Las Vegas truly is the only place to escape the real world, and enter into a temporary state of the weird, wacky and downright incredible. It is also the only place in the world where you can theoretically cross continents just by crossing the street; dip and dine for a spot of al fresco lunch in Italy, party in Egypt, then finish with a spot of dinner in New York. Experience life to the extreme, where nothing is impossible; revel in the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip at night, that’s bursting with partiers, Elvis impersonators, showgirls and the odd tourist who cannot believe this place exists. Despite it not being the most tasteful US city, Vegas is undeniably one you can’t die without having seen. Reinvent yourself over and over again with each hotel you venture into; feel a rush of class as you prance into the Bellagio, or a sense of freedom and opportunity as you discover the almighty New York-New York. And just remember, what happens in Vegas, most definitely does stay in Vegas, as it is a place of imagination and endless opportunity.

Have a taste of Venice

Embark on an Italian themed adventure, American style, with the uber huge mega hotel, the Venetian. Boasting an unthinkable 7,000 suites, this 5-star hotel is the largest hotel in the world under one roof and provides a snippet of Italian luxury in a quirky way. With a combined total of 2.3 million square feet of meeting spaces, a whopping 1 million square ft. of retail space, and over 30 restaurants, the Venetian and the Palazzo are far from short of choice when you’re crazing a shopping spree during your stay. Check out the indoor grand canal, which imitates the real Venice in a way that leaves you to mind boggled; as you walk, the sky feels like you’re moving, and somehow, there’s even a breeze?! Ride one of the famous gondolas around the rivers; inside there are an enormous 273,000 gallons of water, furthered even more by the outside capacity of 570,000 gallons! The Venetian ensures that it attends to the authentic Italian touches to keep its true meaning alive; feel as though you are in the real Venice, with traditionally dressed characters lurking the indoor streets of Venice and conducting the gondolas, and life-size replicas of traditional Venetian structures, like the Campanile Tower. The Venetian boasts an extravagant 2 million banquet meals every year, keeping its element of class and tradition very much alive and buzzing. Finish your evening by watching a show in one of the hotel’s theatres; catch a glimpse of that captivating Vegas buzz and hit the casinos for some late night gambling!

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

New York-New York

Opened in January 1997 by MGM resorts, New York-New York hotel is a staggering emulation of the real big apple, costing a catastrophic sum of $485 million. Equipped with 2,024 rooms and 104 suites, New York-New York copies the soaring skyscrapers, acting as separate sections of the hotel and where people stay. For instance, there are a total of 12 skyscrapers that are roughly a third smaller than the original New York skyscrapers. The Vegas Empire State Building is a massive 45 stories high, the Chrysler Building is 40 stories, and there is also a 150ft replica of the Statue of Liberty, dominating the exterior of the hotel. Venture inside New York-New York to discover the vast cultural array of different districts, from Brooklyn to the Bronx, all the way to Manhattan. Grab an authentic bite to eat from the alluring smells of little Italy’s bakeries, snapping you into a world far away, or the famous Mexican cafés, all the way to Gallagher’s Steakhouse, a New York treasure since the year 1927. Perhaps the most incredible aspect of New York-New York is its phenomenal rollercoaster that snakes around the whole of the hotel skyscrapers. Witness unbeatable views of the Las Vegas strip, which is both breathtaking at night and day, and whiz in and around of New York’s skyscrapers at tremendous speeds, which you can’t-do in the real city!

New York-New York Hotel in Las Vegas

Wander through Italy

The Bellagio hotel is possibly one of Vegas’ most recognizable, with its identifiable and synonymous 1,200 fountain water show extravaganza. Bellagio is a quaint little town in Lake Como in Italy, filled with luxury lakeside villas and plush scenery – the epitome of class. The Bellagio keeps a lot of this regal Italian design present in its interior and exterior and has the bonus of active rooftop gardens that produce herbs for the hotel’s many restaurants. The Bellagio is one of the primary homes of the famous show, Cirque du Soleil, which is a huge draw factor for many tourists to visit Las Vegas. The Bellagio also is home to a museum of fine art, with artists as prestigious as Claude Manet and Marc Chagall; if you’re an art lover, also make sure you grab a bite to eat in the Picasso restaurant, which serves delicious food accompanied by original works of Picasso upon the walls. However, if you see nothing else in the Bellagio, make 100% sure that you catch the fountain show; it actually defines viva Las Vegas. Watch in awe with thousands of other onlookers gazing into the shooting water that reaches unreal heights, while exuding varies colors, timings, and depths. It’s truly a once in a lifetime, phenomenal experience.

The Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada

Why not go to Egypt?

If you never get to visit the real Egypt, the Luxor hotel is close enough to the real thing! Be welcomed as you approach the building by a towering, dominating black pyramid accompanied by a color replica of the Egyptian sphinx. With 4,400 hotel rooms and a five-acre pool area with four pools, the Luxor hotel is the second largest hotel in the USA. Other interesting aspects of the Luxor include its two wedding chapels in a French-inspired design, and Shadow Creek Golf Course, one of America’s most top rated golf courses. Opened in 1993, the hotel has seen huge refurbishment and development over the years, but as it currently stands, the interior of the hotel faces inwards, so it mimics a real pyramid on the inside as well, meaning all of the rooms are slightly tilted. This large 30 story hotel boats a mega 120,000 square feet region of Casinos, which thrive with life and atmosphere at night time, all furnished in typical ancient Egyptian style. Owned by the uber-wealthy MGM resorts, the Luxor has all the glitz and glam; at night time, a demanding lazed beam is released from the top of the pyramid, that is visible from both the ground and the air, highlighting its prominence on the Vegas strip.

The Luxor in Las Vegas, Nevada

Had enough of the 9-5 routine? Escape to this dreamland for a few nights and let your hair down, and experience a few world-famous landmarks at the same time. Party with Elvis and experience the world of sparkle and glitz, and not having to be a sensible adult for once! Vegas is a great party city, that is full of the most eccentric five-star hotels you will ever see in your life. Imagine your fantasy and watch it come alive in the city of bright lights and sparkle; Viva Las Vegas baby!


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