Staying fit and healthy is crucial. That is why our everyday habits and hobbies include some daily exercises and cardio activities. However, lately, the modern trend of running seems to be growing, as many people become more and more aware of their health and body line.

Running in the USA

Yes, running appears to have become popular around the world. People tend to run at least a few times per week, thus prepare for the local marathons that are worldwide. So to make your jogging sessions even more enjoyable and motivating, we decided to go on a hunt and find the best cities for running in the USA.

Care to see which are the most running friendly cities in the USA? You should watch the following list of cities and particular places where you can run and feel great:

New York City, New York

Well, of course, we have to start the list with this city. The scenic six-mile loop around Central Park must be one of the biggest attractions for tourists that have heard and seen at least something about New York in the movies. The numerous places available for outdoor sports in New York leaves the impression that this city is the ideal location for athletes.

However, for runners, New York City is especially significant since there are plenty of routes that were designed to offer you an exhausting but great run. In the end, it is not a coincidence that this city is the host of the largest marathon in the country. For the curious tourists, there is even city running tours that take place, following the motto: “Sweat and sightsee simultaneously.” Now, that should be quite a different and exciting experience for a person visiting New York.

Washington, D.C.

Washington is the place where one of the best five-mile trails in the country is. Wouldn’t you enjoy it if you take a long run passing by the Reflecting Pool, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Capitol? Alternatively, would you rather take a lovely run in the heaven of cherry blossoms down in Rock Creek Park? There’s a trail made for every runner’s taste, so you better test them on your own. Besides the lovely conditions for athletes, Washington is the host of a huge event that takes place annually and bringing runners from all over the world closer together. Even if you are not a runner yourself, it is always good to get out on the streets of Washington. Especially on the day of the marathon, since you will experience the city in a different way than usual.

San Francisco, California

It seems that San Francisco holds a limited number of running trails where active runners take their run on a daily basis. Moreover, the best part is – they are the most amazing way of making your everyday life better and more diverse since fascinating sights of nature surround the trails. The hills surrounding San Francisco have plenty of flat terrain paths where you can jog in peace and do your daily workout. On the other hand, if you are looking for the perfect and most scenic run in San Francisco, then you probably have the chance to experience it while jogging through the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Boston, Massachusetts

A huge advantage for runners when it comes to this city is that there are dozens of organizations and associations supporting the runner’s community and making an effort to make Boston an actual runners-friendly city. Well, there’s no doubt this city is a great place for jogging, as there are excellent conditions for it. There are also plenty of running tours organized in the city, offering you to experience the city while you are speeding up your jogging tempo. The Boston Athletic Association is also hosting many events, youth programs, and marathons that additionally raise the running spirit in the city. Try out some of the running tours in this town. They offer great activities aside from the fun of running through the city. Some tours even end up with a beer tasting. So, there’s an additional motivation for you to run as fast as you can.

Portland, Oregon

If you hate running alone, and your friends barely ever make your company or just can’t keep up with your tempo, then Portland has the perfect solution for you! Besides the various running tours and numerous trails, Portland is a city where you can find an organized group run. Not only will you do what you love, but you can also meet new people that share the same passion as you, which is apparently jogging. Other than that, running alongside the Willamette River can be a unique experience for every runner. Just enjoying its beauty will boost your energy and help you achieve your desired runner results. Also, many people are going just outside of downtown Portland, where they enjoy a long and exciting run.

Chicago, Illinois

You will realize how big of a runner-friendly city Chicago is when you get to find out the various running events and marathons that take place every year on the streets of Chicago. The windy city and the 18-mile running trails alongside the Lake Michigan are going to make you feel like running is all you ever want to do in your life. The gorgeous green and spacious parks are perfect for a recreational jog along the city. Moreover, the best part is, whenever you are exhausted and jogging out of the water, there’s no need to worry since you can always stop by the numerous water fountains scattered along the path and catch a breath.

Austin, Texas

If you are more of a late night runner rather than a day runner, then you are going to love this city. It is never too late to go out for a run here. You will see runners on the running paths at any time of the day. So, there’s no need to be scared that you are going to be the only one jogging late in the night. The 10-mile Town Lake trail offers you a great run with some scenic views and fresh air. Also, there is no chance that you will get dehydrated easily, as there are plenty of water jugs placed strategically along the running trail.

If you are looking for an incredible run in Austin, you will find it in the following locations: Hyde Park Neighborhood (Alphabet Streets), Travis Heights Neighborhood. You can also go to McKinney Falls State Park, Shoal Creek Hike and Bike Trail, Barton Creek Greenbelt, Brushy Creek Trail, Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail and so on.

Running is a great sport, and it is fascinating how a simple jog a day can make your day better. Thus making you feel even better. However, people sometimes get lazy and try to find excuses, which they regret later. However, the trails and conditions in these cities are going to affect your motivation, making you perceive jogging as something that gives you pleasure rather than something that exhausts you and wastes your time. Take a tour or join the runner’s community. After a short period, you will see the amazing results, and you will know you have made the right decision. If you have already found your perfect trail that motivates you, make sure to share this running in the USA article with your running companions.


  1. Boston and Chicago are the best on the list to me. I have been to both places and have done a few charity runs with family/friends there and I had a fantastic time. San Fran isn’t bad but the one time I did visit there, I really did not care for the people. Many of them were overly sensitive and stuck up. Then you have NYC, where people are just rude. I am not saying everyone in these places is this way, but I am basing it on my experiences.


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