You enjoy a fancy dinner in the city, but the restaurants you usually visit don’t make you happy and excited about eating outside anymore? In that case, what you need is a new experience, something that will go beyond the bars of a usual dinner in a restaurant, something that will excite you more the moment you think about going out for dinner somewhere in town.

A dinner in the sky

Wondering if this thing exists? Well, wonder no more because now you can be sure that you can have a lovely meal while sitting on a chair in the sky, watching over the whole city and admiring its beauty from above. This idea came out of Belgium, where the first dinner of this kind was executed successfully. Nowadays, the service is provided not just in Europe but also in many countries throughout the whole world. However, first, we should clarify a few things before we jump to the greatest destinations for doing such an entertaining activity. Let’s take a look at the following things:

Why should you have a dinner in the sky?

Because it’s awesome! No really, have you seen the photos? You’re enjoying a delicious meal prepared and served by some fascinating chefs up high while admiring the beautiful atmosphere and the great company by your friends or colleagues. And on top of it all, you have the perfect aerial view of the city, its architecture, its enchanting colors and spirit, its hidden stories.

One thing that may limit you not even to consider trying out this exciting type of dining is your reasonable fear of heights. It is not something to be ashamed of, but for people with such concerns, this kind of activity may be more of a torture than satisfaction. However, if you are only scared about the safety of dining in the sky, then make sure that there is nothing to worry about. Apart from the excellent construction and the design of the holder, you are also secured by safety belts that won’t let you slip under the table if that is what you’re afraid of. And what about the toilet? Well, it`s just like in any other restaurant when you ask the waiter where the bathroom is, and he points you to it – down on the ground. However, this seems to be no problem because even though you have to get everyone back with you on the ground, the process of getting down and up lasts only a few minutes.

Apart from having a casual dinner with your friends or colleagues, here is what you can also do while you’re up there:

Marriage in the Sky

Oh yes, you can get married up there, beneath the clouds. Magical wedding ceremonies are organized up in the sky. However, you are quite limited to have a small wedding, inviting only the closest members of the family. Even though this marriage may be small, it can be better than the one you have always dreamed about. You can also have a musician playing up there in the beautiful blue sky, where no one will bother you. And do you know what the best part of nobody bothering you on your wedding day is? Well, the chances that some acquaintance or ex-partner will ruin your wedding are quite small. Plus it cannot get more romantic than getting married up in the clouds.

Showbiz in the Sky

You need a private corporate meeting where you want to make sure no one from outside will hear your secrets? You want a spectacular event to promote the new car of your company? You want a fancy dinner to celebrate the recent success of your business with your co-workers? Then this is an excellent solution for you!

Watch an event from up in the Sky

If you’re interested in seeing the soccer match or attend a concert from above, then you will find this to be an excellent opportunity for you as you will have a great seat and an even more fabulous view of the event. However, this is a service that is provided only occasionally, and it probably costs even more than a simple dinner in the sky.

Best destinations for a dinner in the sky

Despite the variety of occasions you can attend while having a dinner in the sky, it is always good to know which destinations are the best for trying this out. Have a look at the following:

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the place where this idea takes upon its origins, and it would be amazing to have an experience of dining high up next to the top attraction of this city which is the Atomium. The Atomium is located a little further from the center of the town, in a big green park, so you can expect to enjoy the serenity of the city while yet being at one of the most visited places in Brussels.

Jaffa, Israel

Sitting above the bay of Jaffa and tasting the delicious meals prepared just for you is the ultimate gourmet experience. It is great to have the chance to visit the interesting city of Jaffa, but to discover it from above will raise your impressions to a whole new level.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Wouldn’t it be spectacular to experience the city of angels from above all those lights and the crazy nightlife? Dining in peace is something strange when it comes to the crazy city of Las Vegas, but this can be achieved by dining in the sky and preparing for a long night of partying.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Having an excellent meal up in the air, among the enormous, spectacular towers of Kuala Lumpur can make you feel like the king/queen of the world. You will have your mouth wide open while staring at the fascinating futuristic architecture of Kuala Lumpur. The view from below is fantastic, but the view from above is just incredible!

London, England

How would you like to taste a delicious dish while doing a little sightseeing of London from above? Nobody would refuse a dinner next to the Big Ben, so don’t be the first one. It would be so amazing to enjoy a meal above the river Thames and all of the wonders of London.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The capital of United Arab Emirates is a real wonderland and having the chance to see it from up above is a rare opportunity. But no matter how high you will sit in the sky, you will still feel like Alice in Wonderland once you get to visit the spectacular Abu Dhabi.

Paris, France

Having the chance to eat a tasty French dinner while staring at the gracious Eiffel Tower can be a one in a lifetime experience. And to see the sun set behind the tower as you enjoy a delicious French wine and cheese – well the feeling cannot be easily described with words, can it?

Honestly, whichever destination you choose to take part in such an activity – you won’t make a mistake as it will be a one of a kind experience.  And it might take a lot to conquer the fear of being high up in the sky, but the overall fun pays off.

Photo credit: Kārlis Dambrāns


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