Fairytales are probably the most beautiful stories that people hear from their early ages, although they`re based on impossible ideals and dramatic turn of events. Even though they`re not true, sometimes in life we come across some things that seem like they have escaped from a fairytale.Let’s have a look to the most beautiful castles in the world:

Most Beautiful Castles of the World

You already know what we`re talking about, right? Castles. Big, glamorous, breath-taking castles of the world. Probably the most magical pieces of architecture you`ll get to see in life. And they exist, you just have to find where exactly.

That`s where we come to help you discover the most outstanding castles spread throughout the world, waiting to mesmerize you and make you feel like you`re in your fairytale. Have a look at the following castles of the world; there`s no doubt that you`ll be amazed.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Meet the magnificent castle built only for the King Ludwig II. Located on a hill in Bavaria, this 19th-century palace is a must-see attraction for all tourists visiting Germany. Interesting is how the castle is one of the most photographed buildings in the world, even though photography is not permitted inside of the castle. When you see it, you might think that it`s a castle from Disney and you`re not far from the truth. To be more precise, this castle was the inspiration for The Sleeping Beauty Castle`s design in Disneyland.

Tickets: If you want to enter this magnificent castle, you have to buy the tickets from the Ticket Center in the village of Hohenschwangau below the castle. The regular price of the ticket is 12 euros (11 euros reduced) while for children under 18 the entrance is for free.


Kylemore Abbey in Ireland

This 19th-century lakeside castle was built by Mitchel Henry in 1867 for himself and his big family. Later it has belonged to the nuns who opened it as a day school for the local girls, also used as an international boarding school and guesthouse. The Kylemore Abbey is an excellent and authentic castle surrounded by green woods, located in the heart of Connemara. Today, Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden remain to be the number one attraction in West of Ireland, open for everyone interested in enjoying its beauty.

Tickets: You can book tickets online, for the price of €13.00 for adults, €9.00 for students, €10.00 for seniors and special ticket prices for families. Children under ten can enter for free.

Kylemore Abbey

Osaka Castle in Japan

The most famous and most visited castle of all the castles in Japan has a lovely view to offer. Started in 1583 and finally finished 14 years after, this castle was inherited by the owner`s son called Toyotomi Hideyori. Even though it doesn`t look that huge as other castles of the world do, don`t let the eyes fool you, because this castle has a five-story exterior and an eight-story interior. It was built atop a tall stone foundation to protect the people in the castle from being attacked during the 16th century. It is an authentic architectural piece, included in almost every tour organized in the Kyoto region.

Tickets: To enter the castle, the ticket for an adult costs 600 yen, which is about $5.

Osaka Castle

Château de Chambord in France

Started with construction in 1519, this castle is very famous in the world of the architecture because of its French Renaissance architecture. Francis, I was the king that ordered this castle to be built, even though he never lived there. It was a place where he went for short periods of time, and maybe that`s why it was never finished during his time. It`s located in Chambord in Central France and is known to be the largest château in the Loire Valley. Plus, it`s protected by UNESCO.

Tickets: The standard ticket is €11, while the reduced fare is €9. Be careful to also check the prices for the parking, as for they are not included in the price of the entrance ticket.

Chateau de Chambord

Hohenwerfen Castle in Austria

Another castle built on a hill, somewhere between 1075 and 1078, by order of Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg. Nowadays, it functions as an adventure castle for its visitors, offering a lot of things to see, like a collection of weapons, falconry museum, fortress tavern and other. A unique attraction in this castle is the historic Falconry Centre, where daily flight demonstrations are being shown.

Tickets: It depends if you want to take the footpath or the funicular to the castle and also if you are taking the standard or the reduced ticket. For example, an adult ticket when taking the trail costs €11 while the adult ticket with the funicular is a bit more expensive – €14,50.

Hohenwerfen Castle

Prague Castle in the Czech Republic

The Prague Castle is one of the biggest and most visited attractions in the Czech Republic. As from the 10th century, the castle served as the seat of the Czech princes and later kings. Being incredibly huge, the Prague Castle is known to be the largest ancient castle in the world. Having had several reconstructions through the years, this castle complex includes Gothic St Vitus Cathedral, Romanesque Basilica of St. George, a monastery, and several palaces, gardens and defense towers. It is a must-see attraction if you are heading to the Czech Republic. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful castles of the world.

Tickets: It depends on the type of the ticket and the area of the castle you want to visit. However, an individual standard ticket doesn`t cost more than $15.

Prague Castle

Mont Saint Michel in France

A stunning piece of architecture, found in a rocky tidal island in Normandy, approximately 1 km off the coast. The island is poorly populated, but over 3 million people are visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site each year. Just from a photo, you will be truly amazed. Now, imagine going there and seeing it in person that would be just awesome! An interesting fact is that the strong tides in the area tend to change quickly, causing the island to connect and disconnect from the mainland on a daily basis.

Tickets: The prices of the tickets vary depending on the age of the visitor and if the visitor comes from a country of the European Union or not. For example individuals, older than 25, that are residents in a country belonging to EU have to pay €9.

Mont Saint Michel

Peles Castle in Romania

Built by the first king of Romania – Carol I, this marvelous castle is a mix of several styles including features of an elegant Neo-Renaissance style combined with Gothic Revival and Baroque, meanwhile enjoying some Saxon and Swiss alpine influences. The beauty of the castle and the outstanding nature all around it simply takes your breath away. The Peles Castle is a composition of several buildings, and it also represents a Romanian National Monument. It is interesting how this castle has been the first establishment of its kind to have electricity and central heating.

Tickets: The comprehensive exhibition costs 20 RON for adults, which is approximately $5. However, if you are also interested in having a tour of the exhibition and the other floors, then you have the chance to choose between several options and pay a maximum of $18.

Peles Castle

The world is full of great architectural pieces, all made in their unique way, compromising a mix of one or many styles. And as old as a building or a bridge or whatever the piece may be, the more appreciated it is, respecting the great minds of the artists, the architects or whoever is responsible for them.

You have seen the list of most beautiful castles of the world, so now is your time to choose which one has left a huge impression on you and put it on your to-visit list. Why not even put them all? Life can be unpredictable, so you`ll never know when you`ll have a chance to see something like this.


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