Nobody likes to get old, that`s a fact, but despite that, we`re still looking forward to our next birthday. It is the day when you get to be in the spotlight of happiness, enjoying the heart-warming wishes and hugs by the people around you. And of course, one of the best things about it is that people give you presents! Plus, if you are a fan of surprises, then this certainly is your favorite day of the year.

But what about celebrating the birthdays of the people around you, especially when it comes to your close friends and family? I bet you feel happy as a child when you`re preparing a surprise party for a friend or just visiting your family for a piece of delicious birthday cake. Even if you don`t enjoy celebrating birthdays, there`s this one thing that you are always expected to do when you attend a birthday party – buy/make a birthday gift.

Although people are self-confident, believing they always buy the perfect gift, you would be surprised how many times they have been wrong about it. When you buy a present, you always have to do a little research about what the person is having the birthday wishes for and what kind of gift he/she would find amusing. If you`re having trouble finding the perfect gift for the best type of people, which obviously is the traveler type, then I think I can help you this time.

Travelers are rich people, but I`m referring more to their experience than to their money. They are adventurous people, seizing the day and making their dreams come true. They have already set goals, at least for the places they want to visit, and they`re planning on accomplishing them. Travelers are the people that wouldn`t mind if you give something that they don’t like as a present. They are used to adapt to different situations and individuals. That’s why they are more flexible and full of understanding when it comes to a variety of tastes and opinions. You might think if it was necessary to explain this type of people, but it will only help you in your search for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life. Take a look at the following gift ideas:

1. Traveling equipment

You can never go wrong with this one. A traveler always needs something useful for the road, and even though he/she might already have it, it is never bad to have some spare equipment in case the previous gets damaged. Now, the term equipment is a broad topic and what you need is something specific, but this depends on the type of traveler you`re dealing. However, you can never go wrong with a traveling backpack, a sleeping bag, a lovely combination of a comfortable traveling pillow and a polar blanket or even a tent. These are the essentials for traveling and spending the night while being on the road.

Traveling equipment

2. Thermos with a custom-made design

If you have a good eye and some design skills, then think about an interesting idea to make a personalized thermos with something that your friend likes. Or, maybe with something that will remind him/her of the homeland or you while he/she is on the road. If you don`t have any particular idea, then you can never go wrong with choosing an excellent traveling quote and place it on the thermos. When you’re not able to deliver your idea by yourself, then you can always ask for help or go directly to the printing studio and explain your wish.

Thermos with a custom-made design

3. Engrave some words on a compass

Similar to the previous idea, the compass can be a useful present (even though people don`t use it anymore), but it is more of the symbolism of the gift that counts. First of all, the compass is connected to traveling and adventures, making it a nice gadget that can easily be brought along while traveling. If you want to make the person having the birthday get more attached to the present, then engrave his/her name on the compass, write happy birthday or whatever comes to your mind.



4. Pocket notebook with an attractive design

Travelers are those people that see and experience a lot of wonders during their life. Most of them have the passion for putting their memories into words and sharing it with other people or just keeping it for themselves. For this purpose, it is always nice to go to some local bookstores, take a look around at the artsy and compact pocket notebooks and choose the perfect one for your friend. That way you will give a present something useful and thoughtful, making your friend lucky whenever he/she needs or wants to write something.

Pocket notebook


5. Camera, camera bag or even a selfie stick

Depending on the budget you have calculated for the present, you can always buy something precious for a traveler – which is a camera. Travelers love to take photos of their journeys, whether they are made to be shown to other people or kept for themselves as a memory. However, not always have you planned to spend much money and just buy a camera. In that case, you can purchase a gadget or equipment for the camera, like a camera bag or a camera stand holder, etc. Following the trends, you can always buy a selfie stick or a protector for the go pro camera (if the person even has a go pro).

Camera, camera bag or even a selfie stick

6. Necklace with a photo

If the person celebrating his/her birthday is someone close to you, then you can give a beautiful and symbolic present, such as an opening necklace. This type of necklaces are great because inside you can place a photo, which will make the necklace even more personalized, dividing it from the other bunch of jewelry. Plus, he/she can wear it wherever he/she goes and open the necklace to see the photo whenever he/she feels nostalgic.

Pendant Necklaces

7. Pocket dictionary, maps, and books about certain destinations

If you know where your friend is traveling next to, or you are quite aware of his/her dream destination, then buy a pocket dictionary of the language used in the country he/she is going. Find maps of the specified destination or purchase/create a book which includes all the attractions and the stories about them. Whichever gift you choose to buy, you will not make a mistake, since all of this stuff is useful when a person is going somewhere for the first time.

Travel Guides

8. A wrist watch

But not a standard one. Everybody likes an ordinary wristwatch, but a traveler would enjoy the one showing the time in different time zones. Try to find one, and you`ll see that they can be cool.

Time Zone WatchEven though you might hate celebrating birthdays and you think that presents are overrated, don’t forget that the people around you might think the opposite and even a simple gesture would mean a lot to them. So, whenever you feel lost and don’t know what to buy for your traveler friend, just pick one of these birthdays presents for travelers from this list and eventually you will not make a mistake. If you haven’t chosen the right gift after all, then you know you always have next year to improve the impression.


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