If you run across a giant structure shaped and painted exactly like a type of dog known as a Beagle, then no, your eyes are not deceiving you. As you drive across the beautiful grass-filled plains of north-central Idaho, you may have to stop and stare and even stay in the giant Beagle known as the Dog Bark Park Inn. The Dog Bark Park is found in Cottonwood, Idaho, on the Camas Prairie. The population is only 944 people, and the biggest draw to the town is the famous and towering Beagle that can be seen from Highway 95. The Inn is bed and breakfast as well, and books quickly, so call to see if it’s available when driving that way. The Dog Bark Park Bed and Breakfast has been featured on HGTV, the Ellen Show, the Today Show, CNN.com, and the London Times.

What is Nearby Dog Bark Park Inn?

The Lewiston airport is only an hour away, but if you’re driving its about 3 hours from Walla Wala Washington, 4.5 hours to Boise, Idaho, and about 7-8 hours from Seattle, Washington. There are some lovely sights to see as well as national parks and cities within a couple of days drive in every direction so that the Dog Bark Park Inn would be an excellent resting point on the way to your next adventure. The region of the Bed and Breakfast and Cottonwood, Idaho, has limited cell phone service, so be prepared. There are a few rest stops along the way, and feel free to ask Dennis and Frances about any other interesting places to stop along the way, as they would be happy to assist you.

Lodging and Amenities

The accommodation area of the Beagle can be reached by the stairs leading up to the body of the dog. It can sleep four people, and has a Queen-sized bed and also two twin foldout futon mattresses in the loft. It has a full bathroom, microwave, refrigerator, table, air conditioning, clock radio, hairdryer, games and puzzles, and a delicious breakfast provided. The lodging area does not have a phone or television. Breakfast is a delight, and a full self-serve continental breakfast awaits you in the morning. Try the delicious granola that is made from a secret family recipe. Coffee, tea, juice, milk, eggs, pastries, bagels, and yogurt are just some of the items you will find at breakfast. To schedule your stay, keep in mind that reservations are only taken from April 1st through October 31st during the year. For a double occupancy, it is 98 dollars a night, and your breakfast is included. If more are staying with you, it is 10 dollars per additional person. For only one person staying, it is 92 dollars per night.

Dog Bark Park interior

Are pets allowed in the giant Beagle?

Of course, a giant Beagle would allow your pets to come and stay with you. Prior consent is needed, so only call and pre-arrange the stay with your furry friend. There is a 15 dollar pet fee for each pet that is nonrefundable. Your dog can enjoy its stay, hosted by another dog.

The Beagle and the Gift Shop

Dennis has been carving for over 30 years and his wife Francis for 20 years. They got their beginnings by carving different and adorable breeds of dogs from wood. The dogs are a folklore style, and they can carve over 60 different breeds along with various poses. Carved from pine, they vary in size, but most can be set as décor in the living room, porch, or another area to display. They even accept photos of your beloved pet and will try to carve and paint a dog to look like yours as a specialty order. Dennis and his wife got their big break when their dog carvings were featured on the QVC channel. This channel sells items and is a favorite show with great deals. For the next 18 months, Dennis and Francis carved up a storm, trying to fill all the orders. The money was invested in is now known as the Dog Bark Park Inn. Dennis and Frances can be found continually working on their artwork and living happily on the plains of Idaho.

Chainsaw Gift Shop

The Dog Bark Park Inn has a beautiful gift shop, to the best of their carvings as well as some other items available for purchase. Known as the “Chainsaw Art Gift Shop,” you can peruse online to pick out the offered pine carvings and buy them too if you can’t physically make it to the shop. The large sizes are approximately 14”x16”x5.5,” and the small-sized creations are about 8”x12”x2.5.” All the pieces are hand carved by either Dennis or Frances, as well as painted to match the color of your dog or the breed.

Dog Bark Park gift shop

A Story to Tell

A night or a few spent in the comfort of a giant Beagle is gives the opportunity of a heck of a story to tell. Don’t forget your camera and take pictures, because some people may not believe you. Reservations are available now for 2016, so plan a stay at a real one-of-a-kind inn. Indulge in the delicious breakfast provided for you and your family the next morning as you prepare to go out and see some more new and exciting sights. You can stay in a regular hotel, or you can stay in a Beagle created by the hard work and earnings of a couple who love what they do.

Photos: Dog Bark Park Inn


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