It’s February, a month filled with love, champagne, flowers and hearts all over the cities; a time for all the people in love to celebrate their happiness with their partners and to remind each other of how much they are in love with their sweethearts. 14th of February is the exact date when most cities turn into a sweet little paradise for everyone praising love on that very day.

But to be in love or a happy relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Even more, if you’re single or currently devastated because of your awful love life, it doesn’t mean that you have to lock yourself at home for Valentine’s Day and be scared not to turn on the TV in case you fall in a trap made out of romantic comedies and depressing love songs. On the contrary, people should do something for themselves and their friends and enjoy every day completely. However, it is understandable that you wouldn’t want to be surrounded by individuals holding hands, kissing and giving each other cute stuffed animals and flowers. That is why we present you the best places in the USA where you can avoid all that love drama and have a lovely time enjoying the day completely. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Go hiking in Yosemite National Park

If you are one of those who can’t stand Valentine’s Day in this period and you think that romance is for the weak-minded, then you better go far away from the city before you crack upon those huge red hearts hanging everywhere on the streets and in the restaurants. To do this sign up for a tour or do your tour together with your friends in the majestic beauty of Yosemite National Park, which is set within California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. This natural wonder is the only right thing to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day. Don’t you just find it fascinating to wander through the ancient giant sequoias, gazing at the incredible waterfalls and simply enjoying the music of the birds?

  1. Get crazy in Providence

If you and your friends feel like puking from all that romance going on around you and you need to drink a bit and party until dawn, then Providence is the destination for you. The capital of Rhode Island is ready for you to put on your dancing shoes and shake it on the dancefloor. Use the night for a great party instead of hiding in your home, wasting your night for nothing. The parties in Providence guarantee 100% fun, and the best thing is, the morning after you sober up from one great party all the love drama will be over, and life will go on as if there was no Valentine’s Day.

  1. Play laser tag in San Diego

Remember how Barney from the TV Series “How I met your mother” had a blast every time he went to play laser tag? Well, he did that for a perfect reason: to get away from all the problems and escape reality by having loads of fun! And that’s exactly what you should be doing this Valentine’s Day if you don’t feel like celebrating the day at all. Gather up your friends and hit the road to San Diego in California, fire up your laser guns and get the battle started. If you’re angry at the world for being in love, then there’s nothing better but to shoot some laser beams to get all of that anger out.

  1. Buy tickets for the cinema

In case you’ve decided to spend Valentine’s day at the cinema to avoid all the happy couples, be extremely careful with your choice of movies. Because if you choose the “wrong” movie, you might end up having an even worse night than just having an ordinary dinner in a restaurant decorated with dozens of hearts and red balloons. How’s that possible? Well, you know how couples love going on dates at the cinema and they rarely even watch the movie focused on the screen, but rather use their time cuddling and kissing. Well, that’s not really what you need this Valentine’s so choose something like the new-coming Deadpool, an action movie that will make you quickly forget about the fluffy atmosphere. And where can you watch the film? Well, practically in every big cinema theatre in the USA.

  1. Visit a haunted house

If you’re willing to go to the extremes to escape Valentine’s madness, then would you consider visiting a haunted house? In case you are, there are plenty of them in cities like North Conway, New Hampshire; Las Vegas, Nevada; New York, California; Long Island, New York; Pataskala, Ohio; San Diego, California, Arizona and much more. These haunted houses will give you the scare of your life, so better think first if the terrifying experience is worth it or not and don’t forget to bring your friends along. One thing is for sure – spending your day at a haunted house will certainly make you forget about Valentine’s Day.

We all know that people sometimes over-decorate when it comes to special days like Valentine’s Day, so it can be kind of hard for those that are not in the right mood to celebrate it. However, locking yourself at home will only make you feel worse so you should better consider doing something nice for you and for your friends and family, instead of feeling miserable and waiting for the day to come to an end. In case you have already had a fantastic unromantic Valentine’s Day, please share it with us and share these suggestions with your friends.


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