The world has a whole string of lakes. From the most minute and insignificant, to dramatic mountains that shelter clearest waters you’ve ever seen. Although there are a countless number of breathtaking lakes in the world, here are a selected few that really top the list.

1-Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como in Italy is an astonishing deep blue lake, sheltered by the dramatically placed Alps. The hills are filled with luxurious homes and towns in the classic Italian architectural style. Enjoy a scenic boat trip across the immense waters to various towns and villages; indulge in that long-awaited authentic Italian café latte with a view too beautiful for any photographer to capture successfully.


2- Lake Windermere, England

Lake Windemere is a picturesque ten and a half mile long lake. This lake is also the largest natural lake in England. Enjoy the full beauty of the lake by hiring a bike or perhaps even a canoe to absorb this natural treasure. Lake Windermere is particularly breathtaking at sunset, so be sure to catch a glimpse of the sun magically scorching the surface of the water – truly unmissable!


3- Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California, USA

Majestic in both summer and winter, Lake Tahoe is undoubtedly a jewel of the USA. Bordering California and Nevada, this huge lake is home to a vast range of wildlife, recreational activities and charming log cabin homes and hotels. Spend the day relaxing in the clear blue waters, or explore the stunning forests that shelter the lake; whatever you enjoy, the sheer charm of Lake Tahoe will not disappoint.


4- Lake Saimaa, Finland

Lose yourself in this stunning Scandinavian scenery; feel inspired while gazing across the vast horizon of clear blue water. Perfect for kayaking, the water is impeccably still due to it being sheltered by the Archipelago. Dotted islands across the lake look physically breathtaking in the reflective water and offer countless adventures – jump in, and explore this magical part of the world!


5- Lake Malawi, Malawi

Rugged landscapes shelter the usually emerald colored waters; this extraordinary collection of Islands and deep waters offer a variety of views, from white sandy beaches to rocky shores, all the way to swamp land and lagoons. This scenic wonderland is perfect for water sports and swimming; finish your day of adventures by relaxing in one of the many lakeside lodges – perfection!


6- Maligne Lake, Alberta, Canada

The marvel at this legendary lake is that it proudly holds absolutely spectacular views. Visit the world famous Spirit Island in the heart of Maligne Lake, only accessible by boat; prepare to be blown away by feelings of seclusion and isolation from modern world distractions. Be inspired by the extent of captivating beauty and charm this magical part of Canada has to offer. It’s hard to beat this kind of beauty!


7- Millstätter See, Austria

Looking like something that jumped straight out of a fairytale, this beautiful Austrian lake has heaps to offer you. Millstätter is the second warmest lake of Carinthia, with exceptionally high-quality water; it is clean enough to drink! Enjoy a heavenly massage with break taking views, rent a bike of even delve into a spot of golf! Feel refreshed after a trip to Millstätter.


8- Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

This previously volcanic crater is home to an old-growth forest and deep blue waters. The crater lake is truly a wonder of the natural world. One of its stops is Wizard Island, which rises out of the lake. The island is named after its close similarities to a wizard’s hat. Summer is undoubtedly the best time to see the lake, as countless historical tours give a genuine insight into the gorgeous lake and its intriguing heritage.


9- Lake Balaton, Hungary

Also known as Europe’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Balaton is Hungary’s number one holiday resort for worldwide tourists. On the south side of the lake, you’ll find warm sandy beaches with shallow, almost tropical waters; volcanic hills of the Badacsony reflect in the smooth surface of the water in the north. Home to numerous festivals and buzzing nightlife, Lake Balaton, has everything you want and more; indulge yourself in this epitome of tranquility.


10-Lake Königssee, Germany

Germany’s most beautiful alpine lake that is also the country’s cleanest and deepest lake. Lake Königssee is rich in history, particularly from World War 2. The heritage of the lake is highly valued and a hotspot from those interested in history. Crystal clear waters and steep mountains create a photogenic haven. Enjoy a magical electric boat trip across the lake to take in the sheer charm of Germany’s natural pride and joy.


All of these breathtaking lakes come in various shapes, sizes, depths and temperatures. But the single common quality is that they are all overwhelming beautiful and well worth a visit. What better way than to spend a trip admiring nature’s beauty than to holiday to one of the Earth’s breathtaking lakes and all that they have to offer. Hence, these extensive, delicious bodies of water will captivate you. But also inspire you in ways you’d never have thought.  Watch over their sublime beauty and allow their natural status to refresh you.

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