If someone ever tells you to think of the top 5 countries where bikes are mostly used in everyday life of people, then you would probably mention the Netherlands at some point. Urban and eco-friendly, the Netherlands is one of the most bike-friendly countries in Europe or even the world. Have you ever visited it? If you have – then you have probably never seen as many bikes in one place as before. And if you haven’t yet visited this fascinating country, then good thing you’re reading this article, because we are about to explain to you how to enjoy this destination entirely and how to experience the vibe of every city you’re planning to visit here.

The Netherlands – a country with most developed biking culture

Biking culture might sound a bit strange, but even those tourists that usually don’t ride bicycles in their normal life – they make an exception when coming to the Netherlands since this is the only way your holiday here would be complete. Just imagine biking by the canal, passing by the charming Dutch houses or the endlessly beautiful fields with tulips…oh, it sounds like a miracle! Well as much as you hate biking, you will love to try it out once you step your foot in one of the Dutch cities. And this is mainly because of the highly developed biking culture. It might not be practiced in your country, but the Dutch rarely get off their bikes. This means that whenever you have to go to work, school or go out on a shopping spree, you always take your bicycle along as your number one mode of transport. And what about the weather? Well, it seems that not even the cold nor the wet weather can stop you from paddling from one place to another.

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Hop on a bicycle to get from one city to another in the Netherlands

Wondering how you can achieve this? Really easy! Thanks to the tremendous urban plan of the whole country and its infrastructure, the people in the Netherlands have the chance to go from one city to another quite efficiently. And this doesn’t mean that you have to go on the highway or cycle next to the fast and polluting cars. What the Dutch came up with are unique biking paths that, accompanied by multiple signs, lead the way from one city to another.

Take for example the following situation in which you’re staying in Delft, and you feel like visiting Rotterdam for a day. Or you’re merely trying to catch the sun at the beach in Scheveningen. Well, supposedly you’ll go for a train ride but why don’t you try out a more enjoyable way of spending the trip? Taking your bicycle for a ride from one place to another may give you the pleasure of an approximately one-hour long ride through scenic landscapes and lovely fields of flowers, through charming villages and not so favorite attractions. It will make you experience the journey and spice up the adventure even more. And with the right soundtrack, you will probably feel like you’re in a music video. Amazing!

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Experience the enchanting Van Gogh – Roosegaarde Bicycle Path

Vincent Van Gogh was a marvelous artist, and so was his artwork, there’s no doubt in that. His art inspired many other artists into creating and designing while filling the hearts of the art lovers with delight and warmth.

Up until recently, a new creation inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting called The Starry Night occurred in the city of Eindhoven and since then it has been attracting thousands of visitors. We are talking about a cycle path that was designed according to the overwhelming inspiration of The Starry Night, and it has quite some fantastic features. For example, this route lights up the way for the cyclists in style and with the colors that The Starry Night shines. This great combination of innovation and design also enhances the cultural heritage and tourism that is why it has been added to the bucket list since its very opening of those people who are willing to visit the Netherlands one day. If you’re curious where this path will lead you, just have in mind that it provides a convenient connection for Vincent Van Gogh heritage locations in Brabant, which happens to be Vincent’s Homeland.

This path is a great example of how innovation, art, and design can work together to create something nice and useful while recreating a valuable memory. And if you are determined to see this fantastic piece of art, then you should probably take your bike for a ride once the sun starts setting down or during complete darkness. One ride along this path will make you feel like you are a part of some fairytale.

Rent a bike in the Netherlands or buy it from second hand

For a country like the Netherlands, it is normal to come across a ton of bicycle rental agencies. We know that the bigger the choice – the harder the decision, but the fact that you have so many rental agencies gives you the pleasure of finding the best offer there is. Now, we know you’re going there on holiday and you want to minimize your efforts and maximize your pleasure, but don’t make the mistake of entering the first bicycle rental agency you bump on the road, as the price might be entirely unreasonable from the rest of the offers. That is why we kindly suggest you do a little research before you travel to the Netherlands, to find a reasonable and affordable offer. Also, have in mind that if you’re going in a group of let’s say, eight people, you should always check for the group discounts as you might be surprised how much the overall price can lower down.

Rent a bike in the Netherlands

If you’re staying longer in the country and you think that renting a bike every day will cost you a lot, then it is better to think about buying a second-hand bicycle. As you may have guessed, this means that you are willing to buy an already used bike that’s in good shape and will do you the job for the days you’re staying there. This is best done if you’re in a circle of students, since many international students come for an exchange and when they leave they sell their bikes for an insanely low price. Another alternative would be to buy a new bike, but that’s not necessary and can cost you a fortune.

Netherlands by bike – a therapy you most certainly need!

The Netherlands is a beautiful country, where each city is worth visiting and is relatively close to one another. For such a country, riding a bicycle is a great way to experience the culture, the lifestyle and the spirit of the cities. Feel every city’s heartbeat by acting like a real Dutch – get on your bicycle and explore every corner. Share this article with your friends, let them know what the best way to visit this fascinating destination is.


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