractions of Bali within your reach.

15 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

This incredible spiritual discipline means a lot more to you than a mere hobby? You are planning on becoming a professional and teaching other people how to connect their mind, body and soul? Then have a look at this teacher training camp that in 15 days will make you become a true yoga master. Thanks to the Marianne Wells Yoga School you will establish the proper foundation for teaching this extraordinary discipline in just two weeks. And the fact that all this will be happening in Costa Rica makes the trip even more exciting.

The training is held at The Goddess Garden on the Caribbean coast, a destination perfect for connecting with your inner self, a place spreading an incredible energy. Of course, this is not meant for you to be always learning how to become a teacher, but it is also organized in a way that it will provide you with some time for chilling and enjoying the landscape and the positive vibrations of Costa Rica.

6 Days Budget Yoga and Relaxation Retreat in Spain

If you wish for a shorter vacation, yet highly satisfactory, then we have something else to offer you. What would you say to a yoga retreat in Spain, a life changing event that is also budget friendly? Well, of course, you like the idea of 6 days spent embracing the fresh air, the incredible nature and the poses of the best Indian discipline. Based in the mountains of Andalucía, the Yoga Sutra Shala’s retreat will help you relax and enjoy some healthy meals and long meditations. The instructors leading the daily sessions are highly qualified and extremely friendly, so there’s no way you won’t find those 6 days comfortable and pleasant.

3 Days The Art of Living Happiness Yoga Retreat in the USA

If you’re living in the USA and you feel like you can’t afford this type of vacation way further than your country, then we have something else to recommend you. What about a holiday of 3 days spent in a resort in North Carolina, filled with activities that will clear up your mind and charge your batteries? Sounds tempting enough? Then don’t think twice and apply immediately to become the participant of the Art of Living course that consists of Sudarshan Krya technique, plenty of workshops and meditation sessions.

8 Days Yoga Trail Week in Portugal

Are you interested in some Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga while you’re visiting Portugal? Well, you will be once you check out the offer of this retreat. Omassim Guesthouse is delighted to invite you for an 8 days trail week enjoyment in the most stunning part of Portugal’s West coast – the municipality called Ericeira. The magnificent destination is perfect for your daily mantra classes, accompanied by some delicious vegetarian meals and the gorgeous surrounding landscape. Treat your body and soul right, take a week to relax and start over fresh.

7 Days Surfing and Yoga Retreat in Morocco

different disciplines can help you relax and get in touch with your inner self, but all that is much more fun when you balance it with a sport that makes your heart beat faster. This is why we recommend you to try out the retreat in Morocco that offers you 7 days of exciting surfing along with other amusing activities. Stretching during the sunset and sunrise and catching the waves during the afternoon, tasting the exotic cuisine of Morocco and calming you soul, all this can give you an extraordinary experience in just 7 days. Plus you’ll get to visit the Paradise Valley, the Moroccan market and lots of other tourist attractions. The resort covers everything, so you don’t have to worry about planning your trip, just book the yoga retreat.

8 Days Yoga, Kitesurf, Surf, and SUP Holiday in Italy

So apparently a vacation of surfing and yoga retreats seems to be an excellent choice for mixing two different activities. And if you choose Italy as a destination on top of all, then you know you’re not making a mistake. Floripa Surf House, a retreat in Ragusa, Sicily, is inviting you for a vacation that will blow your mind. The mornings and evenings here are devoted to the power of yoga, so you’ll have the chance to start off and end up the days nicely while trying to find your inner harmony. On the other hand, the other part of the day is reserved for something entirely different. Are you ready to feel a bit pumped up by incredibly fun water activities?

What this retreat offers is a day spent active, starting and ending with the pleasure of yoga and spicing it all up with some kitesurfing, regular surfing and some Standup Paddling (SUP). And the great thing about having to choose between these three extra activities is that they all are adequate to a particular kind of weather and wave condition. On top of all, this retreat offers free use of beach beds, bicycles, and skates, so you have plenty of opportunities to change the activity whenever you feel like it.

Of course, if things get too exciting then you’ll have to slow down a bit and do a bit of refreshing and let your body discharge all the toxins. Now, having a vacation where you can enjoy long sessions of meditation and yet devote your time to cleaning up your body can be a significant event for you, especially if you haven’t had enough time lately to focus on yourself. For this, we recommend a fascinating tour, such as the following:

7 Days Spiritual Yoga Detox Retreat in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Cambodia is a spectacular destination to visit, especially if you’re looking for a way to improve your wellbeing. And if you’re looking for a way to do an effective detox, well this resort can help you achieve that easily. Visit Angkor Wat, a magnificent Temple in Siem Reap and let the instructors guide you through the spiritual yoga retreats and detox retreats that will change your life for good. Your stay there can even be improved by participating in Khmer or Veda massage sessions and chilling by taking an excursion to the waterfalls and the rice fields of Cambodia.

Why should you carefully choose the right yoga retreats?

It is crucial to pick the right yoga retreats, as yoga retreats are a very delicate discipline that requires a free wide space, a friendly atmosphere, positive vibrations and people with a passion for what they’re doing. Take your time to pick some of these offers, find out what it is that makes you calm the most and try to choose the place that will help you find your inner peace. It is always good to go with your instincts – trust yourself and even if you’re wrong, you’ll get it right the next time. There’s a quote saying: “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”, so buckle up for an incredible ride.

There are plenty of other yoga retreats if you’re willing to enjoy an organized yoga retreat. Take your friends along – they also need that relax time you’re desperately waiting for. Give your body, mind and soul the vacation they need and book a tour that will be remembered for a lifetime. Namaste!

Booking these yoga retreats

Did you find any of these yoga retreats interesting? Please have a look at this website. They offer all these yoga retreats. These are just some examples of the many vacations they offer. They are highly recommended.

Yoga teacher training retreats

So, since you’re already here reading this, we assume you have a boisterous passion for physical, mental and spiritual practice. Well, you’re definitely not alone on this planet, because plenty of people start discovering their love for this amazing discipline and they’re prepared or are already enjoying their yoga classes. However, you have already practised it a lot, and you think you need a bigger challenge? Well then, has it crossed your mind to become a trainer and transfer your knowledge, passion and positive vibes to other yoga enthusiasts?

yoga teacher training

Participate in a yoga teacher training to become a real professional

Becoming a yoga teacher is a fantastic opportunity to transform the mind, spirit and the body of the explorers, the ones curious enough to dig into the essence of this incredible discipline. And the fact that you’ll get to teach what you love and help people find their inner harmony will only make you feel better about yourself by helping others and showing them the path to happiness. So, what do you think? Are you brave enough to become the master and have your class of student to show your fascinating skills to? Are you even interested in doing this awesome activity for a living?

Of course, your answer is yes, but let’s take it step by step. To become an instructor, first thing you should actually do is take a yoga teacher training course that will completely prepare you for what’s yet to come. You can definitely do this in your own country, but apart from all that hard work you will probably need something or someone to help you relieve the stress. And if you’re going to become a professional, then your everyday routine life can cause you more anxiety and headaches. This is why it is good to take a time off from your normal life and join a retreat that will not only make you become a great teacher but will also give you the right amount of sleep and chill time you need to fill up your batteries and focus on what’s worth in that moment.

Not sure where to start looking? Well, panic no more because we have an amazing retreat that will give you what you need.

27 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Greece

Are you ready to explore Heraklion – a wonderful city located on the island of Crete in Greece? That’s what we thought, it is really hard to say no to the addictive charm of Greece and its miraculously beautiful beaches. So why struggle to refuse the offer when you already want to become a yoga teacher, and you wish to relax at the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?

Lentas Retreat Center is the location of the course that lasts for 27 days, which is designed according to the 200-hour requirements for registration in Yoga Alliance International. This course is all you need to pass to gain more trust, knowledge, and experience that will help you be a great yoga teacher in the future. During the course, you will be provided with the necessary educational materials, but more importantly, you will be given the information on asana, pranayama, meditation and also the aim of yoga. This way you will not only become a great instructor, but you may also discover a deeper part of yourself, an awakening of the body and the student’s spirit. Remember that to become a great teacher; one first has to be an excellent student.

During these 200 hours, you’ll be working with highly experienced yoga instructors that will guide you through the process of transformation. You will have the opportunity to take part in daily meditation and of course daily yoga classes, but you will also have the chance to take anatomy, physiology and philosophy classes and even alignment classes and chanting. The course is organized by a world class training institute called Breath of Life Yoga Center, which is a registered organization by the Government of Greece. And after you’ve completed the course, which we assume it would be finished successfully, you will get a certificate that is provided by Yoga Alliance International (India).

Why Crete – Greece is the perfect destination for this purpose?

Have you even googled the place? If you’re doing it now – be careful not to fall in love with the Cretan landscape, because you will never want to leave once you step your foot there. Having the Mediterranean climate, the insanely delicious food, the gorgeous blue sea and the diverse natural surroundings, this place is perfect for a person enjoying and appreciating long sessions of yoga. And taking into account how calm this place is, you will definitely have the right conditions to discover yourself and transform into a professional instructor. Plus you’ll get to meditate at the beach and run to the salty sea whenever you feel like it. This place is exceptional!

So apparently all you have to do now is book this spectacular retreat and start your countdown to the most enlightening and exciting part of your life. Don’t think twice – opportunities are meant to be grabbed!


  1. These yoga retreats sound amazing! I really want to complete my teachers training – I was thinking I would do it in India, but Costa Rica definitely sounds like a good alternative. I did a yoga retreat last year in Sri Lanka. It was only for a week but it was amazing. I felt so great after it. I definitely want to do another one n the future.


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