Driving towards the fun city of Seattle, Washington, you will immediately know the space needle when you see it. Resting high above the tallest buildings, the needle appears to have a circular, space-ship appearance at the top, with long legs that branch towards the earth, allowing for more stability. It is considered an observation tower, and the views of the city are unparalleled. The restaurant at the top lets visitors and locals have the most beautiful dinner they’ve ever had before stepping out on the observation decks. If you visit Seattle, the Space Needle is an absolute must.

Construction of the Space Needle

The World’s Fair held in Seattle in 1962 was one of the main reasons for the tower construction. Edward Carlson who was chairman of the World’s Fair wanted to construct something magnificent for the World’s Fair, a tower with a restaurant that could revolve. It was rapidly constructed and completed in less than a year and was indeed ready for the World’s Fair in April of 1962. Bolts that hold the structure to the foundation are each 30 feet long, and there are 72 of them. The foundation lone took 467 cement trucks to fill the 30-foot-deep hole that is 120 feet across. The foundation weighs approximately 5850 tons and also has reinforcing steel to make sure the needle can withstand natural disasters and enforce the structure and its footings to last.

Needle Architecture

The Needle is an architectural masterpiece. It can withstand winds of 200 mph and has 25 lightning rods. In 2001 an earthquake made the water splash out of the toilets due to the magnitude of it, but the Needle still stands. A light was installed at the top of the Space Needle that is called the Legacy Light, and it shines towards the sky to honor certain occasions. It is powered by lights that equal 85 million candelas, and the light beam idea was taken from the 1962 World’s Fair posted in which there was such a beam displayed, although none existed in reality. The disc-shaped part of the needle holds a rotating restaurant, and elevators take you up and down the Needle. The elevators were replaced in 1993 with newer and updated computerized models that can now descend at ten mph. The observation deck surrounds the restaurant area and is a staggering 520 feet in the air. The views of the city and the water are 360-degree magical views. Tickets can be purchased to see views you would only see flying.

Needle Elevators

Some people get a little nervous at the idea of riding in an elevator to the top of the structure. The elevators are located on the outer part of the structure, as there is not an interior elevator construction. IT gives you another chance to see the amazing views as you speed towards the top at ten mph. They are quiet, safe, and exceptionally built. Each elevator has seven cables, even though one of the cables is capable of carrying the lift alone. If for some crazy reason that all seven cables were broken, there is an emergency brake that would lock the elevator on the tracks, preventing any fall or destruction for those who are nervous about using them.

Seattle Space Needle observation deck

The Sky City Restaurant

Having dinner in a tower 520 feet in the air is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most. The Sky City Restaurant rotates while you are eating. It takes 47 minutes to go 360 degrees around, so you will hardly be able to notice. People walk around and have dinner or lunch and can only tell when they look up, and the view is different. Brunch, lunch, and dinner are served, and Chef Jeff Maxfield will delight your taste buds with the creations on the great menu. Try the mouth-watering baby back ribs or the oysters in a half shell for dinner delights. Lunch has a fantastic burger, a crab melt, or King salmon for a few of the items to try. Dessert and a nice wine list are offered, and if you dine in the restaurant, the observation deck and elevator rides are free for you to use after your meals. Live piano might be played during evening and dinner times, and provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience as you view the lights of the city over your meal. Plan your special event in the banquet space in the Space Needle Skyline Level area, 100 feet in the air! That would be a terrible party to beat.

Tickets to the Needle

Tickets to the best views of Seattle and the area are available online or at the venue. General passes start at 13 dollars, and get a combination pass of the Needle visit along with a Chihuly Garden, and Glass pass for only 18 dollars. See the observation areas at the top twice, with a day and night pass to see the city during the day for photographs and its beautiful lights at night for 18 dollars as well. Other ideas and passes are available for various pricing, so you can cater to what you need and what you want to do on your trip!

Dinner Among the Stars

What could be a better way to spend your dinner than among the stars and with a great company? The Space Needle provides not only exceptional food but outstanding views to give you one of the highlights of your trip. Whether you visit during the day, or in the evening, don’t miss out on the glorious scenery of a great city and the surrounding water of Seattle.


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