Giving your word to the chosen one that you will love and respect him/her for a lifetime is a great moment that everybody should have the chance to experience it in life. And of course – having a perfect wedding day and sharing the happiness with your close relatives and friends is priceless. But before getting married, people are looking forward to celebrating their last day of “independence,” the day before they become somebody`s wife or husband.

Now we all know how guys like to party during their bachelor party. However, sometimes that`s only empty talks and no action. On the other side, girls are known to be calmer during their bachelorette party, eating funny decorated cupcakes, posing for photos and giggling all night. What most people don`t know is that girls can make a kick-ass bachelorette party, partying all night and having the time of their lives.

If you are organizing your or your friend`s bachelorette party and you want it to be just epic, check out where in the USA you can have a wild party that will be remembered for good.

Los Angeles, California

Want to feel like a star before your wedding day? Then have your moment of sparkling in the streets of Los Angeles! Choose the right spa center to relax first and get yourself prepared for the craziest night ever! Find a fancy nightclub and spend the night dancing and singing with your best friends.

Miami Beach, Florida

Have an exotic bachelorette party at some of the beaches in Miami. Order your cocktails and have fun all day at the beach or next to the pool of your mansion. If you already know the dates of your stay in Miami, then take a look at the Chippendales and their tour dates, and if you`re lucky to be there when they`re performing, you will have the best bachelorette party ever! If the atmosphere gets too hot after their performance, you can always cool down in the ocean.

New York City

If you decide to organize your bachelorette party in New York City, then you have an infinite number of possibilities. Whether you choose to go completely crazy or spend a regular night, you can always find something for every taste. From completely organized private pool parties to insanely fun dancing pole workshops, check out the crazy nightlife of NYC. New York City never sleeps and so shouldn`t you!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Who said going crazy in Las Vegas is just for guys? You`ll be surprised how girls can have fun in casinos and take advantage of the open bar. Don`t be afraid to give Las Vegas a try; it`s not as challenging as you think. Rent out a limo and enjoy the ride through the streets, all dressed up cheering with champagne in your hand. At some point in the night, go to a fancy club and spend the night dancing and celebrating.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you decide to do your bachelorette party in New Orleans, then you have to spend some time of the night on Bourbon Street. But first, make sure to have a beautiful and calm dinner, just to prepare yourself for the crazy night that is waiting for you. If you feel like the night has no limits, then visit a stripper bar and go on stage. Have some good laugh and continue with your adventure, just be careful not to do anything you`ll regret in the morning.

Bachelorette Party in Limo

San Diego, California

If you want to party like rock stars, then San Diego is the place to be. Rent a private yacht and spend the night under the colorful lights of San Diego. If you prefer spending the night surrounded by strangers, then join a club crawl or go to a party at some of the fanciest and coolest rooftops.

Vail, Colorado

If you are a cool person and you enjoy freezing on the outside while being all fired up from the inside, then take your best friends for an amazing bachelorette party in Vail. Have a different kind of celebration while taking your adventurous spirits to the next level. You can never make a mistake if you decide to enjoy your time spent in an outdoor hot spa.

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas city, definitely knows how to party! Grab your favorite drinks, take some dancing classes or even do something you haven`t done before like an organized race with pedicabs! This city never sleeps so you`ll have plenty of opportunities to find what keeps your energy running during the night.

Nashville, Tennessee

This town is amazing, offering a lot of bachelorette activities for many tastes. Every girl can find something fun to do in this city, whether she`s looking for something classy, adventurous, laid back or a great party. Numerous agencies are helping the brides to plan their perfect bachelorette party.

Atlanta, Georgia

From authentic jazz bars to totally crazy and entertaining clubs, Atlanta has a nightlife worth to explore. This city is full of surprises and can offer you a lot of hotels with private space for throwing celebrations.

Key West, Florida

Apart from the crazy nightlife, this city can offer you many adrenaline-pumping activities that you will never be able to forget. Have fun with your best friends while doing some of the extreme sports offered in Key West, enjoy the day on the beach, and you won`t even feel like going out and getting drunk in the night. However, if you have the will and the energy – remember that in Key West nobody can stop you to party hard!

There`s no doubt that your bachelorette party should be fun and unique, however, don`t put yourself through a lot of pressure to organize it, since you already have your wedding day on your mind. Sometimes it`s better to leave the plans to your friends because they know you and your requirements and they might even concentrate more to find the perfect solution. Just remember to have fun, but don`t exaggerate – you don`t want to regret something you`ve done later in the morning and have to feel guilty before the best day of your life.


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