We all look forward to the fun, relaxation, and activities that await us once we reach our travel destination…but why should the time spent in route be lacking in fun and excitement? The following travel games for adults will be sure to make your time traveling enjoyable from start to finish. What’s Yours?

The best travel games for adults

Everyone except one person (the one in the “hot seat”) is told the name of an item (for example, “swimsuit”) and must describe their item. The person in the hot seat must try to guess what the item is. The object is to be as creative with your descriptions. For example, descriptions should mirror, “Mine is minuscule”… “You can barely see mine and its spotted.”

Set a time limit for guessing. The person in the hot seat will continue to have a turn until they guess correctly, once they do, they pick the next item and the next one to go into the hot seat. This game can become very risque, verbally, therefore should not be played if children are traveling as well, it is truly one of the most fun of the playing games for adults.

Hot Seat

Each person takes a turn at being asked five questions. A veto can be used once per 5 questions if the person in the hot seat chooses not to answer a particular question. Order for the game should go counterclockwise, and consequences for not answering more than one question can be determined before the game by the participants. This particular travel game for adults can be a bit tricky if boundaries regarding questions are not set before the match begins. Keep in mind that the goal is to be lighthearted and not mean-spirited or intrusive.

Buzz Word

At the beginning of the trip, each passenger is given a word that cannot be said (the more common the word, the better) and 5-10 paperclips (safety pins, clothes pins, etc. will also work for this game). When a person says the word (for example “friend” or “drink”), they lose a paperclip. The paperclip is given to the person that catches the fact that the buzz word has been uttered. The one with the most paperclips by the end of the trip wins. These type of travel games for adults are great when going with competitive friends or family.

Name that Tune

Each person takes a turn humming a song while the others try to determine what the song is. This travel game for adults allows everyone to participate in a lighthearted manner with minimal distraction to the driver.

Radio Word Game

Turn the radio off; every passenger chooses a word. One person will record the choices then turn the radio back on. The person whose word has been sung or spoken first wins. The person with the most points by the end of the trip is the winner. These type of travel games for adults, keep people from fighting over the radio while adding entertainment and enjoyment.

Guess Who

One person thinks of the name of either a famous person and the other passengers can ask one yes or no question per turn (10 questions total) to help them guess who. The person that gets the correct answer is the next one to have a turn.

A to Z

Also known as the Alphabet game, each passenger attempts to find an object along the journey that begins with the letters of the alphabet, in order. Each person competes to be the first to find an alphabet match as you work your way to Z. Puzzle-like for adults is a spectacular way to make the time fly and avoid missing landmarks key to your journey’s directional path.

Name Game

Choose a theme (for example, cereals, movies, songs, etc.) and each person must give an answer that begins with the same letter than their last name starts. As one theme runs out of steam, a new theme can be chosen, and the game can continue until the end of your trip. Name game is a travel game for adults that can span the entirety of the journey without becoming redundant or be losing its luster.


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