How often does it happen to you that you find out about a new incredible destination you haven’t heard of before? Usually right? Well, this is quite normal since the world is big and as much as we try, we cannot know every single corner, and we certainly haven’t seen all the beautiful attractions that exist for many years now.

However, some buildings and castles only hadn’t been appreciated enough, that is why many people are not aware they even exist. To make a change and provide you with some valuable information, we decided to reveal you some of the forgotten or unknown colorful castles that can directly take your breath away.

Get a closer look of these fantastic colorful castles

When you think of a castle what probably comes to your mind is a big, spectacular building where some royalty used to live and where important historical events took place. If you add up different vibrant colors to the picture, then your perception quickly changes and what you think about is probably a playful Disney castle. But what would you say if you take a look at the following joyfully looking castles that have nothing to do with an amusement park. On the contrary, they should be taken for granted and visited when possible. Take a look at the following colorful castles:

The Kelburn Castle in Scotland

A fascinating building, the Kelburn Castle has been the home of the family Boyle since its construction in the 13th century, which makes it the oldest one in Scotland to have been continuously inhabited by the same family. The variety of colors that are decorating the exterior of the Kelburn Castle is now spread throughout the whole building, but it is focused on one big part, and it is not included in the initial creation of the exterior, but instead was added later on. This was because a cement render had to be removed to prevent further damage to the stonework. Because of this, its current inhabitant Patrick Boyle decided to invite a group of Brazilian artists to decorate the walls before they were knocked down.

What resulted from this action is a wonderfully decorated castle, a variety of shapes and colors that make you stare at it for hours. This attracted a lot of attention and many tourists to the country, leading the reconstruction up to a discussion. Up until last year, nothing had changed because most people were against ruining the graffiti walls, but nowadays the state of the castle is not entirely known.

Kelburn Castle

Photo Credit: Chris Townsend Licence: Creative Commons Licence

Castle of Sammezzano in Italy

There’s a magical place in Tuscany, Italy, waiting for you to discover it since it had been abandoned a long time ago. Impressive and jaw-dropping, Sammezzano used to be a beautiful residence to several important people from the past. After the Second World War, it was even used as a luxury hotel with additional services such as spa, golf, and country club, which all ceased to exist in the 1990s. From then on the castle hasn’t been used for anything on a regular basis, except an event organized from time to time or a simple visit by determined tourists. We say determined since to enter Sammezzano you have to try hard in advance to book your stay and hope that it will be approved.

The colors and patterns that make up the interior of this place are amazing, found to be different in all 365 rooms. The number of the rooms is not accidental, but instead, is said to have room for every day of the year and every room has its style and decoration. Sammezzano is located near Florence, so it is not that hard to get to it. However, if you’re willing to enter and explore the beautiful interior and the variety of colors, then you should check how to do it on the website. Also, keep in mind that the exterior is also worth visiting, so even if you’re not let to go inside, you can still experience the spirit of the castle from the outside.


Pena National Palace in Portugal

Although quite popular for the people in Portugal, there is a palace in São Pedro de Penaferrim, in the municipality of Sintra, you might probably not be familiar with. This colorful palace is built on the Sintra Mountains, and when the weather is clear, it can even be seen from Lisbon. The Pena National Palace is proud to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an essential creation when it comes to the 19th-century Romanticism in the world.

Located up on a hill above the city of Sintra, the lovely palace is accompanied by a big, magnificent park – Pena Park that is created according to the style of the palace. The colorful exterior is lovely to look at, especially from an aerial point of view. However, the interior is also of no exception, offering a more luxurious taste and feel to its visitors.

Pena National Palace

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace in Thailand

Although not a castle, the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace also deserves your attention when it comes to patterns and shades. Located in Ban Len in Thailand, it is also known as the Summer Palace used as a complex by the Thai Kings. The landscape it forms is quite impressive since the palace lays beside the Chao Phraya River so that the calm water and the sharp architecture create a great mix of emotions.

The Bang Pa-In Royal Palace is open to visitors, so if you’re willing to visit this marvelous destination, they have in mind that what you’re looking for to see the most is the Aisawan Dhiphya-Asana Pavilion.

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

Are these colorful castles and palaces worth the trip? The only way to find out if you like them is to see them in person, so make sure to plan your trip on time. Explore the magical places on Earth and share your experience with us. Until your next journey share this article among your friends, bring a little color to their lives.


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