What was the last journey you had this year? Was it a good one? Did you feel like you were adequately prepared for it? It is not often that you are delighted of the overall organization of your trips, but even if you think that it was perfect, you have to be aware of the fact that you can always improve your preparations and your overall journey. Interested how you can make this happen? Then have a look at the following traveling tips that will provide you with a way more enjoyable trip than the usual.

Traveling tips for a better-organized trip

Take a look at these tips and make sure to implement at least some of them. You will see the results immediately after you:

  1. Create a packing list

A week before your trip several stuff that you need to take along with you randomly pop into your head. And what you do? You remember them… No! This is not the way proper preparations work. You can try and remember every single thing you have thought of, but we all know the result – in the end, you always forget about something you have thought of taking the week before.

Luckily, there is a way how to make these things better. And thanks to technology, this activity can quite quickly be fulfilled. There are plenty of mobile applications that can help you organize your trip and remind you when the time is right to pack what you thought to be necessary. One such application is the PackPoint Packing List Travel Companion that is simple to use and can be quite handy, so if you are one of those people that have their hands stuck to their mobile phone, then this is a great way to prepare for an enjoyable trip. If you prefer the old-fashioned way, then it is always nice to write a packing list and keep this “document” sacred, preferably in a notebook you tend to carry in your bag most of the time. Make sure to have it next to you as much as possible, because you never know when an idea will strike you.

  1. Download traveling applications

As mentioned before, traveling applications are cheap or even free and can be useful when it comes to organizing a trip and during the trip. You can use all sorts of mobile applications that can help you organize your trip, find cheap transportation and accommodation, find coffee places and all kinds of entertainment according to your taste and even find your way to get from one place to another. There are applications for almost everything! It’s entirely insane but in the meantime awesome since they all help you have a more organized trip. Of course, on the other hand, this means that staring at the mobile phone all the time can make you miss crucial moments during your trip. Also, you will lose the whole sense of having an adventure, but it is entirely up to you to decide on how much you will depend on these applications and how much you will get addicted to them. So, make sure to leave some space to spontaneity and try to live in the moment.

  1. Get informed about what to visit and what to do

Normally, people like to know where they’re going and what they can expect from their trip to a particular country. And what they usually do is they listen to stories told by people that have already visited that same country and have gathered some experiences. Well, it is good to listen to those stories, but should you only stick up to their comments and impressions? What if they’re not telling the truth? What if, for example, you travel to Portugal and you happen to have heard by your friends that the capital is Porto. Just because they said, they are sure about it, even though they don’t admit they have made up this only because it seems logical that the capital should be the one carrying part of the name of the country. Well, you’ll be wrong since the capital is Lisbon and at the end of the day, it will be your fault that you didn’t know this, because you are surrounded by a considerable amount of traveling books and documentaries and, of course, the majesty of the Internet.

So, to conclude, wherever you are traveling – make sure to read or listen to at least a few things you find to be critical about a particular destination. It is good to share experiences with others, but never take peoples’ stories for granted, always have some accurate information collected by you. Except if you want to spend your vacation feeling like Alice in Wonderland then don’t bother making a research of any kind.

  1. Book your trip in advance

Transportation, accommodation, restaurants, museums, whatever you plan on visiting that requires wasting a lot of time on a huge queue or paying more than if you pay in advance – book them. Things like these should be organized on time if you want to spend less and still enjoy the quality of the services provided. You have probably experienced this while trying to find the perfect option for transportation or accommodation at a particular destination, but have in mind that this also holds for various top attractions that people are lining up for on a daily basis. Just think about the German Bundestag – the parliament building in Berlin that almost every visitor wishes to enter. Well, if you’re going to Berlin then you should better book a reservation to the Bundestag in advance because you will not be let inside if you normally appear at the doors of the German Parliament. So book your trip in advance – it will cost you less, and you can enjoy your trip properly without having to worry about these things.

  1. Finish every obligation before taking off

Do you want to enjoy your vacation thoroughly? Do you want to let yourself free and just think about the lovely sights you’ve seen and the incredible moments you’ve experienced? Then do whatever it takes to get every obligation you have before the trip off your chest. This is essential if you want to devote your time to the new adventure and not be always worrying about how you didn’t get your job done or how you’re expecting your electricity to be cut off when you return home. Even if you haven’t succeeded to finish up with everything before your vacation, it is best to forget about it at least for the time you’re having your journey, because you cannot change what you have or haven’t done anyways. When the time comes, you will suffer the consequences, but up until then make sure to give yourself the pleasure of escaping the reality.

  1. Stand your ground

Saying what YOU want to visit and stating how much YOU would like to pay for a restaurant is not something you should be embarrassed to say out loud. Of course, you can’t expect that the people traveling with you will equally accept all ideas, but no one should feel under pressure to agree to something he or she doesn’t feel comfortable with. That is why it is always good, to be honest, and say what you feel like doing or which attraction you feel like visiting, even though this means that you don’t quite have the same interests as the others. Like in most other situations, there is always space for a compromise, so try to avoid the negative energy by not spending time on arguing, but come up with a solution to get the best for everyone out of the situation. Your vacation should be spent relaxing and feeling right after all.

After this article, you feel like you had a lot of material to read? Wait until you start packing – that is the real deal! Luckily, these tips will help you organize your trip better, while some of them can even help you achieve the maximum pleasure while you’re having the vacation of your dreams. And make sure to share them, especially with the people you are planning to travel with – the holiday is always better when everyone is well-organized and prepared for an incredible experience.


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