Hamburgers and cheeseburgers are an American food staple. People love their burgers, so much so, that some restaurants have created their spin with fantastic creations and additions that are surprising and delicious. A burger is a good time anytime in the U.S. Here are some of the best burger restaurants in America.

Burger Bar – Las Vegas

Restaurants are familiar, but have you ever been to a burger bar? Las Vegas is home to the Burger Bar, where many different creations are offered to accommodate a variety of tastes. Beef, turkey, and vegetarian creations are all on the menu, or you could even try a buffalo patty instead. The expensive “Rossini” burger has Wagyu beef, sautéed Foie grass accompanied by shaved truffles for a fantastic and high-end meal. This bar is sure to have what you’re looking for from the huge menu list and great options!

Kuma’s Corner – Chicago

Chicago has many great places to eat, and Kuma’s Corner is one of them. Known for their burgers, Kuma’s offers a wide variety of toppings for that perfect combination. The burgers here are named after bands and toppings can be anything from bacon, lettuce, tomato, sharp cheddar, onion and even a fried egg. What would you like on your burger, because Kuma’s probably has it?

MELT Gourmet Burgers – Leesburg

Leesburg, Virginia has the best burger place in the state to eat! The patties here are thick, juicy and always cooked to perfection. MELT helps the community by donating all tips to the Loudoun County Animal Shelter. There is a wide choice of toppings, and a particular favorite is the “Paris” burger with melted brie, balsamic glazed onions, baby spinach and some Dijon mustard for the perfect combination. There are lots of sides and appetizers as well, and their menu is quite extensive. See what everyone is talking about at MELT.

Stock and Barrel – Knoxville

Tennessee is home to the restaurant called Stock and Barrel who is famous for its beef patties. The meat is locally raised, and the buns are created at a local bakery. The onion rings add just the right taste and make an excellent side dish. The duck confit fries are raved about, and there are plenty of burgers to choose from! For a different twist try the “Elvis” burger which has organic peanut butter, fried bananas and Benton’s bacon for a taste you have never experienced before.

Hops Burger Bar – Greensboro

Move over Vegas; we have another burger bar on our hands! Hops Burger Bar in Greensboro, North Carolina is a favorite place for both locals and visitors, and the line is out the door on most Friday nights. Burgers, beer, and fires are all waiting for the perfect combination for a delicious meal. The patties are certified Angus beef, and the fries can come with parmesan, chili, cheese, garlic, rosemary and a variety of other toppings and delicious seasonings. Try the “Spicy Goat” burger with sweet and spicy pepper, jelly, goat cheese, bacon, and lettuce.

Nic’s Grill – Oklahoma City

Oklahoma has an excellent burger joint called Nic’s Grill, where you can meet Nic himself and eat one of the best patties you’ll ever ingest. The restaurant has a genuine, authentic burger atmosphere, and the patties are quite vast and delicious. Nic himself cooks up the meat but be sure to get there by 2 p.m. before they close. The restaurant is tiny, but you know it’s good when the line is always out the door. If you want your burger experience forever changed, you have to try Nic’s Grill.

McPhail’s Burgers – Jackson

Wyoming not only has a great burger place, but McPhail’s Burgers is well known for their hand spun, mouth-watering milkshakes too. The patties are top quality, grass-fed Angus beef, which perfects the taste and tenderness. Fresh cut fries are made from either Idaho potatoes or sweet potatoes, whichever you prefer. The buns are locally produced and prepared daily for freshness and quality. Try the “Shroom” burger with Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, tomato, lettuce and red onion for a meal you won’t soon forget.

Brook’s Gourmet Burgers and Dogs – Naples

Naples, Florida has a restaurant with a great positive atmosphere and a list of burgers to die for. Over 15 burger choices are available on the menu, and the reviews make this Florida burger place one of the best to dine at. Try the “Farm” burger with a fried egg, barbeque pulled pork and cheddar cheese or how about the “Sandra’s Hottie” with cream cheese, jalapenos, and bacon for a spicy patty. For a one-of-a-kind, taste the “Donut” burger with American cheese and bacon on a patty between two donuts as buns. Choose from an Angus patty, turkey patty, veggie, or chicken breast.

Hodad’s – San Diego

Located on the west coast in the ocean-view town of San Diego, California is Hodad’s burger place. Hodads is serving up the best burgers in the state. The menu has an “all you can eat” option for a mere 99$. Try the Guido Burger that has pastrami, ketchup, pickles, Swiss cheese, grilled onions and spicy brown mustard on a delicious beef patty. Try a double bacon cheeseburger if you’re starving and add more toppings for an extra cost for the ultimate meal. You’ll need all your strength for having fun on the beach or playing in the nearby Pacific Ocean.

Bobcat Bite – Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico is the home of the restaurant the Bobcat Bite, initially named for the Bobcats that would hang around out back of the kitchen hoping for scraps to dig through. All the burgers are fresh ground choice whole boneless chuck and sirloin, and the buns are homemade. There is gluten-free bread available; all you have to do is ask. Try the patty melt on rye bread will onions and Swiss cheese or a southwestern flare with the Bacon Green Chile Cheeseburger. Order you a burger the way you want it cooked and enjoy the city of Santa Fe and its excellent food.

Mouthwatering Goodness

Burgers are an American favorite, and there are tons of different ways to order your burger. Try a fried egg, avocado, donuts as buns, every type of cheese you could imagine, chilies and your favorite condiments. With so many options nowadays, the sky is the limit. Don’t forget those French fries for the perfect side dish. Pick up your next meal at one of these best burger restaurants in the U.S.

Did you visit one of these best Burger Restaurants in America? Share your experiences with us!


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