There’s no doubt that traveling is one of the most appreciated and adored activities in the world, but sometimes getting from one destination to another can be kind of boring and long, no matter how big the anticipation of the trip is. Imagine yourself sitting on the bus for hours or waiting at the airport, having no one to talk to and spend time with, nor you have access to the source of all procrastination – the internet and therefore social media. Sounds like a moment you’re not looking forward to, right? Well, this is where we come to rescue you from your hours of pure boredom. How can you survive that? There are several ways of entertaining yourself during your trip; now we’re going to focus on the power of smartphone games that can be played offline once you download them.

Download these 6 smartphone games to kill some traveling boredom

Even though you may not be a real game fanatic, it is known that when a person is playing games, then time flies merely. You may need to find something to play that is adequate to your taste, but once you find something you think it`s even a bit amusing, then you’ll see how quickly time can pass by. I mean, just think about your childhood and how playing outside with your friends seemed to pass so fast, even though you have been together the whole day. Nevertheless, playing games is proven to be time consuming and entertaining, so if you ever need to kill time during your trip, then we have a few great suggestions for you. You can play the following games on your smartphone or tablet, all you need to do is download them online so that you can play them offline. Have fun playing:

Temple Run

This never-ending running game is perfect for a long trip, offering you a piece of excitement and fun. It’s a challenging activity, making you want to jump from your seat every time you face an obstacle and ultimately get into the role of the character while enjoying the awesome graphics and effects. The game has a second edition Temple Run 2 that is even better – you will forget about the road and keep focusing on winning. However, watch out – this game can be a real addiction!


This may be something quite familiar to you, a game that’s about connecting. It is found in different versions. However, this one, in particular, requires no internet connection, which is great if you’re traveling somewhere and you have no Wi-Fi at the moment. Dots is a calming activity, yet it keeps your mind and your fingers busy for a while.

Angry Birds

All kids around you have gone crazy for Angry Birds? Well, a long wait at the airport is the best time to get your hands on this game and find out why the world is going nuts about it. It may look childish, but the amount of fun you can have while playing Angry Birds can surprise you. There is a reason why the hype for it seems like it’s never going to end – go on and download Angry Birds on your smartphone now!

Fruit Ninja

Slicing pieces of fresh fruit for hours doesn’t sound like fun to you, but have you tried Fruit Ninja? A highly addictive activity such as this one can help you get over your boredom of traveling and waiting in long queues in front of a famous museum. The best part is the sound effects that accompany the food slicing – you may want to put your headphones on this one, as people may stare at you while you’re playing Fruit Ninja.


You’re riding on a train, and the road has no curves, so you start feeling bored? Then catch some curves with ZigZag on your smartphone. It may seem plain and easy, but this game has quite some hard and almost impossible levels. And a great thing about it is that instructions are quite easy, recommending you to stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can. At least you may find it incredibly fun to keep your eyes on the ball and try not to fall off the edges.


Remember the card game we all used to play on the computers back in the days when we had no internet connection or anything smarter to do on the computer except to play something or use paint? Well, of course, you remember Solitaire! In case you feel a bit nostalgic and still look forward to killing some time, install Solitaire on your smartphone and let the fun begin! The application has frequent updates, but those you’ll get to use once you reconnect to the internet. Otherwise, it’s just like the older days – only you and Solitaire.

These games can be downloaded for free from iTunes or GooglePlay, and they don’t require a lot of space in the memory of your phone. However, you have to have access to the internet to download them. Afterwards, you can turn on and play them even without an internet connection, so this is great for desperate times of boredom and anxiety.

These apps are adequate for travelers of any age, so don’t underestimate the power of a good game. They are especially beneficial if you’re traveling with children since kids can be annoying from time to time so this will calm them down and make them focus on something else than bothering you throughout the whole journey. So hurry up and download them, get a taste of what they are about and you will be looking forward to your next trip, even though it may require spending 10 hours on an overseas flight. With these smartphone games, traveling can be an even bigger pleasure!


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